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Directory:Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile

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Image:Reidar Finsrud perpetual motion machine youtube 300.jpg

The Finsrud Wheel is a moving sculpture built by Norwegian artist Reidar Finsrud. It appears to use a combination of gravity, magnets, and pendulum effects, which modern physics would say is impossible, to generate 'nearly continuous motion since 1996' when it was assembled. It is presently housed in a vault in a Norwegian gallery featuring Finsrud's works.

: 14-days in a row is the longest it has run without stopping. -- Rita Børtveit, on behalf of Reidar Finsrud (April 2, 2008)

There are many pictures, videos and discussion boards available on the web and from journalistic sources. This page is an attempt to bring together a critical understanding of the machine, extracting from various sources the best positive and negative writings available.

We 'don't know of any replications' of the device, succussful or unsuccessful, even though what seem to be a full set of drawings are provided.

There would appear to be 'no practical applications' of this device in its present mode. Further refinements and optimization would be required for it to become practical as an energy generator.

Official Websites

Perpetuum Mobile 1996


Drawings (~12 in all click on the image diplayed, then click on the next button to view all in that set two sets in all)

Links - same content as above

Latest Developments


Perpetuum Mobile constructed.


Perpetuum Mobile designed.

How it Works

Appears to use a combination of gravity, magnets, and pendulum effects to generate continuous motion.

"Reidar says the machine does stop on occasions but that this is not on a daily basis. To start the machine the pendulums are swung by hand, this puts an external input energy into the system."

"It runs for about a month, until the glue is dried out, that holds the permanent magnets inside the footer."

"When a start up is required this takes about 15 minutes, this is due to the difficulty involved in getting all the parts moving in harmony."

Finsrud's Explanation of the Energy Source

On April 2, 2008, Reidar Finsrud wrote:

OBS---maskinen er langt mer komplisert enn den ser ut til i første øyekast.

Det øvre system er bla. helt avgjørende for maskinens funksjon.

Disse bladfjærene overfører (stjeler) litt fra kulas bevegelsesenergi og

denne energien brukes ti å senke banen ca 200 my noen mm

foran kula. Energien overføres via bladfjærenes svingefrekvens.

Hele maskinen "flyter" og er avhengig av at senterpendelen, de tre store

pendlene, kulas hastighet, svingetallet på bladfjærene, og alt annet er i

harmoni el. "samstemt" "kalibrert" i forhold til hverandre.

Om grunnenergien (basisenergien) kan du lese her:

English Translation (by Jan Klyve via Sepp Hasslberger) : NOTE: the machine is much more complicated than it appears at first sight. The upper part of the system is, among other things, absolutely decisive for the machine's function. These "blade springs" transfer (steal) a little of the ball's kinetic (motion-) energy and this energy is used to lower the track ca. 200 micrometers, just a bit ahead of the ball. The energy is transferred via the frequency of the blade springs. The entire machine "floats" and is dependent on the central pendulum, the three large pendula, the speed of the ball, the frequency of the blade springs and everything else being in harmony - or "tuned", "calibrated" in relation to each other. You can read about the fundamental (basic) energy here.



(47 minutes)

Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile - Over 40 min of continuous work is shown of a perpetuum mobile constructed by Reidar Finsrud of Norway. This is the first public display of a working perpetuum mobile in modern history.. (Google Video Sep 6, 2006)

Video recorded on Aug. 26, 2006.

A short clip that can be downloaded from Finsrud's page:


(47 minutes)

Perpetual Motion - analyzing the Finsrud GMD (IPMM 6) - Analysis of Finsrud's machine by Anand Aadhar. The conclusion is:."If we repel or expand from a diallel - towards the center - array of magnets and counter that force with the contraction or attraction of gravity driven magnets, then we can make a motor run given a cyclic setup containing a vibrating feedback loop." Discussed is a short history of the machine and the component parts. Theoretical explanations are offered. 1 minute example of IPMM replication research. (YouTube video 28 januari 2009)

Finsrud Himself has seen this video, said an answering email from his gallery upon offering this video with some technical questions. He answered no scientfic questions like e.g. as to how the magnet array would look like, but it was said that Mr. Finsrud "is impressed with your work, research and seriousness regarding this project."

Full text of the video at: Finsrud Gravito-Magnetic Device (Perpetuum Mobile)

Lead picture:

Research pages Anand Aadhar on free energy technologies.


Image:Reidar Finsrud perpetual motion machine diagram collage 600.jpg

Drawings (~16 in all click on the image displayed, then click on the next button to view all in that set two sets in all)


Runs 24/7/375



High cost per energy output.

Needs stationary setting could be disrupted by earth tremors

Probably difficult to get running and to tune.


