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Page first featured January 22, 2009

Image:Enviro energies mag wind system barn.jpg

The Mag-Wind™ System, or Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (MVAWT), is a magnetically levitated wind turbine technology that reduces friction, noise, vibration and energy loss.

It is designed to work in low wind environments.

Produced originally by Mag-Wind Company, LLC, Enviro Energies has acquired the license to manufacture and further develop this technology.

Products are sold through authorized distributors who have access to the resources to also do installations worldwide.

The inverter that is being built for this unit is now available. The first production model will be delivered to International Home Builders Show in Las Vegas Nevada in January 2009 and then set up on Jay Leno’s garage.


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Official Website



Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif

Stream | Download (13 Mb mp3) - On August 10, 2009, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour live interview with CEO, Jim Rowan as part of the Free Energy Now radio show.



MW-1100, 5 kW, ~1100 kWh monthly, delivery: Q2 2009

MW-2200, 10 kW, ~2200 kWh monthly, delivery: 6 months from order

MW-12M, 50 kW, ~12 mWh monthly, delivery: Q3 2009

How it Works

Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine:

:"Designed to last an estimated 20 years, Mag-Wind features no gears to wear or freeze. Its platform of aluminum sails, or wings, float on magnets. The platform base rotates around a stabilizing, vertically fixed shaft through its center. A circle of magnets on the inside of the base pass by a circle of coils to create electricity." (''Dallas Business Journal'' Dec. 25, 2005)

:"A roof with a 10-foot vertical rise and a 30% angle will provide nearly a 200% increase in the amount of wind energy that is available to be turned into electricity. Compared to the same turbine just sitting on a pole, the roof effect increases the power yielded by operation of the wind turbine dramatically." (TreeHugger Jan. 22, 2007)

The Magnets




Mounting the base

Mounting the sail


Video Gallery

Magnetic Wind Turbine - Jay Leno interview of Ken Johnson


(2.08 Minutes)

Mag Wind Turbine This is a description of a wind turbine from Enviro-Energies and Mag-Wind. (YouTube October 23, 2008)

- - - -


(1.24 Minutes)

Roof Top Installation: Everwind 10kW VAWT Wind Turbine A video of the installation of the new magnetically levitated, magnetic axial flux generator 10kW VAWT Wind Turbine. (YouTube March 13, 2008)

- - - -


1.5kW MVAWT $7K USD for homes.

5kW MVAWT $21K USD for residential or commercial.

10kW MVAWT $40K USD for large commercial.

Factor in shipping, installation and electrical power as added expenses.


Maglev operation - no bearings to wear out. No mechanical wear or friction, reducing noise, vibration and energy loss.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with sails that can receive wind forces from any direction. Including up and down winds.

Axial Flux Alternator – Allows it to generate large amounts of electricity at low rotational speeds.

Roof Mounted – Does not require a tower, allows the wind turbine to take advantage of air-compression velocity increases from roof effect.

Programmable Variable Coil Resistance – allows the increase of magnetic resistance as the wind speed increases. This reduces the cut-in wind speed required for electricity generation.


Wind turbine

The 10kW MVAWT, the most popular model, has been the “Hawaii Sail” version, which has sails 8 feet tall by 14 feet wide and was originally designed for the requirements of the Hawaiian market.

Independent Testing

The 5kW MVAWT will produce on average 1100 kWh per month which is enough electricity for an average home. NCRC have deployed 29 prototypes with the final 3 prototypes (beta units) deployed in early 2008 in Canada and Italy.


Magnetic vertical axis wind turbine - Patent number: 7303369 James A. Rowan, Thomas J. Priest-Brown

Abstract: A lift and drag-based vertical axis wind turbine in which the vertical axis and foils mounted thereon are magnetically levitated above the turbine's base, thereby reducing friction within the system. The foils or vanes are three-dimensionally shaped about the vertical axis so as to resemble the billowed sail of a sailing ship and capture wind through 360 degrees of rotation under any wind condition. The system has an axial flux alternator using variable resistance coils which can be individually and selectively turned on or off depending on wind conditions and electrical draw requirements. The coils can also be used to produce mechanical drag on the system as desired to brake the turbine in high wind conditions or for maintenance. The system may be programmed to assess whether electricity generated by the system can be or should be transmitted to a public grid or stored locally on a chargeable battery system. Diagram


Company:Enviro Energies

James A. Rowan, CEO

Ken Johnson

Enviro-Energies acquired the License to manufacture and sell the Mag-Wind™ wind turbines.

Engineering - The engineers from CPE, RWDI, SBW, PV Eng., and Mechanical Systems Design are all working on this turbine system.

CPE Division "L" Inc. has been a leader since 1985 in the field of power protection, offering the highest quality of Uninterruptible Power Systems and related products in the industry including UPSs ranging from 500VA to 5MVA and more.

CPE is the company that has designed and is manufacturing the Enviro-Energies 10kW and soon the Enviro-Energies 50kW inverters.

SBW is the company that was the project leader in the final design and engineering of the sails and upper rotational assembly. They are also the manufacturers of the sails.


Mag-Wind was invented by Canadians James A. Rowan and Thomas J. Priest-Brown.


In the News

Google News

Image:Enviro energies mvawt 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines >Directory:Enviro Energies - Affordable wind turbine design by this North American company reduces friction, noise, vibration and energy losses, and generates power in low wind environments is now going into production. (PESWiki Jan. 23, 2009)

Mag-Wind New Wind Turbine - The Mag-Wind turbine is made by Enviro Energies and both Jay Leno and Ed Begley Jr. have their own versions on order. (Jetson Green Jan. 7, 2009)

Mag-Wind Vertical Axis Turbine for your Home - The Magnetically-Levitated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine solves 11 different problems of VAWTs. It is designed for home installation in urban settings, is only 4 feet high, is inaudible, doesn't mind a little turbulence, and gets a 200% increase in energy due to the 'roof effect'. It works in wind speeds from 5 to 100 mph and produces electricity for 3.5 cents per kW. (TreeHugger January 22, 2007)

Other Coverage

2009 International Builder's Show, Jan. 20-23, 2009, Las Vegas, NV


What happened to Mag-Wind Company, LLC?

Gale Force Controversy - Back in 2005, when Rowan and co-inventor Thomas Priest-Brown unveiled their prototype in Thorold, they hoped to be producing and delivering commercial units by the end of 2006. (Industrial Wind Action Group Dec. 31, 2007)

A mighty wind from energy firm - Priest-Brown says production delays were caused by "technical issues beyond our control and a hostile takeover attempt by partners in the U.S." (The Spec Dec.20, 2007)

American Security Resources acquires Mag-Wind Company [ (July, 2007)

Image:Mag-Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg

Magnetically-Levitated Axial Flux Alternator with Programmable Variable Coil Resistance, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. See also Turbine Company Harnesses Wind Power - Article - Mag-Wind Co. L.L.C. in February will install one of its first five pre-production models. (Dec. 2005)


See Talk:Directory:Enviro Energies

Wind power for urban buildings - Comments from 2003.


Wind-Works - An on-line archive of articles and commentary primarily--but not solely--on wind energy, Feed-in Tariffs, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs.


Contact Form

Enviro Energies:

183 South Service Road, Unit #1

Grimsby, ON CANADA L3M 4H6


Production facilities in North Carolina.

Distributor Locator