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Directory:Emmett L. Butler's QMoGen

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

December 19, 2013

On December 15, 2013, Emmett L. Butler commenced posting a blog series on his Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over, saying that he plans to post an entire set of instructions of how to build one, saying "I have done this."

He said he has an electric tricycle he rides in parades which is powered by this, and that the crowd has no idea that his system could run continuously without stopping.


December 21, 2013: 1930/1960 QMoGen and 1882 patents -- It's variants have been around a long time

slightly edited

From: Butlergrt

To: sterlingda

Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 8:03 PM

Subject: 1930/1960 QMoGen and 1882 patents,it's variants have been around a long time

Good Evening,

I believe many of you will find this most interesting, if you read it in it's entirety and think about it... Oh the surprises in life! A patent in 1882 and the U.S. Navy.

The Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over and it's variants has been around since 1882, less self-looping and then maybe.... To understand my system, you must understand my concept and definition of overunity! A perfect system is (input a = output a) or stated differently (input watts a = output watts a), overunity would be (input watts a = output watts a+1......) Or anything that has a gain over input watts to output watts is overunity to me. Now, the motor powering the generator doesn't, unlike humans, know or care, where the power is coming from, photo-voltaics, the wind generator, a micro hydro-turbine, battery, gasoline or the mains from your public utility -- or the generator that is putting out more watts than the supply motor needs. Do you get what I am trying to get you to understand??!

The QMoGen, as it is called on this site, minus it's current self-loop, it's evolution actually goes back to 1882. In 1928 the concept and theory of a motor to generator with a small input to larger output was discussed in a scientific paper and was called the Metadyne. Altho it was actually patented in 1882 by A.I. Graivier in Paris, later in 1907 by Rosenburg and others in Great Britain and elsewhere, (probably copies but no international patent recognition at that time), my supposition. A variant to this was introduced in 1891 by Harry Ward Leonard, known as the Ward Leonard Controller and used heavily by the U.S. Navy in WWII.

Of these, closest to the QMoGen is the Amplidyne developed in WWII by Mr. Alexanderson in 1943, and also used by the U.S. Navy where it had a 1 watt input and had a 10,000 watt + output and was used, in conjunction, with variants a transformer along with an ac motor and dc generator (REMEMBER: a transformer is really nothing more than a non-moving induction generator) My insert, Emmett nbhmvn

Now when you read the below data, you can see that the 1930/40 and 1960's device is more than possible. I would surmise that these two fellows had either Navy connections or were involved in the original research. Further, on all the systems where you have read, as I, that the motor/generators were modified, on the QMoGen with out stating what they modified, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that they were modified to become Amplidyne's!! The modification is the shorted first set of brushes and the addition of the 2nd set of brushes perpendicular to the first set. Read the Navys manual below! Now go back to the top and read my definition of overunity and you will understand much and if you think the U.S. Navy didn't soon think of self-looping now after 70 + years??!!!, Well................................Come On, gimme a break!

To see this, read: Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series (NEETS) [

Module 5—Introduction to Generators and Motors

Chapter 1: Pages 1-21 through 1-30


: Amplidynes are special-purpose dc generators. They supply large dc currents, precisely controlled, to the large dc motors used to drive heavy physical loads, such as gun turrets and missile launchers.

: The amplidyne is really a motor and a generator. It consists of a constant-speed ac motor (the prime mover) mechanically coupled to a dc generator, which is wired to function as a high-gain amplifier (an amplifier is a device in which a small input voltage can control a large current source). For instance, in a normal dc generator, a small dc voltage applied to the field windings is able to control the output of the generator. In a typical generator, a change in voltage from 0-volt dc to 3-volts dc applied to the field winding may cause the generator output to vary from 0-volt dc to 300-volts dc. If the 3 volts applied to the field winding is considered an input, and the 300 volts taken from the brushes is an output, there is a gain of 100. Gain is expressed as the ratio of output to input:

Gain = output/input

: In this case 300 V ÷ 3 V = 100. This means that the 3 volts output is 100 times larger than the input. The following paragraphs explain how gain is achieved in a typical dc generator and how the modifications making the generator an amplidyne increase the gain to as high as 10,000.

: The schematic diagram in figure 1-22 shows a separately excited dc generator. Because of the 10- volt controlling voltage, 10 amperes of current will flow through the 1-ohm field winding. This draws 100 watts of input power (P = IE).

Image:NEETS fig1-22 ordinary-DC-generator rd.gif

: Figure 1-22.—Ordinary dc generator.

: Assume that the characteristics of this generator enable it to produce approximately 87 amperes of armature current at 115 volts at the output terminals. This represents an output power of approximately 10,000 watts (P = IE). You can see that the power gain of this generator is 100. In effect, 100 watts controls 10,000 watts.

: An amplidyne is a special type of dc generator. The following changes, for explanation purposes, will convert the typical dc generator above into an amplidyne.

: The first step is to short the brushes together, as shown in figure 1-23. This removes nearly all of the resistance in the armature circuit.

Image:NEETS fig1-23 brushes-shortened-in-a-DC-generator rd.gif

: Figure 1-23.—Brushes shorted in a dc generator.

