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Peter X says he was employed in 1978/79 by NASA/JPL to derive a non-solar energy device that could provide power for space craft. He says the electromagnetic technology he and his team developed been operating continuously since that time, and is now being offered for licensing for lay application.

Genesis EMT Systems

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Nov. 5, 2008

The following was received via our online submit form, with no contact info provided:

Hello This Peter X,

As to the question of if I am still vertical the short answer would be yes. Where have been well let's just say I very quickly became a person of interest within days of Genesis up for production. For over a year I had to relocate about every 3-4 months and always be looking over my shoulder. The truth is things have not really changed that much along these lines however, the time was productive. I now have the system ready for sale to the general public at large. YES! I've spent this time configuring Genesis to function at ground level. I still don't really know how to have persons who may have an interest reach me because there are still interested parties who would not like to see this become available on the open market. Therefore when I find a safe way to offer Genesis we all will just have to wait.



- - - -

PES Response:

Hi PX,

You can contact me directly, and let me know how I can reach you, then people can contact me, and I can screen on your behalf.

Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

An Invitation to Invest

(Submitted by "Peter" Feb. 17, 2006 through PES Network online submission form. No email, phone, or website was provided. Peter, please add your contact info below, or submit it through the same form that you submitted this information.)

Imagine a system, a Genesis, a new birth if you will, which would allow the user to have an inexhaustible supply of power/energy more than they could ever need, to drive their Automobiles back and forth from work, school, store, even those special long weekend outings, or Sunday drives without needing one drop of fuel. Or having all the power needed to cool, heat, light, cook, store food, or operate home entertainment and/or computer systems, in short provide the entire electrical energy/power anyone could ever need without any cost of fuel. No more power, gas, or utility bills ever, the end of needing any kind of fuel, oil, atomic, or even solar energy all gone forever a thing of the past. No matter the country or area of a given location, no need for power plants or transmission lines, no more oil refineries or oil spills.

Today, we have at our finger tips all Power/Energy for all the people and/or locations of our world. We proudly give you Genesis EMT System.

The Genesis EMT System, (as I refer to it today) was first developed in 1978-79 the then new emerging technology was cutting edge, not proven, nor heard of outside of very well guarded labs. Our/my Genesis EMT System is based on the same still cutting edge electromagnetic technology, which, to this day is still working in space orbiting our planet earth each and every day, being totally self-contained requiring no fuel or other power/energy source, or other equipment to produce power/energy. The Genesis EMT System is NOT atomic/nuclear, solar, or chemical. It’s as safe as sitting in front of ones own TV.

The only real question which could be asked is, what the Genesis EMT System would be worth to the user, and/or investor, if, it could truly end their need for fuel and/or related fuel/utility costs. However, let’s not stop there. How about the business and industrial world? What would it be worth to a manufacturing company not to have any energy costs? Or the air line industry not to have any fuel cost to fly the friendly skies.

The first thought and/or question in the readers mind is this true or is it really too good to be true, or, right, I’ve heard all these claims before from every crack pot idealist and/or environmentalist walking the streets.

Dear Reader, the fact is, all of this is very real, very true. We can prove the Genesis EMT System not only works but it's viable now and [it presents a] solution for the worlds energy/power needs.

No matter what may happen the Genesis EMT System will become an every day fact of life just as Nikola Tesla and his work in the field of electricity, Edison and his work in electricity, Bell and the telephone, Wright Brothers and their airplane, even to this PC which I’m using to write this introduction. In fact a little over 50, 70, 90, 100, to 120 years ago none of these items even existed, they were little more than futuristic fantasy stories in the annals science fiction writers, and the gifted minds of the for mentioned inventors.

In 1978-79 NASA with JPL assigned a project to one man and a small team (he assembled) to build such a system, which would provide power for deep space missions.(As a side note, the sad part now after almost 30 years most of these gifted people are no longer with us). Of course, moving on, there were back then as now no filling (gas) stations in space. However, there is the Sun, and so there is solar power, however, only if and/or when in direct line of sight. Should a planet come between the solar array of a space craft and Sun, no power, how to solve the problem? There were other kinds of power being considered, like solar winds as well as planetary gravity however, there is only one system which does not rely on any outside conditions as such needs no fuel of any kind from outside its own system.

As stated, in 1978-79 this technology was (and still is) cutting edge, not proven nor heard of outside of very well guarded labs, only in miniature silicone test equipment. Now however, this technology is all around us, from bullet trains to electromagnetic pulse weapons under development via the US Navy. However, all these systems missed one very important and special point, there are no filling/gas stations in space. Every system in use today needs outside fuel/power of some kind to fill there power usage or need. What if there was no power needed outside of the system it self. Consider, say, a high speed bullet train with no transmission lines above or bellow, not linked to any power grid, operating totally independent of any outside system(s), an automobile with no fuel tank or extension cord.

