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Image:GEM Machine diagram jp70.jpg

G.E.M. Technologies is pursuing what they refer to as cold fusion technology. They say that their test results suggest a highly productive heat generation capability that could result in high density, low-cost energy devices even though the test they've ran only show a one degree F elevation of temperature over background -- in a room in which the temperature is modulating significantly.

Through around a week in January 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan of PES Network put his resources into discerning this technology and helping it move forward. However, there was a falling out between Judy Beebe of GEM and Allan, after Allan advised Beebe that they should go modest in the claims they make on their site until they have actual data and devices to support those claims.

Beebe says that she studied the Bible for 14 years to come up with these principles of how to turn water into an energy generator.


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Official Websites


G.E.M. Machine - The G.E.M. Machine is the device where the energy reaction occurs.

Omega Energy Cell - "can replace batteries and will power everything that currently uses electricity."

Hydrogen Facts



About Us

Business Plan


July 13, 2010

User:Judybeebe wrote:


We are now moving to licensing of our TRADE SECRET FORMULA.

You can see everything about this new avenue to save our planet at

We have had many breakthroughs during these last three years of testing.

Your product, your design, our energy to power your device.

July 11, 2009

User:Judybeebe wrote:


After testing by a company who is looking to develop this energy for their products, it was proven that the GEM Energy is powerful and very real.

The company did an injection into a flask and used powerful probes to look for power. They had 23 spikes within 105 minutes that were between 560 kilojoules and 620 kilojoules.

A major university will have this in their hands next week. At that point, we will be ready to make a major announcement to the world.

See what the swirling power looks like in a flask. This flask was injected on April 10, 2008 and it still swirls with energy.





GEM Technologies is proud to present the world's first ever, safe, clean, and self-sustaining battery cell. After injecting GEM Energy into an "EverStart" dry cell, we performed a series of tests to confirm the energy's potential. As of 10:00 a.m. today, July 18, 2008, The GEM battery has maintained 24 hours of constant load with no signs of decay! The battey cell maintains a reading of 5.38 volts and continues its climb on its own. After two separate loads, one for 13 hours, and a second for 24 hours, with a self-recharge period in between, it reached 96.9 % recovery! And all this without a single charge, without flooding the cells with water, and without using acid/electrolytes!!!

July 17, 2008 Load Results - 12 VDC Comp Fan

- 10:00am. - .784 volts

- 2:45pm. - .814 volts

- 10:30pm. - .830 volts

July 18, 2008 Load Results - Volt Reading

- 10:00am. - .826 volts ( 24 hours - 10:00am )

Battery Volt Reading: 5.38 Volts ( 24 Hours - 10:00 a.m.)

July 2008


Up to this point in time, G.E.M. Technologies has been working with this NEW GEM ENERGY within the confines of a two-neck glass flask. Our studies and testing of this energy have been surprising, miraculous, and uplifting. The safety of this energy has been confirmed over many, many tests. Its longevity and sustainability have been confirmed over many, many tests.

An idea was born and we acted on that idea. Since we were unable to implement diodes or cathodes in our glass flasks, we needed to confirm that this would produce in the Omega Energy Cell the type of power we knew was there to capture.

We took a 12-volt lead-acid motorcycle battery which did not have the acid already inserted. In place of the acid, we injected GEM Energy. These batteries also require wet cells, but our GEM Energy only had 90 ml of water within the formula. We were concerned about this, but forged ahead to see what would happen. The directions for the battery were to pour in the acid and then to charge the battery.

After the injection of GEM Energy and without the appropriate amount of water in the lead-acid wet-cell battery, we instantaneously had 7.4 volts of power. This was before and instead of any charge to the battery whatsoever. So, the setting is: No acid (electrolyte), no flooding the cells with water, and no charge - only GEM Energy.