Does not appear to have any practical application in its present mode, but is just interesting. Further refinements and optimization would be required for it to become practical as an energy generator.


Q. what does the scientific community say? : They think perpetuum mobile is interesting. (The Discovery Channel made a documentary"a machine to die for") -- Rita Børtveit, on behalf of Reidar Finsrud (April 2, 2008)

Independent Testing



No, but it is protected by The International Laws Of Artwork

It can be replicated as long as it is done so as art, not for profit.


"You may copy the machine for private use, but not for public use." -- Rita Børtveit, on behalf of Reidar Finsrud (April 2, 2008)


Company: ??

"Reidar is collaborating with an industrial company to try and produce a machine based on his perpetual mobile but which produces an excess of energy, this is ongoing."

Inventor: Reidar Finsrud
Image:Reidar Finsrud portrait 100.jpg

There are two galleries called Galleri Finsrud with a combined size of 2500 square metres located in the Frogn municipality of Norway.

Quoting from

Reidar Finsrud is today counted by many as one of the worlds most versatile artists.

He works within the majority of thinkable formats and techniques.

Painting, drawing, graphic and sculpturing.

He does lectures at many topics, and has held his own art school since 1975.

He's been thorough the fields of new and modern thinking,

especially around technical inventions and industrial design.

The technical insight of Mr. Finsrud is shown throughout machines like

his handmade grand scaled graphic printing press,

and all the machinery in context with his own techniques of casting.

The now world known Finsrud Perpetual Mobile from 1996, came as a climax

in the line of his numerous technical constructions.

With "work years" at about 5000 hours, from the age of 16, Reidar Finsrud is today

in possession of a broad experience basis at whole 110 normal annual works.

If you count the "work years" and take them to consideration,

Reidar Finsrud would be a 128 years old man.

This may give him a little "head start".


In the News

list here

Perpetual Motion (video of 1996 article)

Other Coverage

Google > Finsrud perpetual (2,780 returns as of March 31, 2008) - Links (archived) Visit to Reidar Finsrud’s Public Studio in Norway on 17 March 2001 - description posted 05/14/96

Three Articles on the Finsrud Perpetual Motion Sculpture - When Marinov recently learned about the Finsrud perpetual motion moving sculpture he sent an article to Nature with the offer to place it as an ... (Padrak From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 1996, pp. 1-3)

Finsrud perpetual motion machine video now available ! - Stefan Hartmann writes: Hi All, thanks to Svein Utne from Norway I got now a CD from him with a 4:38 min long taping of the Finsrud perpetual motion machine ... ( November 05, 2003)

History of perpetual motion machines - Proponents of perpetual motion machines often use other terms to describe their inventions ..... Three Articles on the Finsrud Perpetual Motion Sculpture ... (Wikipedia)


See Talk:Directory:Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile Discussion

Finsrud perpetual magnet powered motion device ... All aboutthe Finsrud perpetual motion machine which is powered by permanent magnets ...

Finsrud perpetual motion machine - at least two people said they would try to replicate the design, but as of March 31, 2008, there are not reports of anyone actually doing this. (commenced April 02, 2005)

Under the Floor?

On March 31, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Francis Giroux wrote:

Can we see what powers the magnets under the floor influencing the swing of the three pendulums that reach the floor?

Need More Views

On March 31, 2008, There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] member, There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] wrote:

It does have permanent magnets, 4 horse shoe types (red). It also has 3 other red cylinders at 180 degrees apart above the ball.

The ball runs over some kind of lever or spring and this is the energy that it put into the long rods hanging below. Just a great demo of harmonics?

I would like to see the video show many more views of the device, i.e. top to bottom close ups. I would like to see a close up of the steel ball hitting the brass spring when it rolls around and the

spring interface and pivot location.

Why didn't the video guy take a close up of the information displayed by the device?

Still how much energy can it deliver?


DROBAK - Norway (near Oslo)

GALLERI FINSRUD DEPARTMENT BILITT FROGN (close to "national road" 153)

HEAD OFFICE: PHONE 64 93 23 99 FAX 64 93 29 90


PHONE 64 93 11 70 - 64 93 16 07

email: [']

Daniel Finsrud, official site webmaster

email: [']


Finsrud's site

The Finsrud Gravito-Magnetic Device (Perpetuum Mobile): the Finsrud device as discussed by Anand Aadhar in the above mentioned video.

A YouTube video about Finsrud in the news.

The article of John Pasley describing a visit to Finsruds gallery on 17 March 2001.

A video of a visit to the gallery with 45 minutes of continuous work discussion pages about the perpetual motion machine of Finsrud.

See Finsrud talking in the videoseries: The Quest for Free Energy 1-6.

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