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Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to elements in the periodic chart, especially as it pertains to free energy.


Free Energy Blog:2014:07:07 - This chart is arranged in a seven-orbit spiral towards the center, atomic weight becomes heavier and heavier, and atomic number goes higher and higher. (Free Energy Blog July 7, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:03:02 - "Relax and enjoy this complimentary version of the Spectraphonic Periodic Table of the Elements, the first and only periodic table where you may hear the characteristic light signature (spectra) of each element dropped forty octaves into the auditory range. Hear the sounds of the atoms. Experience the building blocks of reality… of the Universe… of You." (Free Energy Blog March 2, 2014)


Image:Periodic-table-elements 95x95.jpg
Directory:Elements > 10 Elements On Periodic Table About To Make An Historic Change - The atomic weights of these 10 elements now will be expressed as intervals, having upper and lower bounds, reflected to more accurately convey this variation in atomic weight. For example, sulfur is commonly known to have a standard atomic weight of 32.065. However, its actual atomic weight can be anywhere between 32.059 and 32.076, depending on where the element is found. (TerraDaily Dec 16, 2010)

Site:LRP:The Elements 113, 115 Added To The Periodic Table