GEM Energy Replaces Hazardous Sulfuric Acid:

::: - June 30, 2008 - Injection of GEM Energy - 7.42 Volts

::: - July 1, 2008 - Day one - 7.25 Volts (Loss .17)

::: - July 2, 2008 - Day two - 7.11 Volts (Loss .14)

::: - July 3, 2008 - Day three - 6.98 Volts (Loss .13)

::: - July 4, 2008 - Day four - 6.93 Volts (Loss .05)

::: - July 5, 2008 - Day five - 6.89 Volts (Loss .04)

::: - July 6, 2008 - Day six - 6.84 Volts (Loss .05)

::: - July 7, 2008 - Day seven - 6.81 Volts (Loss .03)

::: - July 8, 2008 - Day eight - 6.77 Volts (Loss .04)

::: - July 9th - Day Nine - 6.67 Volts (Loss .10)

::: - July 10th - Day Ten - 6.64 Volts (Loss .03)

::: - July 11th - Day Eleven - 6.68 Volts (Gain .04)

::: - July 12th - Day Twelve - 6.66 Volts (Loss .02)

::: - July 13th - Day Thirteen - 6.64 Volts (Loss .02)

::: - July 14th - Day Fourteen - 6.62 Volts (Loss .02)

::: - July 15th - Day Fifteen- 6.60 Volts (Loss .02


80 mm DC Fan 12 VDC

We connected the fan to our battery at 9:45 p.m. on July 15th. We had 6.60 volts (see above) at the time of the connection. I purchased this fan based on Started voltage (6V/7V Max) listed on the package, but when I took the fan out it is 12 Volts DC. Once connected the fan did not spin because there were not enough volts to run it. It did, however, serve the purpose of testing a load on our battery filled with GEM Energy.

LOAD RESULTS: July 15 & 16, 2008

::: - 9:45 pm. - .787 volts

::: - 9:55 pm. - .789 volts (Gain + .002)

::: - 10:15 pm - .797 volts (Gain + .012)

::: - 10:25 pm. - .801 volts (Gain + .004)

::: - 10:50 pm. - .811 volts (Gain + .010)

::: - 11:10 pm. - .816 volts (Gain + .005)

::: - 11:30 pm. - .817 volts (Gain + .001)

::: - 8:15am. - .824 volts (Gain + .007)

::: - 9:20 am. - .827 volts (Gain + .003)

::: - 10:43 am. -.830 volts (Gain + .003)

This represents 13 Hours of a constant load!!!!

REMOVAL OF LOAD AND RECOVERY: July 16, 2008 - 10:45 a.m.

::: - 10:48 am. - 5.38 Volts: 81.5 %

::: - 11:06 am. - 5.73 Volts: 86.8 %

::: - 11:30 am. - 5.93 Volts: 89.8 %

::: - 12:00 pm. - 6.03 Volts: 91.3 %

::: - 1:05 pm. - 6.14 Volts: 93.0 %

::: - 5:45 pm. - 6.29 Volts: 95.3 %

::: - 8:00 pm. - 6.33 Volts: 95.9 %

::: - 11:45pm. - 6.36 Volts: 96.3%

'''Starting Voltage: 6.60 Volts

Total Recovery Time: 13 Hours


Dec, 2007

Second series of tests done by Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum. Claiming as much as 2500% over unity. See There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] below.

Nov. 8, 2007

First test done by Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum of REB Research & Consulting in Ferndale Michigan. Dr. Buxbaum is a graduate of Princeton University with a Ph.D in electrochemical engineering. "Within just 4 hours the experiment returned 2.5 times, or 250%, more heat than would be expected from the small amount of hydrogen that was added for the test." See report.

How it Works

"The ingredients are simple and ones which we all know. What is the secret? It is finding the harmonic number and mixing according to that universal harmony."

The total ingredients used: hydrogen, oxygen, and water.

The titration rate is crucial.


"The energy of creation at the center of

all known and unknown quanta is only

reached through the creative structure

of hydrogen and its vapors. Thus, water

becomes the starter for this demonstrable

leap in energy, and through the balance

of its ingredients to a harmonic

completion we reach the unified field

and produce a cold fusion energy source."

