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Directory:Energy Conservation Meters

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Directory of technologies and resources relating to meters for facilitating energy conservation.

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Image:Efergy meter 95w.jpg

Going Green: Monitoring energy consumption in the home - A review of the range of devices available to monitor the energy consumption of various devices around the home as well as to estimate CO2 emissions, power consumption and historical data that can be used to identify hogs and recommend what to cut down during periods of excessive consumption. (GizMag August 2, 2009)

Products Available

Image:Eco-Switch 95x95.jpg

The eco-switch saves energy – including your own - We all know we should turn off appliances at the wall to reduce fire risk as well as our carbon emissions, but the inconvenience is a deterrent. The eco-switch is a simple and inexpensive energy-saving device that lets you relocate the power point switch to a more convenient spot where you can turn multiple appliances on and off – with the flick of a single switch. (GizMag June 8, 2009)

Image:Apple power vampire 95x95.jpg

Save Over $250 a Year by Unplugging Stuff You're Not Using - Vampire power, or phantom load is the phenomenon where the appliances you keep plugged in quietly drain electricity consistently all day, every day, even when they're off. Good Magazine, estimates vampire power costs US consumers $3 billion dollars a year. Unplug or use Smart power strips to save. (Planet Green Apr. 9, 2009)

Image:Ecotouchscreen 95x95.jpg

EcoTouch Energy Management System - Open Energy Corporation has unveiled an innovative new home energy control panel, the EcoTouch Energy Management System, designed to help homeowners save and control energy by lowering electricity costs from the comfort of their homes. (BusinessWire Oct 16, 2008)

Image:PowerCost Monitor 95x95.jpg

Blue Line Innovations - With a PowerCost Monitor™ you can see at a glance how much electricity your home is consuming, and the difference in consumption caused by turning on and off the various electrical appliances in your home. Tests have proven that householders who use real-time feedback can reduce electricity use by as much as five to 20 per cent.

Image:Home Joule 95x95.jpg

Smarty Pants Energy Monitor - The Home Joule energy data display device receives real-time info about your local utility, time-of-day energy costs, and local weather, then splices this with your home energy consumption. It helps consumers make informed decisions to reduce energy use. (TreeHugger May 1, 2007)

Image:SensorStat by Enerbrite 95x95.jpg

EnerBrite Cuts Commercial Energy Costs by 30% - The EnerBrite control system includes a range of technologies from occupancy-sensing digital thermostats, lighting controls, and in-suite amenities, to a fully integrated energy management and communication system. Their SensorStat cuts energy costs by as much as 30%, with an ROI of around a year.


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