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Directory:Envision Energy Systems LLC

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Introduction by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

April 6, 2010

Rockwell (Rocky) G Whitham is a prolific inventor in Salt Lake City who has assembled a small team, by the company name of Envision Energy Systems, founded in 2007, to help find financing for some of his inventions and bring some of them to market.

His group has also gotten involved with some other technologies that they likewise hope to help bring to market, including.

The long list of his and others' technologies include: No Moving Parts Wind Generator Solar Powered Hydrogen Production System Woody-biomass technology Slow-sand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Project.

The fallowing page is adapted from a Word document that Rocky provided, briefly outlining some of the green technologies Envision Energy Systems represents or owns the rights to (being the originators).

These technologies are in different stages of development. Rocky said that about half of these technologies are still just ideas on paper, and the other half have been build into a prototype of some kind. The company believes that each holds great promise in improving the industry it is designed for.

So far, neither Rocky nor the company has been able to bring any technologies successfully to the marketplace, but they are hopeful that this will change.

It seems to me that they are trying to do too much, and need to focus in on one or two of the very best technologies to take the distance, then do one or two more not try to promote all of them at the same time.

Presently, they are particularly stretched for the need to be able to cover basic operating costs, such as enough $ to buy gas to attend a meeting with an entity interested in one of their technologies.

Official Website

None yet. This PESWiki page is a temporary online presence for the company.

Energy Technologies

"These are the technologies we are most interested in finding funding for. We do have other green energies that are unproven and will need further R&D before seeking funding. If you are interested in any or all of these projects please There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] me."

Electric Car Technology

EES is involved in every aspect of the EV world from simple conversions to designing new light weight frames, battery technology, motor technology, fuel cells, on-board charging system, controllers and Tires. EES is working with some of the best inventors and innovators of EV technology in the United States. We have the ability to build a delivery van to replace all inner city delivery vans for the United States Post Office. Doing this can save thousands of gallons of gasoline each month and lower the Post Offices operating expenses by millions of dollars per-month.

The tires, motors, and batteries we have designed will improve the range of an electric car by up to 150% with the average improvement being 75%.

Our goal is to drive an extended range EV from coast to coast, with no more than two charges. This is not a dream it is reality and EES will be involved in the building, design and testing of this car.

With the advancements EES has made in EV technologies we expect to have this car built by the end of 2011.

EES owns rights to the, fuel cell, on-board charging system, frame and tire designs and is acting as an agent for all other technologies designed for these electric cars.

Light weight frames

construction of light weight frames for electric cars. This frame will lower the weight of a new EV by up to 1000lbs.

Battery technology

EES is at this time is developing two different types of batteries for electric cars. The first is incorporates a voltage multiplier that will double the amperage of a normal battery. The second will use a lithium based technology combined with a sand based technology to provide more energy with less cost.

Motor technology

EES is working with Directory:Millennial Motors Inc:Magnetronic Motor to develop a new electromagnetic motor/generator system. This EMG will provide up to 50% more power and up to 50% more range to existing EV’s. For new EV’s this system could allow a full electric car to have a range of up to 250 miles or more.

Fuel cell technology

EES has a new technology for a fuel cell that could provide up to 50% more output than fuel cells now in use.

Hydrogen holding tank technology

EES has developed a new type of holding tank to be used with the on-demand hydrogen production system. This tank will allow the pressure to equalize while the tank volume is expanded or contracted.

On-board charging system/on-board hydrogen production

EES is in negotiations with a local inventor who has developed an on demand pure hydrogen production system. This inventor has a patent on this process. This process is at this time being tested at Brigham Young University. Stanford University has completed a cost / profit projection on this project. This hydrogen production system can be used for transportation or energy production. EES has the opportunity to buy into this company, if EES can buy 5% of this company, it is projected the income from this 5% could be one billion dollars with in three years.

Motor Controller technology

EES is working with an inventor in Texas who has developed a light weight low cost motor controller. This controller will be able to be added to existing EV’s but also could be built into new EV’s that incorporate the standard motors used in most EV’s built today.