: Because of the very low resistance in the armature circuit, a much lower control-field flux produces full-load armature current (full-load current in the armature is still about 87 amperes). The smaller control field now requires a control voltage of only 1 volt and an input power of 1 watt (1 volt across 1 ohm causes 1 ampere of current, which produces 1 watt of input power).

: The next step is to add another set of brushes. These now become the output brushes of the amplidyne. They are placed against the commutator in a position perpendicular to the original brushes, as shown in figure 1-24. The previously shorted brushes are now called the "quadrature" brushes. This is because they are in quadrature (perpendicular) to the output brushes. The output brushes are in line with the armature flux. Therefore, they pick off the voltage induced in the armature windings at this point. The voltage at the output will be the same as in the original generator, 115 volts in our example.

Image:NEETS fig1-24 Amplidyne-load-brushes rd.gif

: Figure 1-24.—Amplidyne load brushes.

: As you have seen, the original generator produced a 10,000-watt output with a 100-watt input. The amplidyne produces the same 10,000-watt output with only a 1-watt input. This represents a gain of 10,000. The gain of the original generator has been greatly increased.


Have a most awesome evening,


December 20, 2013: Critical Safety Issues / Disclaimer

: From: Butlergrt

: To: sterlingda

: Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013 7:13 PM [Mountain]

: Subject: Critical: SAFETY ISSUES

: Good Evening,


: This is probably the time for the famous disclaimer paragraph! THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! I cannot be responsible for your actions or in-actions for your success, or lack ther-of, experimental or financial! This is how I build my systems and is for your entertainment only. What you do with it is your own business and responsibility!

: 1. The power from this system be it dc to dc, dc to ac or ac to ac, CAN and WILL seriously hurt or kill you, deader than a door nail if you are not careful, it is no different than the 110/120 volts and high amps out of your power mains at home!

: 2. If you are using a battery to a dc to dc system or a battery to dc to ac system, the battery, by it's very nature of releasing hydrogen gas while charging and running is explosive. Wear safety goggles and protective clothing, it wil burn the the "H.E. double toothpicks" out of you and if it gets in your eyes, will either blind you or seriously impair your vision.

: 3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, before you start this, which ever system you use, make sure everything is in shrouds or heavy metal caging. When the system works as you knew it would and had dreamed of, and you are doing your happy dance, whooping and shouting EUREKA! and a friend or family member walks in to see what is going on and that old frayed belt you used instead of a new one or didn't make sure that the gears or pulleys were well fastened and flies off at 1750 +/- for an average dc system or up to 3600 rpm for an average ac system and seriously hurts, blinds or kills them, I PROMISE YOU, you will NEVER/EVER know another exciting or happy moment again for the rest of your life! Every waking minute and in your dreams you will re-live that fatal moment for the rest of your life!

: 4. Use common sense: I cannot stress this enough. I watched a video on a fellows system after he had gotten the motor running, with is hand, he then attached the belt. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, depending upon the tension on the belt and if his fingers had gotten caught, they were gone, cut off!!!!!, He was lucky! Yes I lurk! To see where humans are at and debate with myself should I or should I not let them know what is possible. This guy should say his prayers and go to church that he was lucky! DON'T DO THINGS LIKE THIS!!!

: 5. Have patience!!! You have lived your entire life without this, if you are tired, stressed and things aren't working out like you thought at the moment, give it a break! Take a shower, eat some food, take a nap, go to the gym, spend some quality time with the family, and it will work itself out. Let me give you a personal example that happened to me when you don't follow the rules. It was a very stressful week at the office, no workout at the gym, I had this concept of a new alternative energy device and had started it but hadn't been able to finish it. I had only 1 hole left to drill for the frame work and I could start my experiments. It was 8 in the evening that June, I was tired, hungry and starting to get a little rank. I wanted to go home take a shower, get something to eat and go to sleep, but it was only 1 hole, no problem. So I went to my shop and started to drill, the piece in the vice with a 3/8ths drill bit in the chuck, about half way thru it seemed like I had hit a hard spot! Rather than changing bits or letting the drill and bit do it's work, I pushed harder, lots harder and all of a sudden it went thru!!! YEP, thru the piece and thru my left middle finger with lots of skin, blood and flesh and bone on the bit and on the floor. Now what seemed an eternity, but only a second or two, part of me said you should have gone home, the logic part said with one hand and a couple of fingers you are going to have to reverse the drill and take it back out!! It was probably less than 3 seconds but seemed an eternity! I called my wife who then took me to the emergency ward at the hospital and of course they always ask how this happened, Shaking their heads as they walked away. It was embarressing. Did I say I used to be a fabulous piano player and and an extraordinary typist??!!! Not anymore!!! I have no feeling in my middle finger and it also affects my 4th finger and pinky!

: Have a most wonderful evening,

: Emmett

December 18, 2013: 2008 Motor Photos
Image:Abkackdragontryke2 600.jpg

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Image:Patent prov 039 600.jpg

I truly apologize for not posting sooner. I had a 2 1/2 hr post last nite, 17/12/2013, full of photos, links, video and data. Thought I would get supper, got tired, went to sleep and a program that I have on my computer. is not saved or I am not online, automatically deletes everything. A security measure. From now on I will do several smaller posts and hope that Sterling can get them in order for me.