This System, the Genesis EMT System was built in 1978-79. I know, because I was the person assigned to and who built what I now call the Genesis EMT System. This system has been running for the past 25-28 year’s non stop 24/7, at the size of a small shoe box this small system has an output of 8hp/1Kw of power. The Genesis EMT System has a life capacity or time line of 300 years (in space). Of course the system would need to be enlarged to operate in any auto or truck configuration also the system would need to be reconfigured to power a family home or small business. However, the system could be made large enough to power any modern city. (In theory a system the size of a Ford Econoline van could power Long Beach CA). In short the days of being dependant on oil or any other fuel source would be over.

The system which was designed for NASA/JPL was protected for 25 years, I was not allowed to use or develop this technology for all those years. Now with the start of 2006 that time has come and gone. We can now make the Genesis EMT System available to all the world at large, at an affordable cost the most remote of villages now could have as much power as the most modern city. Of course with a very good profit margin, as well as an excellent return on investment. Again, how much is a life of no fuel costs worth? How much would you pay for an automobile which would never need any kind of fuel, but came with every modern convenience? The Genesis EMT System makes all other energy systems as out dated as the horse and buggy or a throw back to the Stone Age. As Captain Kurt would say beam me up Scotty. Welcome to the 24th Century.

Personal Note: The truth is, the real geniuses behind my work back then as now is/was Nikola Tesla and in part his work on the rotating magnetic fields (and other work), giving credit where it due. I’ve been credited with some of the most cutting edge innovations in the field of engineering and aero-space, considered by my peers as geniuses in my own right, all I can say is it holds true one who is, knows the work of his counter part. In that day being a good student I learned from those who went before me. Now if that in some way makes one smart than so be it. So you see this is very well established science just taken to the next level.

Estimated time to complete a new proto-type, we believe to be between 6-10 months. Full production of the smaller units built for use in or as replacement units for engines in use now would be within the 2nd year of manufacturing. For house hold units and/or units for small business and industry could be on line in 1.5 years or 16 months. Larger units and/or systems could come on line by the end of the third year in theory.

We are now entertaining interested investors on a first come first serve bases. At this time only LLC joint venture relationships are being considered. Just imagine what the return could have been if you were standing along side Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Gram Bell, or Orville & Wilbur Wright when they got it right (no pun indented), what was the pay back for those who ventured into the abyss of the unknown to invest in these ridicules ideas? Make no mistake we’re looking to find people with the courage to enter the abyss of the unknown with us, as I’ve asked throughout this text what would it be worth to have this power in your hands. Also, remember one very important fact this technology has already been invented once, by me. Therefore, it works -- NO RISK. I can prove this fact just taking a trip to the local hardware store. Just most people don’t know what to look for or what their looking at if they should find what I’m speaking of.

I’ve gone to the big investors as well as large corporations only to have then want to own and/or control this for themselves. One rep from an oil company wanted just to buy this system outright. Two men from Japan wanted to invest even to the point of allowing our ownership of all the system units which are manufactured all they wanted was the irrevocable total world distribution rights. We’re now looking to the smaller investor interested in a very good return on their investment without the greed of wanting to control the power needs of the world. The Genesis EMT System will earn more than all the aforementioned past inventions combined. Ask yourself how much is too much? After all greed is what created this oil dependent world we all now live in. We can change the quality of not only our own lives but also the lives of every man woman and child on this planet.

Please feel free to reply with any questions or comments you may have. We’ll do our best to answer ASAP. As you may guess we’re very careful with or as to our product/system information we are allowed to share, as such are very proprietary.

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Genesis EMT Newsletter - to announce updates (for example, when Peter gets back to us with contact information). (Join) ([ subscribe by email])

Hi, there,

If we do not hear from peter anymore, maybe we have to be worried about him, he would not be the first who is "stopped" from sharing ideas.

I think that someone with a little private-investigator-talents can find him . We know: Peter x says he was employed in 1978/79 by NASA/JPL.... this info must be enough to find a person, I did this job with just the same info to find a person not seen for 15 years, badly enough I live in Belgium.... Not the perfect place to invest on NASA personnel.

Hope someone will try... Regards.


Peter, please post your contact information here. Or submit it through this link.

(For those of you interested in contacting Peter, subscribe to the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] listed above to be notified when he provides his contact information, among other developments.)


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