Tire technology

EES has designed a new type of tire for EV’s that will incorporate the technology used on the Hummers to inflate and deflate tires and Run flat technology to produce a tire with less rolling resistance and at the same time provide a stable ride.

Alterative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) =

With the same frames used in building the EES electric vehicle we could build an alterative fuel vehicle that would sell for under 25K. There are hundreds of automotive dealerships standing empty across America. EES would like to propose that we turn these empty unproductive buildings into auto manufacturing plants. These plants would build the EES alterative fuel vehicles on site. We would use local materials, local employees and build cars for local buyers. This would stimulate the local economy and put hard working Americans back to work. The cars and trucks would be built, sold and serviced at the same dealership. Bringing meaning back to the phrase “Made In America”. With dealerships across America we would have the infrastructure needed to service and maintain these vehicles. The customer can chose between full electric, natural gas, hydrogen, air or a combination of these energies. A car can be built to be full electric with a range extender generator built in. this range extender can be powered by a small internal combustion engine fueled by natural gas or hydrogen, and still be a zero emission vehicle. The same can be done with an air powered car with the zero emission engine powering an air compressor. We can do this today think of what we can do tomorrow.

Each of these vehicles can be personalized to the buyers needs, from the color to the accessories to the motor / engine to the tires. A customer can watch as their car or truck is being built, they can become as involved as they wish, or just pick it up when it’s done.

These cars and trucks will have all the safety features we have come to rely on.

Henry Ford built a reliable car that fit the needs of most Americans and made it affordable. These AFV’s will do the same thing. Its time to listen to the buyers instead of telling them what they want.

CVT technology

VMT Technologies LLC

Hybrid Economy with NASCAR Performance.

The Universal Transmission is the only positively Engaged Infinitely Variable Transmission. That means it is constantly engaged, metal to metal, gear to gear unlike standard and automatic transmissions. Unlike these transmission ours has no clutch or torque converter.

Yet it operates without dynamic friction unlike the popular CVT (continuously variable transmission). CVTs can’t handle torque for high performance. Our Universal Transmission accepts whatever torque the engine requires for maximum torque performance AND still is more economical to operate than any other transmission.

Regular cars, vans and light trucks can have a hybrid or electric power plant because we replace the expensive controller making these new hybrids competitive and desirable. Nearly all vehicles should experience significant fuel economy improvement while not sacrificing performance.

Because the Universal Transmission will replace the expensive controller, ELECTRIC CARS will become competitively priced with great performance and range. In addition light trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles will enjoy the fuel savings without giving up performance or range.

The fuel savings could be significant. Estimates show fuel savings of up to 30% or more. If so the USA could reduce foreign oil dependency by up to 40%. The overall price of oil could drop.

EES is a sales agent for this transmission, EES owns no rights to this technology.

AL1 is Coal to Gas/Liquid Process

The AL1 is the only CTL system that will remove 90% of environmentally harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the coal before it us used to produce energy, including Mercury. The first part of this system can be used as a coal remediation process to treat coal before it is used in coal fired power plant. The coal that is treated is 90% free from all contaminates and will reduce the need for exhaust emission scrubbers that are now used in all coal burning power plants. These emission scrubbers are expensive to install and maintain, the only emission will be CO2 and we are also working on a process to treat the CO2 and be able to use it to produce energy as well.

The second part of this process can be used to produce gases or liquid fuels from coal. These fuels can be natural gas to hydrogen on the gases end and gasoline, diesel, or aviation fuels on the liquid side of production.

With 95% of the chemicals used in either process being able to be recycled this is the cleanest most efficient CTL or Remediation process designed today. A prototype has been built and tested with good results. This system is designed to be built to any size, from a micro plant to a mega plant. The reason for this is to be better able to meet the needs of our future customers.

There are many patents on this process that will have to be updated and more will need to be filed as technology expands.

EES is acting as a sales agent for this product. EES owns no rights to this process.

Woody-biomass technology

The FCG technology has an advantage when co-processing coal and biomass in a single unit that combines the environmental benefits of biomass with the abundance and lower costs of coal. The combination of the circulating catalyst and HTP reagents gives much flexibility on feedstock choice. Feed preparation systems would need to be designed for this type of operation.

