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Directory:Energy Usage Monitoring Devices

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Directory page for Energy Usage Monitoring Devices, technologies and resources.


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The Power Monitor: Top Tools for Watching Your Home Energy Use - A review of some of the best devices for checking the consumption of single devices or appliances, monitoring the energy use of a whole house, and online dashboards that link up with utility companies as part of a smart grid. (TreeHugger Sept. 28, 2009)

Products in the Marketplace

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Google Debuts PowerMeter Energy Monitoring Tool - There’s a variety of products out there that will monitor your household energy use, and now Google’s new PowerMeter offers a powerful way to track, analyze, and make sense of the data. The web-based application will provide real-time data on energy use, making it easy to track energy-saving behavior. (Video)(Inhabitat Feb. 10, 2009)

Kill A Watt - Assess Your Appliances' Power Consumption - Connect appliance to find its kw-h power usage, power factor, voltage, line frequency by the day, week, month or year while it runs.


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Smart grid company GridPoint heaps on $120M and buys electric vehicle startup V2Green - GridPoint, one of the largest of the smart grid startups, who aim to more intelligently distribute energy across the electrical grid, has more than doubled up on its prior funding with $120 million. Along with the new money, it has bought out V2Green, which makes software for electric vehicles to efficiently plug into the grid. (VentureBeat Sept. 23. 2008)

Silver Spring Networks - builds networks that enable a utility to make the business changes necessary today to improve efficiency, reliability, and customer service while reducing costs.(VentureBeat Sept. 23. 2008)

SmartSynch - SmartSynch has been developing successful Smart Grid Intelligence™ solutions for the utility industry since 2000. The company's clean-tech innovations in the two-way delivery of real-time energy usage data over public wireless networks (AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile, etc.), in lieu of private network build-outs, have simplified SmartMeter deployments for over 75 major North American electric utilities. (VentureBeat Sept. 23. 2008)

Trilliant - Trilliant provides intelligent network solutions and software to utilities for advanced metering, demand response, and smart grid management. With more than twenty years experience solving meter communications needs, our company focuses on the adoption of open standards-based technologies for electric, gas, and water utilities. (VentureBeat Sept. 23. 2008)

Research and Development

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Directory:Solar > Directory:Lighting > Directory:Light Emitting Diodes / Directory:Energy Usage Monitoring Devices >Spark Lamp Increases Domestic Energy Awareness - A wi-fi module in the Spark Lamp developed in Sweden reads computer data about your home power usage and turns on red, yellow, or green, depending on whether you are behind, at, or ahead of your consumption goals. The lamp itself collects solar energy during the day and emit light during the night. (DesignZen Sept. 3, 2008)



:"Global warming is being augmented by the frivolous use of electricity in most homes. Awareness is the solution.

Energy used throughout the home will be tracked by a small device on each outlet. This device will wirelessly send a number representing the amount of energy used to a small central display, on which you will be able view how much electricity has been used from each outlet, how much money that electricity will cost that month, and how much total power and cost the entire house has used thus far that month. Awareness of the power consumption will help curb power consumption worldwide, and can have a dramatic effect on Global Warming and the deterioration of the environment." (IdeaBlo')

Who tracks it and what are the penalties for "frivolousness"? This is how it begins

Save energy or face costly consequences - Proposed penalties are placed in three price bands – the control band, disincentive band and a so-called punitive band. The more one fails to save, the more a user will be punished, on an increasing scale, depending on the percentage of overuse or non-saving. (The Citizen Oct. 10, 2008)

The Peak Oil Crisis: Part 7 - The Government Intervenes - "Electricity is the obvious place to start. Our homes, offices, businesses, streets, highways, and skies are lit to the heavens. Our temperatures are too warm in the winter and too cool in the summer. I would suspect a serious conservation effort involving heavy monetary penalties for overuse of electricity could result in savings of 50 percent or more after several years of education and conversion." (Peak Oil News June 17, 2005)


When your neighbor begins snitching on you (using online energy monitoring devices as "proof"), because you are "using too much energy", your liberty has been taken from you. Robert L Pritchett

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