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:"The Key to Unlock Nature's Energy"

Epoch Energy Technology Corp is the Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. The success of Epoch Energy Technology Corporation (E.E.T.C.) is the result of developing a method by which ordinary soft water can be instantly transformed into a remarkable fuel source, oxygen-hydrogen fuel.

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Oxy-Hydrogen Generator

EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator is the company’s flagship product.

EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator separates water into a mixed Oxygen and Hydrogen gas. Full working pressure is reached in 20~30 seconds, creating a convenient form of combustible energy due to the flammability of Hydrogen and combustion-supporting nature of Oxygen. Once activated, the transient temperature can reach between 800 to 3,000 degrees centigrade. This can be used extensively for cutting steel, welding, brazing, and heat treating. EPOCH’s oxy-hydrogen generators are perfect wherever a flame is required, from small applications to large industrial incinerators. We can effectively eliminate the transportation and explosion risks, high costs, high energy consumption and incomplete combustion that are associated with traditional gas fuel, such as propane, LPG and acetylene. The fuel created by Oxy-Hydrogen Generators comes from ordinary soft, filtered water, and a small amount of electricity. In the event of un-burnt gas, the dispersed Oxygen and Hydrogen will naturally diffuse into the atmosphere and cause no harm or pollution to the environment or people. Since our fuel is available on demand, no storage is required, which effectively eliminates explosion risk. When burned, the only bi-product is water vapor, making our fuel totally renewable, causing no depletion of limited resources from the earth. EPOCH’s oxy-hydrogen gas is most economical, 1 cc of water can produce 1700 cc of Oxygen/Hydrogen mixed gas!

The EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System

EPOCH’s EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System is a recently developed, heavy-duty innovation developed using our Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, where a high-temperature Oxy-Hydrogen flame is used to perform highly efficient biohazard purification tasks in a completely self-contained mobile platform, capable of handling contagious virus/media locally. Traditionally, infectious waste is transported to an incinerator plant for processing, posing health risks during transportation. However, the EP-2000 can be quickly dispatched wherever needed. Our technology is different from common mobile incinerators in that its ultra-clean fuel and superior filtration system virtually eliminates not only the infectious material, but without harming the environment. The most significant implication of the Mobile Biohazard Purification System is that it is like a fire engine for extinguishing epidemics. Instead of reacting to the spread of disease outbreaks highly contagious epidemics such as SARS and Bird Flu can be stopped at the source. When not being used in emergency situations, the EP-2000 can be used for handling a variety of waste and refuse. Major applications of the EP-2000 include incineration and elimination of media related to SARS and Bird Flu epidemics, hospital and medical waste treatment, and case-specific waste treatment for communities, factories, military compounds, and campuses.

Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heater

EPOCH’s Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heater is the only solar water heater to be awarded the GreenMark (Nos. 03747, 03748) issued by the Taiwan EPA and MOEA EPOCH is also the licensed manufacturer and supplier of this product, as issued by Bureau of Energy, MOEA in the promotion of solar energy water heaters. EPOCH Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heaters use highly efficient, advanced, impact-resistant mineral glass vacuum tubes for heat collection, and can qualify for government subsidies in many areas. EPOCH has also setup Energy Life Showrooms at the industry leading TsannKuen 3C locations all over Taiwan, which offer direct sales of this product.

Solar Technology Products

Solar Technology Products include high-quality, low-priced solar streetlights and solar garden lights. The Energy Life Showrooms also exhibit and sell these EPOCH Solar Technology Products (small-scale solar-powered garden lights, decorative lights, lawn lights, festival lights, chargers, bicycle headlights, and even solar-powered toy cars). 154 of EPOCH’s solar streetlights are brilliantly lighting the Tainan HSR Station.

How it Works

The simple principle behind transforming water into Hydrogen and Oxygen through electrolysis was discovered a long time ago. Hydrogen is an excellent natural resource, abundant and clean, which can be well utilized. Oxygen is also good for supporting combustion. This rational is known to every high school student. Unfortunately, due to the immaturity of technology in the past, it could not be adapted for use in our ordinary daily lives as a viable substitute fuel resource.



(8.30 Minutes) Epoch Energy Technology Corp

Epoch Energy Technology Corp is the Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. (YouTube Jan. 8, 2008)


The key advantages of the EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator are that pure water is the source for making our fuel, the oxy-hydrogen mixed gas created from water is harmless and non-polluting. Since this fuel is created on demand, there are no risks associated with transporting or storing of high-pressure, explosive tanks. Moreover, only 1cc of water can produce 1700cc of mixed oxygen-hydrogen gas the only bi-product of burning oxy-hydrogen fuel is water vapor, making it the perfect renewable energy.