High Reliability: The operating system uses a patented catalyst that effectively (1) promotes gasification reactions at lower temperatures without tar production, caking, and hardware plugging problems (2) gives rapid heat transfer and completely decomposes incoming feedstock, (3) removes carbon from the main reaction zone via carbon coated catalyst and ash to give process flexibility. It also keeps a captive inventory of catalyst that allows continuous recycling and efficient separation of ash. In other catalytic processes, the catalyst recycling involves a complicated water wash system to recover active catalyst from the ash/char residue.

Superior Environmental Performance: High temperature precipitates (HTP) reagents remove hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, particulates, and other contaminates from the hot syngas as dry solids. They work well with all coal types and biomass. Segregated byproducts include calcium sulfate (gypsum), heavy metal concentrates, and purified ash. In contrast, conventional gasification technologies generate a vitrified ash and require downstream processing steps to clean the syngas. Solvent based systems are used for sour gas cleanup and acid gas removal.

FYI - Envergent ( is a joint venture between Ensyn and UOP. The company is offering a similar type of operating system that uses sand circulation to process biomass into pyrolysis oil via the UOP/Ensyn Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) technology ( This type of unit may be adaptable for using the FCG catalyst to generate syngas from coal/biomass. Operating temperatures would be higher and other engineering changes require additional investigation.

NMPWG, No Moving Parts Wind Generator

There are many ways to produce electrical power from the wind this system is based on the work that Tesla started in 1908. There are some new technologies used with it but the system is much like Tesla had designed one hundred years ago. The advantage to this system over what is used today is the fact it will require very little maintenance. The cost of a wind turbine is close to 1.5 million dollars, and 500 thousand dollars per year in maintenance. The projected cost for one of these systems is far under one million dollars and projected maintenance cost is under one thousand dollars per year. The design of this unit the materials it is made from and the colors used are all designed to blend in with the area it is used in. This is as close to free energy as you can get. It is estimated that one of these units can replace one and a half to two of the turbine units now in use.

There are other people working on this process who feel they are the ones who invented it. Tesla’s work has been stolen by everyone over the years. It is time this great man gets the credit he deserves. NMPWG uses static electricity in the air around us every day. The technology is not the uses of static energy to produce electricity it is the process and materials used to build this generator.

The fallowing information comes from David Francis of MIT.

: Electrostatic interactions play an important role in determining the energetic of association in bio-molecular complexes. Previous work has shown that, within a continuum electrostatic model, for any given complex there exists a ligand charge distribution which optimizes the electrostatic binding free energy - the electrostatic complement of the target receptor. This electrostatic affinity optimization procedure was applied to several systems both in order to understand the role of electrostatic interactions in natural systems and as a tool in the design of ligands with improved affinity. Comparison of the natural and optimal charges of several ligands of glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase from E. coli, an enzyme with a strong natural requirement for specificity, shows remarkable similarity in many areas, suggesting that the optimization of electrostatic interactions played a role in the evolution of this system. The optimization procedure was also applied to the design of improvements to two inhibitors of HIV-1 viral-cell membrane fusion. Two tryptophan residues that are part of a D-peptide inhibitor were identified as contributing most significantly to binding, and a novel computational screening procedure based on the optimization methodology was developed to screen a library of tryptophan derivatives at both positions. Additionally, the optimization methodology was used to predict four mutations to standard amino acids at three positions on 5-Helix, a protein inhibitor of membrane fusion. All mutations were computed to improve the affinity of the inhibitor, with a five hundred-fold improvement calculated for one triple mutant.

EES owns only the rights to their design or their part of this project.

IHES. Intense Heat Energy System

The IHES is a new type of solar heat pump system, it will use new technology developed by EES and will produce more heat while keeping the solar panel cooler, and therefore more energy than any solar process now in use. This product has been tested and produced favorable results. There are no patents on this system at this time, I do not know what parts or process can be patented at this time.

EES owns all rights to this process.

Wind generator. New Harmon Blade

This wind turbine will use a new variable speed transmission/generator that is unlike any generation systems now in use. The difference is the new designs for the propeller and transmission that drives the generator.

