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Page first featured October 26, 2008

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Ferox Gas & Diesel Fuel Additive is a catalyst that is an eco-friendly fuel additive and horsepower booster. It allegedly increases mileage from between 10 and 20% while also significantly reducing harmful emissions while cleaning out the engine, reducing engine wear, extending engine life.

Back in the early 1980s, Dr. Wes Parish discovered the catalytic properties and benefits of the the components of Ferox while working as a consultant for Thiokol Chemical on their solid fuel rocket engines for missiles and space shuttles.

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How it works

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Ferox technology is based on the catalytic effects of organo metalics. The main active ingredients are synergistic, multifunctional combustion catalysts that include combustion surface modifiers and deposit surface modifiers. Ferox can be used with any liquid hydrocarbon fuel ranging from gasoline to diesel to residual fuel.

The catalysts in Ferox change the surfaces of both the fuel particles and the carbon deposits which change lowers the combustion temperature of the modified surfaces. A typical engine develops a temperature gradient ranging from 200EC at the combustion chamber wall, to 1200EC at the center of the combustion process. Many of the fuel components require a temperature greater than 600EC to combust. The heavy fuel components that are exposed only to the 200 - 600EC range never fully burn and are what contribute to deposit formation, particulates, emissions and other undesirable combustion side effects.

The Ferox modified surfaces and fuel particles begin to combust at temperatures as low as 200EC. This is often below the surface temperature of exposed deposits and fuel particles even at the combustion chamber wall. This allows both the Ferox treated fuel and the modified deposit surfaces to burn over the entire temperature range in engines. The result is a more complete combustion and eventually a complete removal of all engine deposits as well as the inhibition of new deposit buildup. This ultimately leads to lower emissions of CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10, lower fuel consumption, and over all better performance and maintenance.

The process of deposit removal by Ferox begins immediately but can take up to 5 months, 600 hours or 4,000 miles for the full benefits to be realized. The actual time required for the full benefits of Ferox to be achieved and the degree of change noticed depends on the operation, maintenance, history and age of that engine.

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Because of the way that Ferox alters fuel combustion chemistry, Ferox functions as if it's first priority is to clean the carbon out of the engine, then as the carbon deposits are cleaned out it turns to increasing mileage. Now this transition does not operate like a switch but rather like 2 inclined lines, one for mileage slanted up and one for carbon deposits slanted down. As the carbon deposits are burned out the mileage increases until you get maximum mileage improvement when the engine is clear of carbon deposits. It has been noted that high mileage engines with heavy carbon deposits when first starting with Ferox mileage will sometimes actually drop slightly while it is working on cleaning out the heavy deposits.

Ferox Diesel Fuel Additive causes the combustion resistant components in Fuel to combust at lower temperatures than they normally would. This catalytic action is a Horsepower Booster bringing more energy and power to the tires, with less effort. This will allow your engine to run at a cooler temperature and be a Fuel Saver over the long haul.

One tablet of Ferox High Performance Fuel Additive will treat up to 15 gallons of either gasoline or diesel fuel. Put the Ferox Gas Saver tablet into the fuel tank before your fill up with fuel. If you have less than a 15 gallon tank, there's nothing wrong with using one whole gas saver tablet. You cannot over-treat the fuel with one tablet. Using a small amount more or a small amount less will not make much of a difference and will not harm your vehicle. Ferox Fuel Additive is perfect for gas and diesel engines.


How Ferox Works


(9.10 Minutes) Ferox Fuel Tabs - Video 1 of 2

Stop the rip off at the pump. Save $10 to $15 per fill up, get a cleaner burning engine, cut emissions, and help the environment while saving money. (YouTube April 4, 2008)

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(5.11 Minutes) Ferox Fuel Tabs - Video 2 of 2

(YouTube April 5, 2008)

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(1.24 Minutes) Ferox Fuel Tabs

Kid swallows fuel tabs and and blows up a tent in the process. (Yes, it is a farce.) (YouTube May 8, 2008)


Costs from 13.4 cents to as low as 6.8 cents per treated gallon depending on quantity purchased. $40 per box or $27 per bottle, back in 2006. $10 for 4 packets in 2008.

At $4/Gal each 10% increase in mileage saves you $0.40/Gal. A twenty percent improvement in mileage would save you $0.80/Gal.


Increases mileage at least 10% up to 20% or MORE - on BOTH gas & Diesel fuel. At $4/Gal each 10% increase in mileage saves you $0.40/Gal - 20% would save you $0.80/Gal.

Significantly reduces harmful emissions

Lowers gas octane requirements so you can start using Regular immediately rather than Premium or Mid Grade

EPA registered & completely safe

Significantly Increases both power & performance

Cleans out engines

Reduces engine wear

Significantly extends engine life

Extends oil life up to 80%

"No Mess" Fuel Tabs completely dissolve in minutes

Available in powdered form to treat large quantities of 500 gallons and more

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and $2,000,000 product liability coverage


Fuel Catalyst

Independent Testing

1. RECORD YOUR MILEAGE BEFORE USING THE FUEL TABS. To run your own test on Ferox be sure you have established a current fuel mileage baseline on at least two full tanks of fuel.

