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Slogan : Making human powered aircraft practical

Overview : The stated intent of the Flycycle Project headed by Richard Synergy of Canada is to build a human powered aircraft that is 100% practical the first human powered aircraft to be built in Canada.

Status : The first prototype is nearing completion. Testing is pending.

DYI : Presently this is a do-it-yourself project, complete with instructions. Commercial feasibility is pondered and discussed as well.

Safety : "Fly safely, and remember: Take-off is optional! Landing is mandatory!"

Official Website

2006 Construction Journal and Specifications

Project History

Flycycle Shop

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The project began as an after class, off campus, student project in Toronto, Ontario in October of 2003. The initial design and the fabrication of the airfoils and struts, using carbon fibre rod, fiberglass, Kevlar™ cord and Lexan™ was done by student volunteers in Toronto. In June of 2006, these elements and our mobile workshop were moved to a hanger at the Municipal airport in Tobermory, Ontario at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula for final assembly and attachment of the Lexan™ skin. Test flights will take place at the Tobermory airport.

NEC Comments

On Aug. 16, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

The bicycle is the most efficient energy-conversion mechism for human transportation. This group is applying that efficiency and convenience to flight. Kudos are deserved.

In the News

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On a wing and a chair Man building human-powered aircraft in Tobermory - Three-and-a-half years, $75,000 and hundreds of unpaid research and labour hours later, Synergy is still one wing short of revolutionizing the science behind human-powered flight, not to mention founding a sport accessible to anyone with a penchant for pedalling themselves into the sky. (THE SUN TIMES Owen Sound, Ontario August 03, 2006)

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Richard Synergy

Toronto area, Canada

phone: +1 (416) 923 7800

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