I have put photos or videos thru-out these posts and if they do not come thru, are in the attachment section Sterling. Thank you for your kind assistance.

This first photo is of me on my 3 wheeled electric tryke, a battery to dc motor to dc generator, looped, seen by um-teen thousands in the Coralville, Hills, Sharon Center and West Liberty 4th of July parades, and ridden during the spring, summer and fall months here in Iowa City, winter not included as it is bloody cold here in Iowa during the winter! This, the tryke and the stand alone generator, built by my dear friend Rob, whom I dearly love and respect, a machinist and welder, an ultimate perfectionist, who used to challenge me on my designs and concepts, now, not only builds them to my specs, but will add improvements as he thinks will make things work better!

The 2nd set of photos were taken 4th week of Sept.-1st week of October in 2008 of a stand alone battery to dc motor to dc generator looped. These are on Jerry Deckers Interact forum of that time period. One can google Emmett Butler and blackdragon but you will have to be a member to see the photos on Yahoo. The amp gauge readings are there also or at least used to be. What was found was on initial start up, the 24 volt 2 amp or 48 watt motor ( most interesting story that I will include as there is a reason for this) pulled full amps, it was moving a total of 600 pounds, the tryke, the batteries and me, but after running, the old physics... when an obect is in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by another force and it also was a built in fly-wheel effect, the amps dropped to less than a half a amp! Another bit of the magic.

The next post: Critical SAFETY things!!!!

The post after that: The types of designs why and hows!

Have a wonderfu evening,


December 15, 2013: I have done this

: Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 6:39 PM [Mountain]

: Subject: self looped generator

: Where to start... Some finger-shaking I guess and then some hard core information. Come on.. start thinking! 1. My attorneys would eat him as a morsel (Directory:McQueen Machine) and not even known they had eaten him. 2. His patent is so vague it went thru, but ANY supposed perpetual machine is not only not patentable but unenforceable. 3. The UN??? we are talking about people who are giving him a nice nod maybe and that is it! 4. He may think the power is the same from thunderstorms, it tells me, he, at least in reference to my machines, he doesn't know what he is talking about!

: In the next two weeks I will have a blog up and you can see not only how to build one but how it works...It is the most simple of my toys but not the most cheapest. If you have the parts it takes about 30 minutes to put together. To demonstrate this I took a part a Dayton generator powered by a 5 hp Briggs gas engine. Generator stats. mod.# 5W262 volts 120 amps. 18.8 VA 2800 Watt output 2250 Phase1/60 RPM 3600 Power factor 1. It will be powered by a 12 volt 2 amp motor,(from an old handicap wheelchair) with a gear train for power and pulleys to gear it up for rpm....then loop it back and not only power itself but provide a 1000 + watts in excess energy... this is stupidly simple!!!!! Start experimenting yourself people quit looking for a handout only then can you get ahead!

: I have done this... battery to dc motor to dc generator, battery to dc motor to ac generator and ac motor to ac generator the best is battery start to dc motor to ac generator and the reasons if you think about it are many altho each has their own purpose! Will provide a photo in next email or you can go to Google search and type in Emmett Butler and blackdragon and you will come up with Jerry Deckers Interact forum on Yahoo, you will have to be a member but you can see photos and amp gauge draws etc there. in Sept. of 2008 That was a battery to dc motor to dc generator on my 3 wheeled tryke and later of a straight battery dc motor to dc generator. I had the tryke in the Coralville, Hills, Sharon Center and as of the 4th of July parade the year before this last in West Liberty and won 3rd prize, big white ribbon, whoopee. Little did they know that it didn't have only a 600 mile range but an infinite range. I didn't want to state it but it is true as one can accept a given limit but not an infinite limit, granted belts and bearings would in time have to be changed.

: Also on this blog at least once a month possibly more often, I will show you how other systems work why and how to do them fast and simply. I will start with Nathan Stubblefield, a personal favorite of mine, so easy yes it is a battery but that is not what he had intended it as. I watched with hope and anticipation as Laser-sabre, Lid-motor and Jeanne? came so close...but I am not allowed to interfere, it really works without corroding and provides continuous power and how to build his two shiny metal plates that put out amazing heat. No John B. it isn't a doppler effect. there are two ways and many many other devices. For now, have a fantabulous evening

: Emmett L. Butler

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:20 - Cautions about electrical, chemical, mechanical dangers when working on QMoGen system replication efforts. (Free Energy Blog December 20, 2013)

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:19 - This first photo is of me on my 3 wheeled electric tryke, a battery to dc motor to dc generator, looped, seen by um-teen thousands in the Coralville, Hills, Sharon Center and West Liberty 4th of July parades. The 2nd set of photos were taken 4th week of Sept.-1st week of October in 2008 of a stand alone battery to dc motor to dc generator looped. (Free Energy Blog December 19, 2013)

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:16 - "In the next two weeks I will have a blog up and you can see not only how to build one but how it works. I have done this." (Free Energy Blog December 16, 2013)

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