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Directory:Energy Tower

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There are several technologies that might fit under the heading "Energy Tower".

Bi-Directional Energy Tower

Image:Down-draft energy tower 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bi-Directional Energy Tower - Passive solar collection exploiting the differences between air temperature and a large underground "heat sink". The system uses the idea of a Directory:Solar Tower, but causes the convection to occur in both directions depending on the ambient air temperature relative to the sub-terrain. The system generates electricity in both the heat transfer and the air convection created by the air temperature change.

Floating Solar Chimney

Image:Floating Solar Chimney Power Station.gif

Floating Solar Chimney Technology - is an innovative cost competitive electricity production technology which proceeds with a light structure, made of a set of lifting balloon rings filled with a lighter than the air gas and thus balancing the structure’s weight with the buoyancy forces.

Induction Wind Tower

Image:ShinyeonInductionTower 95x95.jpg

Latest >Directory:Shinyeon Energy Research Center - Created two devices in Korea - one as a magnet-amplifying engine (piston engine magnet motor) and the other as an tower-based induction wind generator. (PESWiki June 18, 2008)

Solar Tower

Image:SolarChimneyManzanaresFromAirDusk 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar Tower - Resemble an inverted funnel, with a wide, clear skirt to collect air to then turn a turbine in the tower. A 50 kW prototype in Manzaneres, Spain is the basis of several ramp-up designs presently under way, with towers nearly 1 km high.

Solar Concentrator Tower

Image:Israel Solar Zinc 95x95.jpg

Zinc Powder will drive your hydrogen car - Method concentrates solar energy for producing zinc, which may be stored and shipped, and then deployed for hydrogen release on demand. Said to be clean, safe and inexpensive developed by a cooperation of scientists from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and France. (Isracast Sept. 9, 2005)

Tornado Generator

Image:Ave diagram simple 95x95.gif

Spinning Power from Waste Energy: Louis Michaud’s Atmosphere Vortex Engine - Tamed-tornado, anchored-vortex concept said to offer a vast increase in electrical output using waste heat from existing power plants. Small prototypes are promising. (PESN Dec. 14, 2005)