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Directory:Flow Energy’s Natural Gas Boiler Provides Heat and Electricity

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February 11, 2015

Here's a development out of the U.K. that can use mainstream energy to help pave the way for exotic free energy technology roll-out, by creating a demand and appreciation for distributed energy solutions. In other words, it helps foster a paradigm that is friendly to and compatible with the free energy paradigm -- power to the people.


The basic concept is quite simple. The Flow boiler uses natural gas to heat a high-pressure liquid coolant that is sealed inside the system. The heated vapor then moves through a dynamo called a "scroll expander," which spins and acts as a mini electric generator. The hot vapor then moves through a heat exchanger, heating up the hot water for the house. The vapor returns to the boiler as the hot water is pumped around the house.

So, basically, the Flow boiler uses gas from the national grid to do two jobs: create heat AND drive a turbine.

The down-side is how little electricity the unit produces. The promotional video says the Flow boiler can generate 2000 kW-h of electricity per year. If you divide that by 365 days/year, and then by 24 hours/day, that comes to an average output of 228 Watts -- not much -- enough to keep a little more than two 100-Watt incandescent light bulbs burning continuously.

They also say you can reduce your electrical bill by £500/year or £42/month. I presume that is under some kind of financing plan so that the capital cost for purchasing the unit is amortized. While that isn't much, it is in the direction of savings, which is what we also expect when these exotic free energy technologies begin to emerge.

According to their website, they already have 30,000 customers, officially launching January 2015. They’ve spent 10 years and £60 million pounds developing the product.

Another instructive aspect of this technology is how they manage their website, customer service, installers, and other business aspects. Companies looking to roll out exotic free energy technologies could learn some valuable tips by looking at how Flow does things.

The energy technologies we are tracking here in our news, directory, and networking service are far superior to what Flow is using, but I’m grateful for pioneers like Flow who will make the emergence of these more promising technologies easier. Kudos to them.

On the down side, while natural gas itself is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, it's extraction via Directory:Fracking is often anything but clean or safe -- sometimes poisoning water and destroying the environment for hundreds of years.

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Latest: Directory:Natural Gas > Directory:Natural Gas > Directory:Flow Energy’s Natural Gas Boiler Provides Heat and Electricity - This mainstream energy company is paving the way for exotic free energy technology roll-out by creating a demand and appreciation for distributed energy solutions. They use natural gas boiler to heat a liquid coolant that turns a "scroll expander" dynamo to generate electricity. The hot vapor then moves to a heat exchanger to heat hot water for the house. (PESWiki February 11, 2015)

A British company has invented a boiler that generates electricity as well as heat - A British company has launched an innovative boiler that could totally change the way people pay for their energy and heat their homes. (Business Insider Feb. 2, 2015)


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