2. TO START - ADD 1 TABLET FOR EVERY 15 GALLONS OF FUEL TANK CAPACITY. Add the proper amount of Tablets for the TOTAL CAPACITY OF THE FUEL TANK (1 tab for every 15 gallons - if tank capacity is between 15-30 gallons add 2 tabs to start) - THEN FILL UP THE TANK. If you add the tablet(s) before filling, they??ll be completely dissolved by the time you finish fueling.

After the initial fill up, you then add only the number of tabs necessary for the amount of fuel added each time, adding 1 Tab per 15 gallons. A higher concentration of Ferox does NOT hurt, but A LOWER CONCENTRATION DOES DECREASE the benefits and performance.

TIP ON ADDING TABS TO FUEL TANK: Many have found the easiest way to get the tabs into the tank is to use the fuel pump nozzle -just turn the nozzle UP, insert the tabs into the nozzle, then put the nozzle into the gas tank.

3. DRIVE FOR AT LEAST 15 MILES. This ensures that the fuel additive has actually made it??s way through the fuel lines and the fuel filter and is burning in the engine cylinders.

4. YOU MUST RESET YOUR VEHICLE?S COMPUTER MEMORY. Most newer vehicles, including all fuel injected engines, use a small computer to control fuel delivery. These computers typically reset only once every 150 starts, hence the need to reset immediately so you see the benefits immediately. Only older carburated vehicles do NOT have computer controlled fuel systems.

A. DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE This is the black cable connected to the negative battery terminal - the negative terminal is always marked with a "-" sign. Remember: if you have two batteries that are not connected in series to each other, then you must disconnect the negative cable from both batteries. This will erase the computer?s memory.

B. STEP ON THE BRAKE TO DRAIN ANY REMAINING ELECTRICITY FROM THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. After putting your foot on the brake, wait for approximately 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

C. RECONNECT THE BATTERY CABLE. You will need to re-set your stereo pre-sets and interior clock to the correct time. If these do not require resetting then the power did NOT completely drain out of the system and you need to repeat the procedure.

5. START THE ENGINE Starting the engine causes the computer to call for a new diagnostic check within the engine. The vehicle??s sensors will recognize the difference between the old fuel and the new treated fuel. The computer will then make the adjustments so your vehicle will immediately operate a lot more efficiently and with much greater power.

6. RECORD YOUR MILEAGE FOR AT LEAST 1,000 MILES. You should see a dramatic improvement in your vehicle response and power. Ferox High Performance Fuel Tabs will clean out the engine and help lower your over-all vehicle costs every time you fill up. Be sure to add Ferox with every fill up. The benefits generally increase for at least the first 4,000 miles. Sometimes in cars with high mileage mileage will drop slightly temporarily while Ferox works to burn out heavy carbon deposits after which higher mileage is quite evident. Hence the need to record mileage for at least 1,000 miles. If you calculate mileage with each fill up you'll see an upward trend to your mileage finishing with a 10-20% (occasionally more) increase and better power & performance.


Wesley Parish


Ferox 230 Organo metallic compound flashpoint 142 Degrees F. Not regulated.

Ferrocene: A Smokeless Additive - active ingredient of Ferox.



Company: Ferox International, LLC

DBA of Parish Chemical Company as of March 1, 2007

John Hill, President

Inventor: Dr. Walter Wesley Parish

Since 1986.


In the News

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Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Additives >Directory:Ferox Fuel Additive - Ferox Gas & Diesel Fuel Additive is a catalyst that is an eco-friendly fuel additive and horsepower booster. It allegedly increases mileage from between 10 and 20% while also significantly reducing harmful emissions while cleaning out the engine, reducing engine wear, extending engine life. (PESWiki Oct. 26, 2008)

Ferox arrives in Panama - Ferox has been used for more than 20 years in the United States and Canada. Also in Singapur, Malaysia, Korea, Mexico, Dubai, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. It was developed by the Parish Chemical Company and is the result of experimental modifier of burn indexes for solid propulsion systems for rockets used in the aerospace industry (NASA). (Panama Post July 14, 2008)

PhD Developed Fuel Additive Can Save You Money - Dr. Parish's early research on energetic materials during the 1950's led to the commercial introduction of a series of experimental burn-rate modifiers for use in solid propellant rocket motors by Parish Chemical Company during the 1970's. (Free Press Aug. 9, 2007)


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: "I've used Ferox for over 9 months now in 2 different vehicles and am very pleased with the many benefits I've seen including a 17%+ increase in mileage, a noticeable increase in power and performance, much cleaner oil, and significantly lower emissions. There are some phony baloney products out there that do not perform as claimed which tends to make us all skeptical of everything. But I have proven to myself that Ferox works exactly as represented and I personally vouch for the accuracy of everything written here." (Randy Klimt)


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