"Water contains a 'matrix' that will bond hydrogen and oxygen. When taken to harmonic completion, it will generate a powerful, self-sustaining energy, without emissions. This same power source is also located in the SA node in the human heart... You are a living example of this energy."

"Water contains a universal matrix that will bond hydrogen and oxygen together, when they are in harmony, and becomes the starter mechanism that will create the cold fusion reaction. The zero point energy that is generated will run ad infinitum and will never need anything else added to keep on producing safe, clean, and balanced energy. This technology provides a powerful global warming solution for humanity and the planet."



(1 minute)

A Global Warming Solution - Ecospot Contest - 60 second video submission to current Tv's Ecospot contest . (GEMTechnologies YouTube September 09, 2007)

- - - -


(1 minute)

A Global Warming Solution ~ G.E.M. Technologies - Water contains a universal matrix that will bond hydrogen and oxygen together, when they are in harmony, and becomes the starter mechanism that will create the cold fusion reaction. The zero point energy that is generated will run ad infinitum and will never need anything else added to keep on producing safe, clean, and balanced energy. This technology provides a powerful global warming solution for humanity and the planet. (GEMTechnologies YouTube August 12, 2007)

- - - -


Affordability will allegedly surpass conventional energy sources.



Inexpensive to reproduce

Never needs recharging or any thing else to keep on producing energy.


"This Omega Energy Cell can replace all things currently using fossil fuel, electricity or battery power."

Quoting from

"Imagine everything in your office or at home which is currently plugged in ~ now cut

that cord, insert an Omega Energy Cell, and never have to change it as long as it

stays structurally intact. Imagine never having to charge a cell-phone battery.

"Imagine a lamp which you could move anywhere you want it to be for light and not

have to plug it in. Imagine driving your automobile from San Francisco, California to

New York, New York and never having to stop for gas a future car without a

combustion engine.

"Imagine your home powered by an Omega Energy Cell no larger than a breadbox.

Imagine your computer unplugged and not needing a surge protector or losing data

because of an electrical disruption. Imagine never being in the dark after a severe

storm and without hot water or the conveniences of modern life."

Image:Space shuttle anim.gif

Travel to the furthest reaches of space in a single lifetime.

A gentle entry into orbit and beyond.

Arrayed around the world in a way to prevent asteroids from hitting the Earth.

Personal vehicles which can maneuver like hover craft in the cities of tomorrow.

Water which is clean and pure in every river, stream, and lake in the world.

G.E.M. ports placed in a water source for bathing could provide complete balance, thus have the potential for perfect health and healing.

This energy and technology when widely spread throughout the world could bring Earth back into its proper harmony and place in the Universe.

Over time, the G.E.M. Machine could ease the stress and depression in the people of this planet through its ability to provide harmony and balance.

The G.E.M. machine could allow scientists to quantify the measure of the SPEED OF HYDROGEN.

This could take us beyond stem cells for the regeneration of tissue.


November 2007

On Nov. 28, 2007, Judy Beebe wrote:

Below, you will find the final conclusion from Dr. Robert Buxbaum's report. I will quote

it exactly as it is in the report. This is as much as I can give you right now.

CONCLUSIONS: (Robert E. Buxbaum, Ph.D.)

"Energy generation was observed above the statistically speaking level

in the form of heat output, as measured by a calorimeter. This output

was measured to be about 0.25 kCal, or about 2.5 times the amount

expected from combustion of 35 ml of hydrogen. It was impossible to

determine whether heat generation would have continued indefinitely from

this level, as a small leak in the flask connection ended the experiment

prematurely. The heat output produced a statistically significant

temperature rise of approximately .25 degrees Celsius, far above the

background variation of .1 degree Celsius, and this certainly deserves

additional experimentation. If this heat output scales with water

volume, then 1 gallon of water, 3700 ml, would output at least 62 kCal,

a significant amount of heat."

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Buxbaum, Ph.D.