Most large generators need at least 6mph of wind to start moving and have to be shut down if wind gets over 30mph. This is large design flaw. This new system will start producing power at 3mph and will work in winds up to 90mph and will require less maintenance then the units now in use. This system will be able to take advantage of costal and canyon winds that have sustained wind speeds of over 15mph. The smaller generators will produce 7kw to 50kw the midrange will produce 75kw to 200kw the two different larger generators will produce 250kw up to 2mw

EES is a sales agent for this process / product. EES own no rights to this project.

SP500: Under Ground Super-Train

The SP500 Super-Train will be unlike any super train now in use. It will use many new technologies developed by EES one of these is a zero rolling resistance technology (ZRRT) developed by EES, along with many other technologies now under development at EES. ZRRT will use approximately 25% of the energy needed to operate a maglev train. This Under Ground Super-Train will travel at a sustained speed of 500 mph with a top speed of 700 mph. It will make the coast to coast run across the United States in approximately 7 hours. There will no delays caused by weather, traffic or power outages.

Once this train is fully operational it will replace thousands of semi-trucks, passenger cars, and aircraft. This one train will make 3 coast to coast trips per-day. It will carry everything FedEx and other larger carriers now ship by truck and it will do it in record time. The SP500 will lower shipping cost and provide passengers with a comfortable relaxing ride. It will also have sleeping compartments, fully functional offices with sleeping space, meeting rooms and a rolling hotel complete with room service. A project like this should be easy to get through the governmental red-tape, the environmental agencies and local land owners and municipalities. For the simple reason no one will even know it is being built or that it is in full operation. This project will save millions of gallons of fuel each month, and remove millions of tons of exhaust emissions from the air we breathe. It will remove thousands of vehicles and aircraft from our over crowded freeways and airways. The SP500 will supply all of its own energy with an emergency back up from the electrical grid. There will be two SP500 trains running 22 hr. a day 7 days a week. Maintenance will be minimal, but in many cases when maintenance is needed it can be done with out stopping the train. Insightful companies who can see the benefits of a project like this are supportive of the SP500. Even with the cost of this project being in the trillions by the time it is completed.

There are companies ready to attend a meeting to discuss this project and what their involvement would be. I have had meetings with FedEx and other carriers, these companies are willing to take a very serious look at this project.

This is not a futuristic technology everything needed to build this system exists today.

EES owns rights to most of the technology that will be used on this super train and is developing other technology that will be needed to complete this project. EES is acting as an agent for other companies and individuals who are developing technology for this project.


Zero rolling resistance technology will use far less energy than the maglev trains now in use in many parts of the world.

This zero rolling resistance technology was developed by EES, it incorporates solar and wind energy or any green energy can be used, or grid power, to provide the energy to power the electromagnetic motors that will spin a set of four rollers / wheels that the super train will ride on. With the rollers/wheels spinning at the same speed as the train there will be no rolling resistance. Once the train has passed the rollers / wheels will then turn in to a generation system that will add power to the train battery storage system.

EES holds all rights to this technology.


The ODHP process is a process to produce pure hydrogen (not browns gas) on demand. This is done with very low input energy while producing a large volume of pure H2. This system has been tested and patented. It is at this time being tested at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. Once this process is proven to be able to produce a continuous high volume stream of pure hydrogen a prototype unit will be built. This unit will then be sent to Stanford University for more testing. Once this process and product has passed all testing it will go into production. These units will provide clean pure H2 for both transportation and electrical power production.

EES is in negotiations with the owners of this technology to acquire a percentage of the company and exclusive rights and licensing rights for the entire transportation industry. This will include electric cars and electric car technologies.

Solar Powered Hydrogen Production System


This hydrogen production system has been in operation for three years and tested in real world conditions. This system is at this time providing electrical power for a five thousand square home. It also is powering a hydrogen production system to power the home in at night and on stormy days. This same system produces hydrogen to power a full electric car fuel cell and a car that runs on hydrogen only.

