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ZENN Motor Company, (the operating name of Feel Good Cars), features the ZENN, which stands for "Zero Emissions No Noise," all-electric car. Designed for around-town driving, it has a maximum speed of 25 mph with range of 30-40 miles. Becomes fully charged after eight hours plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet. Four hours gives it a 80% charge. The 2007 ZENN 2.2 and ZENN 2.2 LX models are now available at retailers in the U.S.

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Beth Lear-VanderYacht's take on the Zenn


(4.52 Minutes) Zenn Electric Vehicle: Kelly Blue Book's Review

If you are tired of getting gouged at the gas pump, then it may be time to immerse yourself in Zenn. We don't mean the Eastern religion version of Zenn, but rather a neighborhood electric vehicle that boasts Zero Emissions and No Noise (Zenn). The Zenn vehicle is targeted at a small demographic of people who travel short distances at extremely slow speeds. If you live on a small island, a campus or in a planned community, the Zenn might be the car for you...or maybe not. (YouTube July 8, 2008 )

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In the News

Zenn News

Volt to use a different battery - It's conceivable that folks at Zenn would be looking over their shoulder given that Chevrolet has promised to unveil its Volt - a car that runs on "affordable" lithium-ion batteries that could recharge in minutes, not hours, and have a range five or six times that of the Zenn. (The Gazette July 19, 2008)

"On Friday, May 30, ZENN Motor Company announced that it had raised just over $15 Million dollars in new share capital. This is fantastic news and I am exceptionally pleased as this new capital allows ZMC to accelerate its product development and market expansion plans. It is a strong testament to the Company’s vision and direction that the investment community was so readily supportive of ZMC, even in these challenging financial markets. Essentially, we are moving full steam ahead on all the initiatives announced at our Annual General Meeting at the end of March, including the highway capable cityZENN and ZENNergy Drive Systems powered by EEStor for both new and used vehicles.

On that note, many of you have sent inquiries asking for additional information on the cityZENN as well as to be added to a waiting list. Beyond the specifications detailed below, we cannot release specific details on the interior and exterior design of the cityZENN or its final retail price. We have also not established a customer waiting list for the cityZENN. It seemed premature to us to develop a customer waiting list before we had announced more detailed specifications on the car, pricing and initial market availability.

Stay tuned for more information on the cityZENN.

cityZENN Specifications

The cityZENN is planned to be a fully certified, highway capable vehicle with a top speed of 125 KPH/ 80 MPH and a range of 400 kilometres/250 miles. Powered by EEStor, the cityZENN will be rechargeable in less than 5 minutes, feature operating costs 1/10th of a typical internal combustion engine vehicle and be 100% emission-free! The Zero-Emission, No-Noise cityZENN will be designed to meet the transportation requirements of a large percentage of drivers worldwide."

Ian Clifford

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

ZENN Motor Company

Zenn gearing up for EEStor-powered car - Toronto-based electric vehicle maker Zenn Motor (TSX: ZNN) says it's moving forward with plans for a highway speed vehicle to be powered by EEStor in Cedar Park, Texas, announcing plans to roll out the new cars in the fall of 2009. (CleanTech March 31, 2008)

Image:ZENN Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Zenn Still Planning on EEStor - ZENN anticipates Directory:EEStor capacitor based energy storage systems will be commercialized and is making plans to incorporate it into its low speed electric car. ZENN is investigating longer-range highway capable electric vehicles that have a top speed of 65 to 75 mph and a single-charge range of 200 to 400 miles. (The Energy Blog Feb. 21, 2008)

ZENN Motor Company Invests in EEStor - Directory:Feel Good Cars has an option for additional investment, following Directory:EEStor successful completion of permittivity (electrical storage capacity) testing of its high-power-density ceramic ultracapacitor (EESU). The EESU could potentially allow ZENN vehicles to go as far and as fast as a traditional car at a fraction of the cost. (Green Car Congress Apr. 30, 2007)

Image:ZENN BG 95x95.jpg

Game-Changing - According to patent documents, EEStore's ultracapacitor power system will "replace the electrochemical battery" in almost every application, from hybrid-electric and pure-electric vehicles to laptop computers to utility-scale electricity storage. (MIT Technology Review Jan. 22, 2007)

Image:EEStor News 95x95.jpg

EEStor Announces Production Milestones - The first EEStor production line has been proven to meet quality control requirements and its key production chemicals have been certified. EEStor will begin shipping 15 kilowatt-hour Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) to Directory:Feel Good Cars in 2007 for use in their electric vehicles. (PESN January 17, 2007)

ZENN won the Challenge Bibendum - Feel Good Cars, Microcar and ITAQ wins top award for electric Urban Vehicles at 2006 Michelin Bibendum Challenge. The ZENN was produced as a joint effort of Feel Good Cars and its French manufacturing partner MICROCAR S.A., with the engineering support of the Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute (ITAQ). (Microcar June 20, 2006)

Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Car Planned - Alternate Energy Corporation in association with Feel Good Cars to produce affordable vehicle that operates not on fossil fuel but water. (PESN June 10, 2004)


ZENN Motor Company

277 Richmond St. West, Ste 200

Toronto, ON

Canada M5V 1X1

t. 1 877 817 7034 (toll-free)

t. 416 535 8395

f. 416 535 4043


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