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Image:ElectroCharger 100.jpg
ElectroCharger is the world's first hybrid retrofit, or Hybrid Adapter, that allows you to convert your car into a hybrid electric vehicle. Takes the place of the alternator and contributes to acceleration.

: "The most significant advancement in automotive performance in the past 100 years." -- Sigma Automotive

Developed in conjunction with Texas A&M University.

'AVAILABILITY: Coming Fall/Winter of 2005{obviously not}.

Official Website

none known

Featuring Website

Sigma Automotive - Site is tailored to a racing audience, recommending the system for increased racing performance. Says it will be reporting performance data as it is collected.


Increases the initial acceleration rate.

Increases fuel efficiency in city driving.

Reduces emissions.


Can be fitted to almost any modern car or truck.

Quick install without any need for internal modifications to the engine.

An engine performance adder similar to:



Nitrous Oxide systems

Can be utilized in conjunction with conventional power adders.

Geared to performance and less on fuel economy and emissions.

Less expensive than forced induction systems such as superchargers or turbochargers.

Vehicle warranty coverage not voided by installing the Electrocharger.

Projected retail: $2500.

Tax credit available.


Dimensions of Super Capacitor Battery Pack are approximately 7" x 12" x 23".

Dimensions of Electrocharger™ motor: 6??? in diameter and 6??? long.

Weight: ElectrochargerTM = 15 lbs. SCBP = 55 lbs.

How it works

Image:ElectroCharger diagram 250.jpg

Frame 1: Acceleration | Frame 2: Cruising | Frame 3: Deceleration/Braking

There are four essential components involved:

#The Charger - relays between acceleration and deceleration.

#The Super Capacitor Battery Pack (SCBP) - to store the energy

#The Motor - to add accelerative power to the vehicle

#The Motor Control Unit (MCU)

Image:ElectroCharger motor on engine 100.jpg
The ElectroCharger replaces the alternator and runs in parallel with the engine. The electric motor is mounted to the vehicle’s engine with a purpose built aluminum bracket. The motor is computer-controlled and fitted to the vehicle through a vehicle specific sprocket ratio via a toothed drive belt.

The ElectroCharger is powered by a Super Capacitor Battery Pack (SCBP) located in the trunk of the vehicle. When it is not assisting acceleration, the ElectroCharger switches to generator mode to maintain the battery pack and provides power to the vehicles electrical system. Most of the recharge power comes during braking or deceleration. During acceleration, the SCBP feeds the motor up to 600 amps at 48 volts. The SCBP is designed to handle the sudden flux of current during regenerative braking.

The Motor Control Unit (MCU), a separate module, 1) controls the electric motor, 2) provides vehicle electrical system voltage and 3) monitors the engine load in order to coordinate electric motor power addition to the engine. The MCU is user programmable to be customized and tweaked by experienced consumers.


The company is currently developing four products for the automotive industry. The following is a list of their products in development.


Electrocharger® Mild Hybrid System (MHS)

"The world's first retrofittable mild hybrid electric drive system that enables any vehicle to become a hybrid. Fuel savings of up to 30% with a mild assist in acceleration performance. Available Winter 2007."

Electrocharger® Plug-In Hybrid System (PHS)

"The world's first retrofittable plug-in hybrid electric drive system that enables any vehicle to become a plug-in hybrid. Fuel savings of up to 60% can be acheived with this system along with mild increase in accleration rate. Available Winter 2007."

IdleStop® Idle Elimination System

"The only non-invasive pure electric cab comfort system for Class 7 & 8 Heavy Trucks that completely elimates idling for up to 8 hours while the driver rests. Substantial fuel savings and emissions reductions are the result of installing the IdleStop® system. Available Fall 2007."

PEM Electric Drive System

"The greatest step toward the realization of the electric car by reducing the battery pack requirements and extending the range of the zero emission vehicle. Available Spring 2008."

Latest Developments

Reverse Chronological sequence

Jan 24th, '07: From the Inventor: We have been awarded a grant from the State of Texas to develop the Heavy Truck system and the prototype will be ready by the end of August. We are also expecting another grant from the State of Texas on the Mild Hybrid kit and Austin Energy will be the first fleet customer to get our Plug-In hybrid kit. There's alot of things going on and we are getting closer to the launch date for the general public.

July 17th, '06: From the Inventor: What we have been doing is the following. In 2003 and 2004 we were using DC motor and controller technology, and during our extended testing we started having failures with the motors. The motors couldn't handle the high rpms or the heat and vibration of the engine compartment. We had to find a superior technology and that led us to the switched reluctance technology. We also secured 6 patents on the hybrid system and the switched reluctance technology along the way. The next step for us was to increase our capital because the switched reluctance technology is expensive to develop, but inexpensive to produce in volume. ETA for the fleet version is around 18 months. A lil' longer for the consumer version.

Jan 17th, '06: The Electrocharger maker has just merged with another company and they are working to demonstrate a working hybridized vehicle at the 2006 SEMA in Nov. There will be an official announcement in 1 month.

Sept 7th, '05: Technically, the maker is ready to launch this device but their hands are tied until the programmer is done refining the software. Please be patient.

July 14th, '05: We have some guys that are working diligently to have our Fleet version out (ie: for trucks & larger SUVs w/ V8 engines). Originally we had been steering towards the Performance aftermarket, but it looks as though the Performance aftermarket may have to wait a bit longer.

Jan 19th, '05 : Electrocharger is to be retrofitted onto a US-spec. Mitsubishi EVO VIII for testing purpose. Tests will be performed in Japan concurrently.

Nov 15th, '04 : Electrocharger looked more real than ever at the SEMA show. It didn't just make the Germans turn heads, now even the Japanese showed tremendous interest in importing this device. One ver. will be targeted towards SUVs while another for compact sports cars. Once we have more info, we will post it here. Please be patient.

Nov 1st, '04 : New BMW hybrid has 1,350lbft torque! - Where did they get that technology, huh? ) Also read BMW X5 hybrid.

Oct 1st, '04 : The Electrocharger is being engaged in a new vehicle program for BMW.

Sept 1st, '04 : Electrocharger will be unveiled at the '04 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on a '05 Pontiac Vibe GT courtesy of GM & the Pontiac Division.

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