This solar powered hydrogen production system has many patents it has been tested and retested. This system is ready for mass production in all fields. The electric car used in this testing has a range of 400 miles. The internal combustion hydrogen powered car has a range of 300 miles. The home is 5000 sq. ft. It has everything a normal home would have including a hot tub. The owner of this technology has not received the support from his home state. He is looking for a state that is supportive of new renewable energies.

EES has inspected many different H2 production systems and finds this one to the only one that has full patent, has been real world tested, and can replace nuclear and coal energies with clean safe zero emissions Hydrogen. This H2 system can also be adapted to become an on-demand production system. This on-demand system can be used to provide zero emissions fuel for large ships and soon aircraft.

Envision Energy Systems is at this time in negotiations with the owner of this technology to become his representative in the western states. For this service EES will receive a 10% interest in this technology.

AGPS, Aircraft Ground Propulsion Systems

The AGPS is used to move aircraft on the ground with the engines off while supplying the aircraft with needed electrical power for normal ground operation. This would include electrical power for the pilot’s normal operation, lighting, air-conditioning and heating.

The AGPS will save approximately one million gallons of jet fuel each month at a large international airport. It will also lower exhaust emissions and extend engine life.

To have this system put into place will take the cooperation of all the airlines, major airports across America, and the FAA. I believe the time it will take to bring all the needed organizations into place will be well spent. The needed technology to make the AGPS function has been tested around the world for many years. The computer program is being used in many airports in the west. If we are going to save our Nation from self destruction we need to conserve and reduce the amount of oil we are using every day. This system could in one year save over one hundred million gallons of fuel and remove millions of tons of exhaust emissions from our air.

The AGPS has had a small prototype built and has been demonstrated. There were no major problems found with the system. The only concern was the modification to the aircraft, and those are minimal. Funding needed at this time will be used to build a full sized working model. This will allow us to determine the proper size and cost of the unit needed to propel the aircraft at a given speed and also to stop the aircraft in a given distance. A provisional patent has been filed but more patents will be needed to protect all parts and processes of the AGPS.

EES owns all rights to this project.

RATS: Robotic Aircraft Transport Systems

AGPS II, Aircraft Ground Propulsion System second generation, this system is known as the RATS project.

The Robotic Aircraft Transport System or RATS is the answer to an economical process of moving aircraft while on the ground.

Advantages of the RATS process

RATS, will not add weight to the aircraft.

RATS, will not require modifications to the aircraft.

RATS, will not require modifications to the airport runway or tarmac.

RATS, will be able to move aircraft on the ground from the terminal to the tarmac, from the tarmac to the runway.

RATS, will automatically return to the charging station after it has delivered the aircraft.

RATS, will have the ability to bring aircraft in from the runway to the terminal without the need to have the engines running.

The cost of operation for the RATS process will be minimal.

The self docking and charging system for the RATS process will allow it to monitor its state of charge. Once the systems battery pack reaches a charge rate of less than 75% it will send a signal to the tower and remove itself from the grid. It will then automatically return to the docking and charging center.

At the docking and charging center, RATS will back itself into place and plug itself in until it has reached a 100% state of charge.

The entire RATS control system will be computer controlled. Manual safety override systems will be controlled by a three to four man crew twenty four hours a day.

The control systems will include technologies developed and tested by other Utah companies who have developed unmanned vehicle system for the military and civilian use.

The only insulation concerns for the RATS system are a docking and charging system, and a control center. The RATS process can be installed in any airport around the world within 7 to 10 days.

With not adding weight to the aircraft and with very little modification to the airport the efficiency of the RATS process is higher than any system designed.

We understand there will be concerns about remote controlled vehicles running around the airport. Therefore the first generation of the RATS will have a human rider for safety. Once they are proven safe and are more accepted, this rider could be replaced by a camera and a backup override system for emergency shutdown.

RATS 2 – The RATS 2 project would incorporate a system or process to modify the front landing gear. The system would still work the same way only at higher speeds.

Summary for the new age of transportation in America

There are many other companies working on a process to move aircraft on the ground, they all have the same problems, weight and cost. I do believe EMP motors have their place but I also believe if we are going to make a difference in the cost and emissions from aircraft ground operation we need to rethink the entire way we are going to transport people and cargo in the future.

