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Directory:Flying Cars

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About flying cars, including emerging technologies, legends, and wishfull thinking.


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NASA competition offers green challenge for air travel - In the spirit of the X-Prize and the Lunar X Prize, NASA's Green Flight Challenge is enticing creative types with a USD$1.5 million prize in which designers need to create an aircraft that is low cost, quiet, has a short take-off, is 'road worthy' and gets excellent passenger-miles per gallon. (GizMag August 4, 2009)

Image:GAT tailfan block 95x95.jpg

Directory:Prizes > Centennial Challenges - The NASA Centennial Challenges program also recognizes that the rapid and dramatic progress in aeronautics in the early years of the first century of flight was often driven by prize competitions. The General Aviation Technology Challenge is one of seven current NASA technology prize competitions with total purse of $300,000 for 7 areas for most green, least noise, safest run by the CAFE Foundation. (''NASA'' July 28, 2008)

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Latest: Directory:Flight >Directory:Carter Copter - Carter Aviation Technologies is a research and development company pioneering new aviation concepts, focusing on slow-rotor compound aircraft, VERTOL and using a small efficient wing for high speed flight, up to 500 mph, all with much less complexity than a tilt-rotor or other vectored thrust vehicle. (PESWiki March 14, 2009)

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Latest: Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars >Directory:Terrafugia Transition -- Flying Automobile - The fantasy of spy novels and science fiction films is at last becoming reality, with a vehicle that can turn from car to aircraft in 15 seconds. The Transition® is scheduled to take to the air next month. (PESWiki Jan. 15, 2009)
Image:Moller flying concept 95x95.jpg

Directory:Moller Skycar - Moller is developing a combination airplane and motorcar, powered by the Rotapower(R) engine.

Image:Flycycle sprocket 95x95.jpg

Directory:Flycycle - Canadian project objective is to build a practical human-powered aircraft. Their first prototype is nearing completion testing is pending. Presently a do-it-yourself project, complete with instructions.


US Military
Image:AAI Corp Transformer Design 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > The Unexpected Rebirth of the Flying Car - Of all the far-out visions for the future provided us by popular culture (indeed, by this very magazine above almost all else), perhaps none is so conspicuously absent today as the flying car. (Popular Science Oct. 29, 2010) [Comment: A bone throw and cover-up for the off-budget (with our money) Review:Jesse Ventura:Area 51 Conspiracy Theory who have had far advanced flying technologies for decades.]
Image:Proton radius p876 femtometers 95x95.jpg
Directory:Newsletters > Directory:Future Energy eNews > Directory:Flight / Directory:Batteries / Directory:Zero Point Energy / Current events > Future Energy eNews: July 2010 - Directory:Thomas Valone's headlines this month include: 1) New Proton Measurement Throws Physics a Curve 2) Molten Metal Batteries Yield 20 times More Current 3) The Flying Prius 4) Clean Energy 101 5) COFE4 - SPESIF Call for Papers -- a great opportunity for inventors who would like a chance to put their invention on paper in a peer-reviewed publication.
Image:DARPA Transformer TX 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > DARPA Spills Details on its Plans for the Transformer TX Flying Car - DARPA scientists want a vertical-takeoff vehicle that handles like an off-road-capable SUV on the ground, and can cruise like a light single-engine aircraft at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet. They also wants it to cover 250 miles per fill up, possibly incorporating technologies such as a hybrid electric drive, adaptive wing structures, etc.. (Popular Science Apr. 14, 2010)

Directory:Flight / Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Flying Cars > Directory:Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine > DARPA kick-starts flying car program - US Military scientists have announced the Transofermer (TX) initiative to ramp up research and development of a flying military vehicle that will hold up to 4 people and have the ability to launch vertically and soar when necessary and support range and speed efficiencies that will allow for missions to be performed on a single tank of fuel. (NetworkWorld Jan. 4, 2009)

Image:TerrafugiaTransitionFlyCar95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars >Directory:Terrafugia Transition -- Flying Automobile - The fantasy of spy novels and science fiction films is at last becoming reality, with a vehicle that can turn from car to aircraft in 15 seconds. The Transition® is scheduled to take to the air next month. (PESWiki Jan. 15, 2009)
Hovercraft (Water) - hover-technology vehicles powered by General Motors - hover-technology vehicles powered by General Motors

Image:Personal Aerial Vehicle myCopter 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flying Cars > EU project looks to the future of personal air transport - A European Union project known as myCopter has set aside funds of €4.2 million (US$6.2m) to investigate the possibility of introducing Personal Aerial Vehicles into the skyways of many congested European cities. This coming age of the "flying car" where vehicles leave the roads and launch into the skies promises to solve problems like dramatically rising urban traffic congestion, but it also throws up some formidable challenges. (News:GizMag June 30, 2011)
Image:Pal-v gyrocopter hybrid 95x95.jpg

PAL-V Europe BV - The PAL-V ONE is a hybrid of a car a motorbike and a gyrocopter: a personal air and land vehicle. On the road it has the agility of a motorbike, and the single rotor and propeller fold away. Airborne, the PAL-V flies below 4,000ft, so pilots don’t need to log a flight plan to use it, and it has a top speed of about 125mph.

Image:Parajet volution 95x95.jpg

Parajet - The Parajet powered paraglider (PPG) makes flying possible for everyone, it is safe, easy to learn and so compact it can be folded into a couple of travel bags and taken anywhere in the world.

