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Directory:Energy Islands

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An index of technologies, companies, and energy resources that touch on the idea of an "energy island."

Perhaps some of these approaches could be combined?

KEMA's Inverse Offshore Pump Accumulation Stations

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Latest: Directory:Storage / Directory:Wind:Offshore / Directory:Energy Islands >Directory:KEMA's Inverse Offshore Pump Accumulation Stations - A new concept is being explored that would use excess renewable energy to pump water out of a lower reservoir into the surrounding sea as a storage mechanism. This artificial inverse island is being considered for off shore deployment in the North Sea. (PESWIki Jan. 28, 2009)

Dominic Michaelis'

This system employs a number of renewable approaches simultaneously, especially Directory:Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. In this context, "island" refers to a floating platform.



Energy Island The Energy Island, a joint venture lead by Dominic Michaelis, draws on the broad range of research activities being conducted across the University of Southampton in a number of specialist research groups. A virtual team, collaborating with industry and academics internationally is working towards the goal of a floating energy island capable of delivering gigawatt levels of energy from renewable sources. The modular structure of the Energy Island permits scaling and adaptation to suit a variety of different locations, climates and demands while facilitating economic feasibility through shared infrastructure, volume production and low operating costs. The flexibility of siting offered by a floating platform also offers a critical advantage to the more densely populated countries such as the United Kingdom where obtaining environmentally and socially acceptable locations for the siting of large renewable energy capture installations is a major hurdle for any new development. (YouTube March 04, 2008) - official site?

Energy Island – Producing Sustainable Power And Fresh Water [Link dead. See Google cache of the page] - Energy Island is moving ahead to round out its consortium of companies with financial and development partners in Southeast Asia, India, Oceania and the Pacific Islands. The platform features proven renewable energy resources integrated into a floating 'island' that can be located on or off coastal waters in most tropical areas around the world. (PRLog – Nov 25, 2008 )

See also

Energy Islands Explained - Simply explanation of the advantages of disadvantages of energy islands. Technologies discussed and explained.





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