The future I am talking about is within the next ten years.

I would like to suggest the Super Train Project as a way of removing the need for eighty percent (80%) of air traffic in the United States.

We have the technology to build a system to of transportation that will meet the needs of our ever growing world, and the Unites States has to be the leader in its development.

An under ground coast to coast, border to border, high speed monorail system that will produce (50%) fifty percent of its own electrical power needs is ready for testing.

The monorail systems being used in other parts of the world are all mag-lev designs. The use of magnetic lavation is expensive and requires a great deal of energy.

If you will please refer to the SP500 super train outline you will see this design incorporates its on onboard hydrogen powered energy system, and a zero rolling resistance support system that will allow the weight of the train to always be in contact with the monorail. This system will incorporate the air that is displaced by the train to power vertical wind generators. The energy produced will supply the electrical power needed to power the EMP rotary motors.

This train will sustain speeds of over 500 mph. and be able to replace 80% of the aircraft used today. This will result in drastic reduction fuel used and exhaust emissions produced. If we are going to do anything about global warming it has to be more than every driving a hybrid car.

If we are going to stop our nation from being sold off piece by piece, and becoming enslaved to other nations, we are going to have to make a stand and do it ourselves.

This project can be built, the technology is here, the only thing stopping it funding.

This project could take trillions of dollars but when it is finished it will be the greatest transportation system in the world. It could be built in less than ten years with the right companies involved and the proper funding. It is projected that this trillion dollar project could be profitable in less than eight years of operation.

Deep seas salvage pump system

This system can produce enough head pressure at 10,000 ft under water to vacuum magnesium nodules off the sea floor. This system can also be used to produce electrical energy. It is run by a small air compressor, and takes very little energy for maximum performance. This system has many patents and the owner of the patents is looking for investors to do testing on the energy production end of this system. He is looking for between $50,000.00 and $250,000.00 for testing and demonstrations. If you are interested in this pump system please contact Envision Energy Systems, Rocky Whitham for more information 801-232-0322.

EES has been asked to find funding for this project EES does not own any rights to this project and is not under contract as a sales agent for this project.

Slow-sand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Project

This water treatment process was designed built tested and patented by Dr. Cluff.

This system will take sea water or any water even sewer water and produce clean drinking water and medical grade water at a rate of 60,000 gallons per day up to 1,000,000 gallons per day. This system is in operation in many cities and islands around the world. The company who has taken over the construction of this system is Specialist Process Technologies (SPT) of Kaysville UT.

This system is being presented to different groups who are working with the government of Haiti to bring them much needed clean water and medical grade water.

EES is working with SPT to promote this system.

United States Postal Service UPGRADE

With the USPS losing billions of dollars each year it is time to change the way mail is sent and delivered in America and around the World.

Envision Energy Systems is proposing an overhaul of the entire USPS. This overhaul will include where and when you receive and send your mail. How it is moved and the vehicles used to move it. With these changes we estimate that the USPS can expect to make a profit with in six years. This program would not drastically reduce the number of Americans now employed by the USPS. This project would also provide a much needed boost to the construction industry across America.

Non-Green-Related Technologies

We also have none green technologies


This silent phone is unlike anything you have ever seen. This technology will allow a users confidential conversation to remain confidential. This phone will take advantage of everything Apple, Google and every other designer and manufacturer has done and improve it to work with this system. This product has a wide range of users, from government, military, business to the everyday user like you and me.

There were over 750,000,000 cell phones sold world wide last year. The total number of cell phones world wide is estimated to be between 3,500,988,142 and 4,750.680,059

EES owns all rights to this design. This technology has a wide range of uses in other industries. Please see Tinnitus (ta-nee-sus)

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears. Some of the same technology used in the SP1 silent phone can be used to treat the condition known as Tinnitus.

To date there is no known cure for Tinnitus, this technology will also not cure Tinnitus, and it will be a less expensive and faster relief for its symptoms.

EES owns all rights to this project.

Summery of phone project

The SP1 and the F1 phone app are both under NDA with one of the larger wireless phone companies. This company has contacted three of the larger cell phone manufacturing companies on this technology so far the feed back has been favorable. The Tinnitus technology is a byproduct of the SP1 and is also being presented to these same companies.

