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'Free Energy' Essays/Papers

The Future of Energy - Review of Tom Valone's lecture to the World Future Society, covering Tesla technology, magnet motors, advanced nuclear energy technologies, Zero Point Energy. (ZPEnergy April 10, 2005)

'Free Energy' in 2005 - A survey of a very dynamic field, from solar and wind to cold fusion and magnet motors. What PES Network Inc is doing to promote alternative energy technologies. Open Source Energy Network (OSEN). (PESN March 28, 2005)

Inventions That Might Have Been - List of energy innovations that never made it to the marketplace (

Free Energy Ramifications on Food Production - Free energy will enable year-round greenhouses, and heating of homes, solving not just the energy, but food and water crises. (Exclusive from R. Engineer)

Why 'Free-Energy' Investigation Makes Sense - Chris Zell says that despite the many bogus claims, a pursuit of real free energy technology is warranted, citing historic and contemporary precedents. (ZPEnergy Dec. 27, 2004)

Zero-Point Energy Papers - listing at Greer's website

The World of Free Energy (reprint) - Technologies overview by Peter Lindemann, March 1, 2001

The New Energy Cover-up Summary - Fred Burks of summarizes article by Peter Lindemann.

Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics - Primer of Tom Bearden technology and insights, compiled by Bill Morgan.

Energy Suppression: An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions - by Christopher Bird

Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy-Hydrogen - Paper by Dr. William A. Rhodes, author and co-author of dozens of energy related patents, posted for first time now that patent is expired.

Image:Guido Grzinic 80w.jpg

Free Energy Roadmap - Ph.D. Physicist, Guido Grzinic, proposes a general strategy for assessing viable technologies that tap into aetheric energy, developing viable explanatory theories, and extrapolating from those to guide the process of making new discoveries.

Energy Independence Now: We Need A New Energy Revolution - Hal Plotkin says a campaign for energy independence remains one of our best weapons against terrorism laments that such a policy did not begin in earnest years ago, thereby averting some of our present crises. (SF Gate Oct. 1, 2004)

So, you think you have free energy? What now? - 'YoTango' sets forth a recommended procedure for (1) confirming the claim and (2) publishing, to avoid shut-down. (PESWiki Dec. 28, 2004)

Sterling Energy Quotient - Proposing an Algorithm to calculate the true cost of energy from a given "free energy" device.

Unusual Properties of Ætheric - We're dealing with something that is very different from conventional electricity.

Determining Your Energy Use to Decide Which Power Unit to Purchase - Basic math to help you get the right home power device

Twenty Hydrogen Myths - (PDF) Peer reviewed white paper, a documented primer on basic hydrogen facts, corrects 20 widespread misconceptions in support of transition to hydrogen fuel.

Image:Hydrogen from algae 80w.jpg

Hydrogen from Renewable Sources - (PDF) Review by Jacob Brouwer, Ph.D., Associate Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center. (Fuel Cell Catalyst, Vol.4, No.3 Spring 2004)

Movie Review: On Deadly Ground - (1994, R) Steven Seagal presents a powerful message in favor of alternative energy methods.

Cold fusion: fact or fiction? - "In addition to at least one US patent, there have been over 50 reports of successful cold fusion experiments." Brief review by Alternate Energy Institute.

TESLA & MARCONI -- Secret City Built for Advancement of Technology - and protection from power brokers. Curious speculation.


Energy Prospects After the Petrolium Age (PDF) - Mainstream, succinct, prescriptive, business-oriented overview of the need to prepare for the transition away from fossil fuels. Mentions solar hydrogen. (Deutsche Bank Research Dec. 2, 2004)

A New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy - Erich J. Knight points to the areas of new energy research that he deems to be the most fruitful, including nanotechnology, thermionics and fusion. (ZPEnergy Sept. 21, 2005)

Cars That Guzzle Grass - Feature article ponders what it will take to see a fulfillment of President Bush's vision statement: "the first car driven by a child born today could be powered by hydrogen and pollution-free". (NYTimes Sept. 25, 2005)


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