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Directory:Electric Vehicles:News:2006-2007

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Archive of Directory:Electric Vehicles News from the time spanning 2006 through the end of 2007.


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Electric Vehicles In the News: 2006 - 2007

Image:Javlon XS500 95x95.jpg

New York Mayor test drives Javlon EV in China - The first prototypes of Miles Automotive's full speed Javlon EV have come off the production line in China and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a chance to test drive one of them. The prototypes will come to the states in a few months, followed by production units in early 2009 that will cost $35,000. (AutoblogGreen Dec. 19, 2007)

Phillipine's all-electric Eagle G-car takes flight - There's a new EV designed and made in the Philippines. It has a body made from fiberglass, is able to reach 60 km/h (about 35 mph) and able to run 80 km (50 miles) on a charge. Prices range from 140,000 to 280,000 pesos (about 3,300 to 6,600 USD). (AutoblogGreen Dec. 5, 2007)

Image:Indica 95x95.jpg

Tata to Launch Electric Indica in Europe by 2009 - India’s Tata Motors is targeting an electric version of the sub-compact Indica for the European market, slated to be launched by 2009. The company said that all-electric Indica would not suit the Indian scenario as the domestic market is yet to mature. (Green Car Congress Nov. 22, 2007)

Electrovaya, Tata Motors to make electric Indica - Designed to be driven on the highway, Tata's Indica EV is described as a four-seater, with “adequate” room for luggage and the ability to go from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour (0 to 37 miles per hour) in less than 10 seconds. Electrovaya’s batteries are expected to go 120 miles on a single charge. (CleanTech Oct. 14, 2008)

Minicar EV with Lithium-Polymer Pack has Range Up to 400km - Swiss engineering firm Kruspan Engineering has modified an electric minicar—the Hotzenblitz, manufactured by Treffpunkt Zukunft—with a battery pack of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cells from Kokam. The car now has a single-charge range of 350-400km (217-249 miles), compared to the 50-70 km delivered by the original lead-acid gel battery pack. Full speed is around 130km/h (81 mph), depending upon the motor drive system. (Green Car Congress Nov. 21, 2007)

Image:Doblo Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Electric Fiat Doblo conversion - Micro-Vett and Go Green Holding are testing an electrified Fiat Doblo powered by Altairnano's lithium titanate battery. During a single day it ran 186 miles and underwent three 10-minute recharges with Aerovironment's charging system. They plan to distribute 20 vehicles this year and another 250 vehicles in 2008. (AutoblogGreen Oct. 12, 2007)

Image:Electrica Electric Car 95x75.jpg

Lithium-Powered Electric Car Now Available In U.K. - Elettrica is the first production electric car on the UK market with the option of a lithium power supply. The car is said to provide almost twice the range of other small electric cars at 70 miles. It is available from Future Vehicles, has an aluminium safety cage, disc brakes, front and rear impact bars and has undergone front and side crash-testing. (MetaEfficient)

Fiat Palio EVs to be tested in Brazil - Brazilian electric utility Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (Cemig) is teaming up with Fiat to build a test fleet of battery-powered Fiat Palios. They will be building thirty of the cars powered by batteries from Swiss manufacturer KWO to start with at a price of $36,000. (AutoblogGreen Aug. 16, 2007)

Image:Think Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Th!nk could be back in the US as soon as 2008 - Th!nk will begin production this fall at a plant in Norway and sales will begin in Scandinavia followed by England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US. If demand warrants, the former Ford-owned company is looking to expand production to other countries, possibly the UK, US or others. (AutoblogGreen Jul. 24, 2007)

Image:Electric aircraft motor 95x95.jpg

Superconductor electric airplanes - Scientists have unveiled research that would enable high-powered, ultra-reliable electromagnetic engines to be built for airplanes using lightweight superconductors and emission-free hydrogen fuel cells. These electric planes would be eco-friendly, exceptionally quiet, highly energy efficient and low maintenance. (Gizmag Jun. 19, 2007)

Symphony Motors Moves Closer to Electric Car Launch - Symphony Motors will manufacture battery powered electric vehicles that will be mid-sized, safe, and capable of speeds well in excess of any posted limit. Their range will be from 75 miles to over 200 miles on a single charge. The ‘fuel’ for a battery electric car is roughly the equivalent to 35 cents per gallon of gasoline. (EVWorld Jun. 12, 2007)

Image:R-Car 95x95.jpg

Hybrid Technologies EV video - Hybrid Technologies is offering the six-minute segment on the company's electric vehicles from the History Channel Modern Marvels "It came from Space" episode. It gives a quick history about lithium battery development at NASA and includes a view into the company's conversion process and some of their high speed long range electric vehicles. (AutoblogGreen May 25, 2007)

