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Directory:Flynn Parallel Path OEM motor

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This novel motor design is not proposed by Joe Flynn, but draws upon his PP design methodology. Mike Schukel, who has successfully built several Flynn motors, has proposed it as a simple approach to PP validation for motor applications.


This motor is a combination of one in the Joe Flynn patent and one proposed by Tim Harwood in his article on PP. Michael Schukel has subsequently stated performance did not meet his original expectations. However, it was easy to build, does not require heavy time and labor for building the laminants, and did validate the basic PP design methodologies.


Composed Feb. 23, 2006 by Michael Schukel.

Here is a preliminary design for a PPMT motor is go for laminate cutting stage.

Image:Schukel Flynn Motor design OEM 300.gif

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Keeping in mind that this design uses oem laminates and the only cutting that's involved is to cut the "E" laminates in half and to cut 2 radiuses to make the ends round. The rotor consists of magnetically permeable cores.


Cutting Laminants
Image:FPPMT OEM E laminant scored 300.jpg

Off-the-shelf laminant, scored in middle to be cut in half.

Image:FPPMT OEM cut E laminant 300.jpg

Cutting laminant in half

Image:FPPMT OEM E laminant cut in half.jpg

Two halves into two laminants for FPPMT OEM motor.

Image:FPPMT OEM master ends scored.jpg

Scoring for round U ends

Image:FPPMT OEM scored for cutting.jpg

Scoring for round U ends

Image:FPPMT OEM master cut 300.jpg

Master laminant cut

Image:FPPMT OEM paper template 300.jpg

Paper template for round cuts.

Image:FPPMT OEM use master to score next 300.jpg

Use master to mark/score next laminant to cut.

Image:FPPMT OEM stack of laminants 300.jpg

Stack of laminants that have been cut.

Image:FPPMT OEM sample cut 300.jpg

Sample finished laminant.

Winding U Laminants
Image:Fppmt wound U stack 300.jpg

Wound stack of U laminants.

Image:Fppmt wound U stack side 300.jpg

Side view of wound stack of U laminants.

Assemble Rotor
Image:Fppmt rotor a 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt rotor b 300.jpg

Rotor, another angle

Image:Fppmt rotor close-up section 300.jpg

Rotor, close-up

Affixing U Laminants to Rotor
Image:Fppmt rotor w U-wound-laminants b 300.jpg

Rotor with three U laminant sets affixed.

Image:Fppmt rotor w U-wound-laminants close-up 300.jpg

Close-up of one U laminant affixed to rotor assembly.

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