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Directory:First Solar

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Image:Cstste eldorado 1385002 120w.jpg

First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) announced that they have reduced their manufacturing cost for thin film solar modules in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 98 cents per watt, breaking the $1 per watt price barrier.

: “This achievement marks a milestone in the solar industry’s evolution toward providing truly sustainable energy solutions,” said Mike Ahearn, First Solar chief executive officer. “First Solar is proud to be leading the way toward clean, affordable electricity as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.”

A downside to the technology is that it includes cadmium, which is highly toxic. Though the company has a panel recycling program, the dangers from accidental and nature (hail) breakage are significant. See Talk:Directory:First Solar.


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Official Website



Free Field Power Plants

Comercial Rooftops

Residential Rooftops

How it Works

Image:First solar material sourcing 400.jpg

Product Lifecycle

First Solar PV modules are manufactured on high throughput, automated lines that integrate each production step, from semiconductor deposition to final assembly and test, in one continuous process. This advanced manufacturing process transforms a piece of glass into a complete solar module in less than 2.5 hours.

Advanced thin film design produces high energy yield across a wide range of climatic conditions with excellent low light response and temperature response coefficient

First Solar PV modules are proven to perform as predicted with a high Performance Ratio

First Solar monitors a significant portion of its installed modules in customer applications through independent, third-party data collection services to verify predicted energy output is realized

Frameless laminate is robust, cost effective and recyclable. First Solar has a self-imposed recycling regimen that provides a deposited amount ( Directory:Solar:Largest / Directory:Thin Film Solar > Directory:First Solar > Chinese solar plant expected to be the biggest - Arizona company, First Solar, which makes more solar cells than any other company, said it struck a tentative 10-year deal to build a 25-square mile solar plant in China's vast desert north of the Great Wall, generating 2 gigawatts of electricity -- enough to power 3 million homes. (Salt Lake Tribune Sept. 8, 2009)

Image:Utility-scale-thin-film-three-new-plants-in-germany-total-almost-50-mw 95x95.jpg

Utility-Scale Thin-Film: Three New Plants in Germany Total Almost 50 MW - Germany is host to a range of thin-film projects that illustrate the technology’s potential, with three new large-scale thin-film PV installations recently commissioned, having a combined capacity of some 50 MW. The manufacturer? Directory:First Solar. (Renewable Energy World March 11, 2009)

Articles on First Solar, Inc

First Solar Stumbles - First Solar, the thin-film solar panel maker considered by many to be the best name in solar stocks, can't escape the realities of the economy and credit markets. That's the message this morning after the Tempe, Ariz.-based company's earnings report, which included some generally healthy guidance tempered by some dire comments from CEO Mike Ahearn. (US News & World report Feb. 25, 2009)

First Solar enters U.S. residential market - "The company's solar modules, which use cadmium telluride, are not as efficient as silicon-based cells in turning sunlight into electricity." (''Reuters']' Oct. 29, 2008)

Why does First Solar stand alone? - First Solar, which makes cadmium-telluride solar cells, is having one of those years that corporate managers and investors dream about. (CNet News Nov. 20, 2007)


See Talk:Directory:First Solar

Talk:Directory:First Solar

Talk:Directory:First Solar


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Contact Form

Company:First Solar, Inc.

Mike Ahearn, CEO

350 West Washington Street

Suite 600

Tempe, Arizona 85281-1244


Tel: +1.602.414.9300

Fax: +1.602.414.9400

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