Image:Comet EV 95x95.jpg

Comet EV coming from China - Comet is a new three-wheeled all-electric 3-passenger city vehicle from Flybo-EV, made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, with 'alloy' wheels also made of carbon fiber. It has a top speed of 90 mph and a potential 200-mile range (depending on battery pack), and a possible price tag of $30,000. (AutoblogGreen May 11, 2006)

Image:Javlon XS500 95x95.jpg

Miles Javlon XS500 all-electric sedan - Miles Automotive rolled-out their all-electric, five-seat sedan with an 85 mph top speed and a 150+ mile range, that starts at $29,500. It has a 320 V, 25 kWh, 80 Ah lithium-ion battery that takes six hours to charge, and will become available for sale by the end of 2008. (AutoblogGreen Apr. 3, 2007)

Image:Doblo Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Cleanova testing Fiat Doblo EV - Cleanova is turning a Fiat Doblo into an electric vehicle with a 120 km/h speed and 150 kms range, by combining a TM4 electric motor with lithium-ion batteries. The Cleanova system has already been tested on the Renault Kangoo and adds about $10,000 to the cost of a vehicle. The FIAT Doblo Electricis otherwise already available from Micro-Vett and distributed in Europe by NEWTEON ecofriendly vehicles (AutoblogGreen Mar. 21, 2007)

Image:Aptera Prototype 95x95.jpg

Directory:Aptera > Aptera's Prototype Unveiled - Aptera Motors last week unveiled a working prototype of their diesel-electric hybrid car that will get 230 mpg at 55 mph. An all electric version will be available with a 150 mile range using NiZn batteries. Estimated price is $20,000. (TreeHugger Mar. 15, 2007)

Image:Cleanova EV 95x95.jpg

Electric Vans for French Post Office - France's postal service used eight experimental electric-powered mail-delivery vans to meet a government requirement to reduce pollution. They worked so well and proved so cheap to operate that La Poste is planning to replace its 48,000-vehicle fleet with electric cars developed by Société de Véhicules Électriques. (The Energy Blog Mar. 04, 2007)

Image:VentureOne 95x95.jpg

The VentureOne Hybrid and EV: 100 MPH, 100 MPG - The VentureOne three-wheeler will be available as a hybrid with 300 mile range or as an all electric vehicle with 120 mile range. It seats two and is capable of 100 mph with 100 mpg fuel efficiency and can tilt almost 45º in turns. To be released in late 2008, priced in the $20,000 range. (TreeHugger Feb. 16, 2007)

Image:Think Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Production of Norwegian Think electric car to be resumed - Around 500 el-powered vehicles will be produced at the Aurskog factory in 2007. Next year the production will be doubled. The new "Think" model will have improved batteries with a range of 180 km between charges and a top speed of around 100 km. (The Norway Post Feb. 1, 2007)

Image:Mullen GT EV 95x95.jpg

Mullen Motor L1X-75 GT electric sports car available soon - The all-electric, 120 mph L1X-75 GT from Mullen Motor Company and Hybrid Technologies will be available in about eight weeks. Compared to the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], the L1X-75 GT costs more ($125,000 vs. $92,000-100,000), has less range (100 miles vs. 250) but it has one thing the Roadster doesn't have: availability. (AutoblogGreen January 30, 2007)

ZAP and Lotus to Use APX for High-Performance Electric ZAP-X - ZAP and Lotus Engineering are beginning a project to use the APX for a production-ready electric crossover vehicle in the US market. Aluminum architecture, a new efficient drive and advanced battery management should enable a range up to 350 miles, with a rapid 10-minute recharging time. An auxiliary power unit is planned to support longer distance journeys. (Green Car Congress January 30, 2007)

Image:Wheel-motor-zapino.img assist custom 95x95.jpg

ZAP Acquires Interest in Electric Wheel Motor Company - ZAP has been granted exclusive rights to the wheel motors under the agreement for international distribution. (ZAP News Jun e2, 29 008)

MotivNation will introduce 'light electric vehicles' - MotivNation, a company based in Orange County, California, will introduce a light electric vehicle through its Damon's division. MotivNation CEO George Lefevre says the product will feature an innovative motor, controller, battery and manufacturing techniques. Damon's is best known for its painting and graphics on cars and motorcycles. (AutoblogGreen January 29, 2007)

Image:Miles Automotive ZX40 Electric Vehicle.jpg

High Speed Electric Car Promised - At the National Auto Dealers Association convention in February, Miles Automotive expects to unveil its latest Chinese electric car, the "high speed" XS500. A lithium-ion battery pack will enable a speed up to 80 miles per hour and a range of 150 miles. It will go on sale in late 2008, priced from around $30,000. (Inside Line January 17, 2007)

