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Directory:Fuel Efficiency Skeptics

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Tony's Guide to Fuel saving gadgets

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Professional of &quot10 years in the car industry&quot who has had extensive exposure to a wide berth claims, gives specific itemization of reasons why he thinks most all fuel additive and carburetor enhancement claims do not work as advertised. (PESWiki)

EPA on Fuel Saving Devices
Image:FTC cropped.jpg

Federal Trade Commission Report on &quotFuel-Saving&quot Devices Tested by the EPA - Lists products by category. Most do not perform as claimed. Some are illegal. Some provide modest improvement.

Image:Fule-saving ride 95x95.jpg

Do Fuel-Saving Gadgets Take You for a Ride? - Naysaying by Mainstreamers. Auto-industry officials and federal energy experts say most fuel-saving add-ons don't work. The Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Trade Commission have tested products that claim to boost fuel economy and found they generally don't improve vehicles' efficiency - and they sometimes actually harm performance and increase emissions. (Wall Street Journal June 4, 2008)

&quotA fool and his money are easily parted&quot. - Retrofit Devices and Additives - If these devices work, why do the manufacturers not put them on their cars as standard?

Looking For A Miracle - Popular Mechanics Magazine - Can copper tubing, cheap magnets and wacky gimmicks really boost your mileage by as much as 300 percent? PM's Mike Allen puts the latest MPG gadgets to the test.

Examines magnetic fuel treatment - Skeptical Inquirer Magazine

Talk:Directory:Fuel Efficiency - Sceptical of Sceptics

Slick 50 (engine oil additives) - The Skeptic's Dictionary - See also reader comments about Slick 50 and other engine oil additives