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Directory:Flynn Parallel Path motor

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Build a Flynn Parallel Path Magnet Technology Motor -- Difficult Version

These are pictures of Mike Schukel's replication of the high efficiency flux core motor in the updated US patent 6,342,746. The motor has 3.5 times more output power relative to input, compared to a conventional motor, as well as being compact, high torque, all while operating at ambient temperatures. An absolutely remarkable piece of technology.


Motor Photos

Image:Fppmt motor 017 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 018 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 020 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 021 300.jpg

top view

Image:Fppmt motor 022 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 023 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 025 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 026 300.jpg


Image:Fppmt motor 032 300.jpg


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