Image:Nova Institute of Technology 95x95.jpg

Nova Technologies Pursuing Self-Charging Vehicle Technology - Institute claims to be developing a "self-recharging electric vehicle, capable of converting ambient energy sources into usable electrical power efficiently enough to power a 1,500 pound vehicle at highway speeds for unlimited distances without the combustion of any kind of fuel or emission of any exhaust." (PESN Dec. 30, 2006)

Image:Home Built EV 95x95.jpg

Marin residents make their own electric vehicles - Scavenging electric forklift motors and trading circuit-board secrets in Internet discussion groups, the E-tinkerers are hot-rodding electric vehicles behind anonymous suburban garage doors. "People who are interested in electric vehicles have had to go the do-it-yourself way for many years now," Ron Gremban says. (Marin Independent Journal December 26, 2006)

Image:Car LCA 95x95.jpg

Gas, Electric and Hybrid Go Head to Head in LCA - A short review of an Life Cycle Analysis compares the CO2 emissions from the manufacture and use phases of petroleum, electric and hybrid cars. The petroleum car uses less CO2 during manufacture, but the electric and hybrid cars comes out on top when used for transportation. (TreeHugger December 23, 2006)

Image:Think Electric Car 95x95.jpg

Think to sell electric car over internet - A new version of the TH!NK, formerly owned by Ford, will be introduced in London this autumn, likely to be sold over the internet from a single site. The two-seater cars are made from a tough thermoplastic and the standard kit includes ABS, power steering and electric windows and manages 80 miles on full batteries. (motortorque December 19, 2006)

Image:PHEV 95x95.jpg

PHEVs Have Little Impact on Electric Power System - A new study for the Department of Energy finds that idle capacity in the existing electric power system could generate most of the electricity consumed by plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The study presumes that drivers would charge up overnight when demand for electricity is much lower and that the cars would be driven 33 miles per day, the national average. (The Energy Blog December 11, 2006)

Why We Need Electric Cars - Electric Vehicles have overwhelming advantages over gasoline vehicles in fuel cost, emissions and energy independence. Solar recharged electric vehicles are 50 to 3,000 times more efficient than burning biofuels, based on sun to wheel energy conversion rates. (Mother Earth News October/November 2006)

Currie to build LEVs using Fallbrook’s NuVinci™ CVP - Currie Technologies will expand its IZIP™ product line to include hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters combining the Currie Electro-Drive™ with the NuVinci CVP continuously variable planetary transmission . As a result, a new vehicle category will be created – a family of light electric vehicles whose enhanced performance makes them a practical alternative to gas-powered vehicles. (Fallbrook Technologies September 12, 2006)


Smart Shows Zero-Emissions Vehicle - Smart has unveiled an electric version of its Fortwo city car, which will be supplied to corporate customers in the UK. Power is provided by a liquid sodium nickel-chloride battery. It provides a range of up to 72 miles when fully charged. The top speed of the car has been limited to 70 mph. (Inside Line July 20, 2006)

Image:Obvio828E Electric Car 95x95.jpg

OBVIO! to Introduce Electric Cars to North America - Brazilian automotive company OBVIO! will develop and introduce lithium-ion-powered electric cars based on its 828 and 012 microsport car designs for export to North America. OBVIO! has a strategic partnership with California automobile distributor ZAP, which has agreed to be the exclusive North American distributor and has pre-purchased 50,000 OBVIO! units. (Green Car Congress July 20, 2006)

Altair Nanotechnologies Receives Initial Order For Electric Car Batteries - Altair today announced that it has received an order for its fast charge, high powered nano-lithium ion batteries from Phoenix Motorcars, an early leader in the effort to mass produce full function, freeway ready electric automobiles. (Altair Nanotechnologies July 05, 2006)

Canadian firm will sell electric car in U.S. - Directory:Feel Good Cars of Toronto has signed 20 U.S. dealers in Florida, Arizona and California to start selling a tiny $10,000 electric car. The Zenn -- short for zero emissions, no noise -- is a French-built two-seat hatchback that can go about 35 miles on a single charge of its lead-acid batteries and is limited to a top speed of 25 mph. The front-wheel-drive Zenn will be used mostly by drivers running errands who want to be in a carlike vehicle that is weatherproof. (Autoweek June 26, 2006)

Hybrid Technologies Developing All-Electric Taxi for NYC - Hybrid Technologies, a manufacturer of lithium-ion-powered aftermarket conversions, plans to build a taxi version of its battery-powered PT Cruiser, pursuant to negotiations with the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The Taxi Commission will vote on this project at a scheduled commission meeting. (Green Car Congress May 10, 2006)

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