Image:SoloTrek hybrid ev 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Cars / Directory:Flying Cars > SoloTrek developers planning two seat electric hybrid Air Car - The folks behind the development of the SoloTrek/Springtail Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle have revealed plans to create the world's first fuel-electric hybrid flying car. (News:GizMag June 28, 2011)



Moller Skycar


Moller Skycar - loud and barely flies. (YouTube June 25, 2006)

See Directory:Moller Skycar

Thurman ? Aeronautics


REAL Flying Cars - clever careography. (YouTube March 20, 2007)

GM Viral Marketing Campaign?

Could GM's advertising of flying cars have more substance than just a good marketing gig? Three alleged "amateur" video shots appear to catch cars in flight. Could just be a continuation of a marketing campgaign.

Image:Flying Hummer collage 550.jpg


Chinese Theater -- then flying cars go by - Tourists taking normal shots suddenly get a surprise flyby of what appears to be four flying vehicles, including a yellow Hummer. (YouTube Sept. 2, 2006)

- - - -


Flying Car While Skating - End of skateboard segment happens to catch what appears to be two cars flying by, including the yellow Hummer. (YouTube Sept. 2, 2006)

- - - -


Car flying over freeway - Dudes driving down the road, suddenly notice two cars flying overhead. (YouTube Nov. 5, 2006)

- - - -


GM Flying Car Exhibit - China 2006 inflatable car. (YouTube Nov. 21, 2006)

- - - -


GM Flyin Car Advertisement - Official advertisement, features airborne vehicles. The above "amateur" videos could be part of that campaign. (YouTube Sept. 28, 2006)

- - - -


Flying car - actually just a ballon shaped like a car. (YouTube June 11, 2006)

Rocket Cars


flying cars - 2 groups are making cars fly by attaching rocket propulsion. Not a serious venture. (YouTube October 10, 2006)

Flying Axtra


Flying Axtra commercial - clever careography. (YouTube June 11, 2006)


Image:Jetson flying vehicle 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > 10 Jetsons Technologies Now Present - For those of us who grew up watching The Jetsons back in the 60?s – and to a lesser extent, the generation who were introduced to the space-age animated sitcom during its second run in the 80?s – there was a starry-eyed wonderment at what the future truly held for us. (BeforeItsNews August 12, 2011)


Was - Homepage splash includes the phrases: "Make any road your runway" and "Born from Jets".

Electromagnetic Propulsion

Molecular Cars

In the News

Image:220px-Moller Skycars 95x95.jpg
Latest / Template: 43: Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > Directory:Moller Skycar / Directory:Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine > Moller Skycar signs $480 million MOU - Moller International has announced signing a memorandum of understanding to create a US-based joint venture to produce numerous models of its vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with its first variety by 2014. But could craft powered by Morgado's MYT engine beat them? (PESN February 2, 2013)
Image:Terrafugia flight take-off 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > Directory:Terrafugia Transition -- Flying Automobile > DOT Exempts Maker of 'Flying Car' From Road Vehicle Safety Rules - The U.S. DOT granted a three-year 'hardship' exemption because it bought the argument from Terrafugia, makers of a 'roadable aircraft,' that its attempt to comply with DOT regulations at the same time as Federal Aviation Administration rules would be prohibitively expensive, allowing it more time to research more appropriate solutions to the requirements. (Slashdot July 6, 2011)
Image:Parajet skycar 95x95.jpg

Skycar Expedition 2009 - The Parajet Skycar is the first, two seater, high performance, road legal, bio-fuelled flying car capable of providing rally car performance on and off road, and light aircraft performance after just a few minutes of wing preparation. (Skycar Expedition Jan 22. 2009)

Inventions: Taking to the Air - The Transition, by Carl Dietrich, runs on regular gas. But you can drive it to the airport, extend its origami-like wings, take off at double the highway speed and fly up to 500 miles away, then touch down and park it in your host's garage. Dietrich predicts it will be on roads and in the air in about two years. (MSNBC / Newsweek March 6, 2006)

Where Is My Flying Car! - You would have thought that we would be going around in hovering cars or spaceships by now. So what is going on, why are we still using land based vehicles as a mode of transport? (Insomniac Mar. 24, 2005)

GM Studies Flying Cars - Deep in the heart of General Motors' advanced engineering operations a small group of people are working on flying vehicles, admits Larry Burns, vice president of GM Research and Development. (Feb. 2000)

2006 Americas Virtual Product Development Conference - long and fruitful relationship between Boeing (manufacturers of the famous hovering Harrier Jet) and General Motors (Infoworld / PR Newswire Jun 27, 2005)

Boeing-G.M. Project The Army today named the Boeing Company and the General Motors Corporation to co-develop a new guided missile. (NY Times November 29, 1988)


Probably Viral Marketing Campaign

On Nov. 26, 2006, Tim Ventura of American Antigravity wrote:

Interesting - the GM flying car exhibit is clearly a helium balloon, but still interesting to see floating around.

My guess is that the "flying cars" in the amateur video are GM's attempt at viral video using traditional special effects. A true flying car wouldn't look like a regular auto for several reasons (roll stability, for instance), and a project to construct them - even with well-understood technologies - would be large enough that they couldn't keep it secret.

On Nov. 27, 2006, Tim Ventura of American Antigravity added:

Maybe the community should protest GM's "flying cars" campaign on the grounds that it's false advertising? Not that they're selling them, but that they're insinuating that GM is the type of progressive company that would be building flying cars if the technology existed, which they aren't. It's a bit like NASA associating themselves with Star Trek after shutting down their BPP program, or Microsoft airing commercials that describe how they support open-source programming standards, when they in fact do exactly the opposite.

On Nov. 28, 2006, Sam K added:

With special effects becoming so solid it's really hard to tell if the amature footage is fake or not. The flight looks extremely stable though, which makes me suspicious. CGI sometimes even today does not accurately represent the weight of an object in their physics models and everything appears to stop on a dime.

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