Considering the capability of significantly lowering fuel costs and eliminating CO2 emissions, our products are the best choice for industries that require a flame, such as IC surface cleaning or toxic material treatment in the electronics industry thermal melting in plastic, rubber, chemicals, pulp or dyeing industries production of glass, ceramics and bricks waste incineration and cremation food processing, and so much more. In addition, we are working to adapt Oxy-Hydrogen Generator technology into future applications such as automobile and motorcycle engines, high-speed rail transportation as a supplemental or alternative energy source or even in shipping and space travel. The company has even developed a self-contained mobile biohazard purification system to make use of the high-temperature capability of Oxy-Hydrogen Generator fuel, integrated into a mobile incinerator system.

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Company: Epoch Energy Technology Corp

They have been engaged in research and development since 1993, with the goal of providing a clean and safe renewable energy source in the face of the growing crises of our polluted planet, as well as, upcoming oil shortages and ever rising fuel prices all over the world. They offer REAL alternative fuel solutions to traditional gas fuels.

Registered as EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation on August 13, 2001, EPOCH is dedicated to designing, producing and marketing alternative energy solutions that protect our environment. Our major products include the EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator that are enjoying rapid growth in the industrial sector for steel-cutting, welding and brazing, boiler and burner applications as a substitute for traditional acetylene, propane, LPG and other fuel oils. In addition, EPOCH carries an extensive line of solar energy products, including lighting, chargers, energy packs, PV Cells and vacuum-tube solar water heaters. Adhering to the spirit of “creating a cleaner living environment around the world and promoting the use of sustainable energy sources??, EPOCH actively strives to develop green-energy products based on our Oxy-Hydrogen Generators and solar energy products. Through active R&D, we are expanding into new international markets, establishing global distribution networks, and striving to provide the highest quality and customer service to the world. We also hope to be the primary example to the world of the development of Taiwan’s green energy industry. With versatile, competitive products and services, we are becoming one of the most important green energy organizations around the globe.

Mr. Jacky Lin, President, has led the EPOCH team in these developments since receiving his first patent in 1993 through continual efforts and capital investment, the first prototype was created in 1998. This achievement has won recognition from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and was awarded a project subsidy grant to recruit overseas experts to assist in R&D. President Lin has won many prestigious awards, including the ROC 3rd Annual Outstanding Character Award the ROC Small & Medium Business Outstanding Character Award the ROC 6th Annual Global Industrial Survey Award the ROC 6th Annual Golden Root Award The Taiwan Excellence award and most recently, an honorary national award from Energy Globe in Brussels, Belgium in May 2008.

To keep on top of the trend of recycling energy sources, EPOCH has actively engaged in the R&D and promotion of Photo-Voltaic (PV Cell) solar energy products. They have established Energy Life Showrooms extensively in key marketing locations in Taiwan’s leading 3C enterprise, TsannKuen, for showcasing EPOCH products and providing sales and service. Furthermore, EPOCH’s Vacuum-Tube Solar Heater, the only domestic Vacuum Tube Solar Heater certified with the “GreenMark?? for energy savings, has established its own sales channels all over Taiwan high-quality and efficient solar streetlights are also being used to brilliantly light up the HSR Tainan Station and many other locations. Other solar products such as garden lights, decorative lights and solar chargers are highly praised for their excellent quality, moderate prices, and most of all, for their green concept of power consumption.

The office and manufacturing facilities of EPOCH are located at the Southern Taiwan’s Benchou Environmental Science Park.

Stock Symbol

3472:R.O.C. OTC Securities Exchange

Epoch Energy Technology Corp. (3472): Stock Quote & Company ... (BusinessWeek)

Corporate Information

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Epoch Energy Technology Corp (3472.TWO) Key Developments | Stocks ... - Find out key developments for Epoch Energy Technology Corp 3472.TWO, including Analyst Research (


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Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas >Directory:Epoch Energy Technology Corp - Epoch Energy Technology Corp is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. They have developed a method by which ordinary soft water can be instantly transformed into oxygen-hydrogen fuel. (PESWiki July 23, 2008)

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Epoch Energy Technology Corp

No.3,Bengong 5th Rd.

Gangshan Township

Kaohsiung County, 82059


Telephone: +886-7-6235588

Fax: +886-7-6221133

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E-Mail: []

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