November 21, 2007

December 2007

"Test results from our second round of testing for you in graph form. We have very exciting over unity which was sustained for seven days in three different tests which were going simultaneously." -- Judy Beebe (Jan. 2, 2008)

NOTE: While a 1 degree temp. elevation may not seem like much the argument is that this was for a very small sample size (1/3 cup), for safety.

The machine that would last 30 hours max if it was operating on battery power, ran for 181 hours (7.5 days), at which point Dr. Robert Buxbaum shut it off because he needed to do other things (required continual monitoring of the recording equipment).

Image:GEM test1 071213 400.gif

- - - -

Image:GEM test2 071213 400.gif

- - - -

On Dec. 19, 2007, Judy Beebe wrote:

We have shattered the old "Conservation of Energy Law" and created a new energy source for the world.

Using 1/3-cup of ingredients, we have proven sustainability of our formula for seven days.

We have now had first round results and second round results (three different tests), and with the one tomorrow set to deliver even greater findings than those discussed below. This will be a total of three rounds of testing, each confirming and exceeding the ones before. The formula stays constant and is an absolute no-brainer to duplicate. Having said this, see our results below:

The test was started on 12/12/2007 at 12:00 p.m. EST:

At 22 hours, Test #1 was at 1500% and Test #2 was at 2500%.

At 44 hours, Test #1 was at 800% and Test #2 was at 1500%.

At 157 hours, Test #1 was at 400% and Test #2 was at 1600%.

At 181 hours, Test #1 was at 400% and Test #2 was at 1500%.

Test #1 was in the Dewar and submerged in water, thus its performance does not equal Test #2.

Test #2 was simply out in the room and its performance shatters the "Conservation of Energy Law."

Test #3 was started two days after the first two experiments and we did some tweaking to it along the way. Yet, it was still holding at 1700%.

The above understanding and formula was researched for 13 years. The above findings are not a coincidence, and with years of research and understanding behind it, THIS IS A NEW ENERGY MIRACLE.

- - - -

: On Jan. 2, 2007, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

: Please explain to me how a 1 to 2 degree elevation from ambient can be described as being in the range of 400 - 2500% efficiency?

- - - -

On Jan. 2, 2007, Judy Beebe responded:

Well, this is the province of the physicists, but this is how it goes.

Once we produced 0.104, we had generated all that we put into it.

Everything over this figure is over unity. We put nothing else into

it. The combustion of hydrogen is our only deduction. Thus, 100%

equals 0.104. You do the rest of the math.

As far as the expensive delivery systems, ours is the omega energy cell

and it is very inexpensive to produce. We should have some up and ready

to demo by March. The omega energy cell is merely the receptacle for

this energy. Anything that currently is plugged in can be run by an

omega energy cell.

As we go up in volume, we will have much more

powerful energy to demonstrate. We kept the amount small to keep the

test safe. The experts were not sure how the liquid hydrogen (more

powerful) in water would react with the gaseous hydrogen. In fact what

happens is that the water keeps it safe. I gave you the scaling graphs

so that you would see that the potential in one gallon of water is close

to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. We will be meeting with the mechanical

engineers this month some time.

Unlike ALL OTHER systems, this is a balanced energy that is powerful,

safe, and harmless to the environment. Batteries are currently causing

great problems to the environment as you probably know. The chemicals

are leaching into the water table, etc. If an omega energy cell becomes

damaged, there is no harm and no foul. It is part of the ecosystem


We don't have Dr. Buxbaum's final report yet, just a draft. This is

what he said: "The result of the experiment suggests a significant

amount of permanent heat output for a period of a week."

I will include you in any demonstrations which we schedule.