The OTG or On The Go

OTG is a system to work with Red Box or Blockbuster video systems that are in over 18,000 locations at this time and will soon have over 20,000 locations nationwide.

I can not go into detail at this time on the technologies used for this system.

We believe this system will provide a continuous positive cash flow with very little upfront investment.

EES owns all rights to this technology

Interactive Hologram Technology

We are working with holograms to produce the most life like image ever produced. We are at this time working with two of the most advanced computer projection systems now in uses. We hope to improve these technologies and be able to patent our improvements.

EES will hold all rights to the improved technology we produce.

ADA Alert Driver Alarm

Without disclosing how this device works, I will say it attaches to the driver and will alert him or her if they start to become drowsy. If the driver does not react to this alarm. The alarm will be also attached to communication device and the car and will send an alarm to the local 911 operators. It will send the drivers and cars information and location to the 911 operator who can then dispatch an officer to that location. This will be a live GPS signal. The officer will have the disruption of the vehicle and all history of the driver.

In the case the driver has a record of DUI’s this device will also be activated if the car is driving below or above the recommended speed limit, changes lanes in excess, brakes or accelerates quickly.

For DUI and known driving offenders this device can have an impact on saving lives.

The cost is affordable and the device is accurate. This device can be added to any vehicle that is 1996 and newer. The ADA is an alternative to On-Star.

Smart Cam

The Smart Cam is the next generation surveillance camera. The Smart Cam will provide a clear close up video of anyone who is in the view of the camera. The technology used to make this possible will not be given in this outline. Anyone interested in this technology can contact Envision Energy Systems.

EES holds the rights to this technology.

The Rope Blow

The rope blow is a safety device to be used by the rodeo industry.

This device is to be placed on the lower part of the rope that the rider holds onto when riding a wild horse or bull. The Rope Blow is a remote controlled safety device that when activated will cut the rope and release the rider. If the rider is trapped with his or her hand stuck in the rope and the rider can not free themselves the rope blow can be activated by a trained operator who will simply push a button, activating the rope blow and free the rider.

This device has many advantaged over the way riders are freed today. Today a trapped rider has to depend on the rodeo clowns to find a way to help them. With this device in place a rider if freed and the rodeo clowns can keep him or her safely away from the animal.

EES owns all rights to this product and technologies.

EES is working with a company in Arizona for the R&D of this system.

The Wash-n-Dry

The Wash-n-Dry is a clothes washing machine and a clothes drying machine in one unit. This Wash-n-Dry technology has been around since the 1960’s but has never really been embraced by the public. With the advancements in engineering from an engineer and designer of EES we feel we can produce an affordable and practical all in one unit. The technology is available for this project, and the finished product would look much like a normal washing machine. This design will reduce the space needed and the need to change clothes from the washer to the dryer.

EES owns all rights to this technology and the design of the unit.

The Handler

The Handler is a device that is designed to hook onto the seat post or center frame of a child’s bicycle to allow the parent too easily push the child and have total control of the bike. This will eliminate the need for a parent to bend over hurting their back. It will also provide the child with a sense of security. This device is easily made but the one problem with the original design is the clamp that will attach the Handler to the bike. This will have to be re-designed but we see this as a very minor problem.

Baggage Bug

The Baggage Bug is device to aid you in finding your luggage. When you leave a cruises ship all the baggage is put into different piles and then you have to find your luggage out of all the rest.

I am doing a patent search on this to see if it is on the market.

About Envision Energy Systems LLC

Composed by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

The company was founded in Utah in 2007.

Their board of directors is presently comprised of four people:

Rockwell G Whitham, CEO – inventor

Todd Jacobsen – business attorney

John Briggs – tax accountant

Paul Nielson – computer graphics

Rocky said that though he is presently running the company, he would be open to having another CEO step in to run the business.

The company is presently working with local companies to combine technologies and present this package to Pacific Corpt who is looking at their clean coal technology.


Envision Energy Systems LLC

Rockwell G Whitham, CEO

832 E Marjane Ave.

Murray Utah 84107


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