Image:All Motion Spiral Russell 95x95.gif
Latest: PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics / Directory:Plasma > Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell > Pond replicating GEM Energy water fuel cell - Sympathetic Vibratory Physics expert and advocate, Dale Pond, is in process of replicating the Omega Energy Cell, water fuel claims of Judy Beebe. He presents reasons why he gives it credence and asks for donations to help him complete his prototype. (PESN Sept. 5, 2010)

Independent Testing

On Jan. 5, 2008, Judy Beebe wrote by email:

We are close to being funded. As part of that whole procedure, they are securing an independent test of our test. As per the rest of it, I will certainly share this with you.

On Jan. 9, 2008, Judy Beebe wrote by email:

I make this offer: If you have a laboratory, the appropriate

credentials, and are willing to sign an NDA, we would welcome your

testing of our formula. You can contact me directly to discuss this



provisional patent file with US patent office: June 26, 2007

Application Number: 60946313

Title of Invention: "Self-Sustaining Energy Process and Delivery System"


Company: G.E.M. Technologies

The company does not plan to be the one to manufacture and market this technology. Rather, they will license it to others, who can manufacture and market it to the various niche applications and locations.

"We envision and do intend to provide the world with an energy

solution which is safe, clean, unlimited, and nonpolluting. We

envision a world that is in harmony with the cosmological

structure and design. We envision future generations with a

safe future and an unlimited technological ability to provide

scientific discovery based on this new energy."

Inventor: Judy Beebe, Ph.D.
Image:Judy Beebe jp70.jpg

Judy Beebe is the visionary founder of GEM Technologies.

She was previously involved in medicine for 40 years. Her

studies in medicine have led to further research into the

physical body and our spiritual connection to the cosmos.

Looking for a connection between the microcosm and

macrocosm has taken her through all the world religions

and texts.

Managing & General Partner: Dennis M. Holmes

Graduate of Merrimack College, Andover Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Finance

Dennis has over 15 years of experience in the field of finance. He has held various auditing, analyst, and senior analyst positions in banking, consumer finance, and high tech.

He has worked with such companies which include Baybank, Toyota & Lexus

Financial Services, and Kronos Incorporated before deciding, in 2005, to pursue his

own entrepreneurial business interests in recording & music, before accepting a partnership with Judy Beebe. Together they formed G.E.M. Technologies.

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2014:01:21 - Judy Beebe's work/concepts seem to be in the same ballpark. (Free Energy Blog January 21, 2014)

Image:All Motion Spiral Russell 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel / PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics / Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell > Update on Pond's replicating of the GEM Energy water fuel cell - "The purpose of this lab work will eventually prove the validity and practical utility of the fundamental dynamical principle outlined by Macvicar in the Law of Assimilation and contained in Beebe's GEM Energy, Keely's Dynaspheric Force, Russell's Universal Heart Beat and Light Units as further described in his Rhythmic Balanced Interchange and Wave Field." (PESN Oct. 3, 2010)
Image:All Motion Spiral Russell 95x95.gif
Latest: PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics / Directory:Plasma > Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell > Pond replicating GEM Energy water fuel cell - Sympathetic Vibratory Physics expert and advocate, Dale Pond, is in process of replicating the Omega Energy Cell, water fuel claims of Judy Beebe. He presents reasons why he gives it credence and asks for donations to help him complete his prototype. (PESN Sept. 5, 2010)
Image:GEM diagram 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell > G.E.M. Technologies open for licensing its Omega Energy Cell - When you go to, you see an extremely right-brained, new age type of presentation using terminology that is foreign to scientists – like a housewife trying to explain a Tesla coil. Do they really have a solution to the energy crisis? Do you have what it takes to find out? (PESN July 20, 2010) (Comment)
Image:GEM Machine diagram 95x95.jpg

Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell - Recent tests by Princeton Electrochemical Engineer confirm significant overunity in what is alleged to be a cold fusion reaction, capable of powering all modern machines. Allegedly, a device the size of a cantaloupe could power a vehicle. (PESWiki Jan. 7, 2008)


See Talk:Directory:G.E.M. Technologies Omega Energy Cell


Judy Beebe

P.O. Box 63

Lakeside, MT. 59922

P: 406-844-0222

Email: []

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