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Directory:EF9 Energy Systems

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Inspired by Luigi Colani`s biodesign. “Artificial wind turbine engine” technology.


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Official Website

How it Works

:"EF9 Energy Systems announced its new method for generating ultra high-efficiency clean energy with a revolutionary “artificial wind turbine engine”. This cost effective technology solves the problems that have plagued other clean renewables. It is scalable, compact and powerful enough to power automobiles, aircraft or large scale industrial application. The engine draws its energy needs, on demand, from thin air! No massive battery bank is needed. The Atmosphere readily gives up its potential energy day or night, indoors or out, to the engine cold air is all that is exhausted with no added CO2. This technology could potentially provide long awaited clean free power for the World and help bring back America’s economy."

:"100 watts is applied to the bottom suction blower, which spins at a constant rpm. This is when the flywheel is released and it accelerates at a constant rate."

:"The atmosphere alone powers the flywheel storing greater amounts of energy per second. The exhaust is blowing out to free air or 0.00 inches of water or better, it does not work against atmospheric psi. It is removing cfm air mass only, with the low power high volume blower method. However, the atmosphere will automatically replace this exhaust air via natural air pressure at 14.7 psi, expanding and moving as artificialwind into the device’s open intake. This is how energy from the atmosphere is harnessed by the technology."

:"The maximum intake wind speed reaches 500mph at 1000 cubic feet per minute. This is real wind which has the same density as that of natural wind. This flow can yield 60kw by the output turbine. The artificial wind is driven by the natural atmospheric pressure converting to high velocity (kinetic energy) flow, by virtue of the Bernoulli effect. The low pressure (suction) source is a 900 watt, high volume, low rpm blower, which evacuates 1000 cfm to open air. The device is an aerodynamic lift force device not a pressure differential linear pneumatic device."



(.25 Minutes)

Power Test This test shows that the flywheel is not a load on the input electric power! The flywheel is powered by the earths atmospheric pressure... (YouTube January 02, 2009)

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Promo1 A new way to generate unlimited clean energy day or night. At ef9energy there is a breakthrough engine demonstration which is powered by the actual pressure energy of the earths atmosphere. (YouTube December 27, 2008)

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(1.16 Minutes)

Promo2 A 3 lb brass flywheel is accelerated by the output turbine in a 100watt low power test. At the Go Green Expo, Los Angeles, the prototype designed to use normal pressure of 14.7psi that it converts to 500mph wind. A small turbine converts it to 80shp. (YouTube December 29, 2008)

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Maybe a good fit for Jay Leno's turbine ecojet car.

Independent Testing


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Company: Tanner Aerospace

Mark Tanner

Inventor: Mark Tanner


In the News

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Directory:Flywheels >EF9 Energy Systems - EF9 Energy Systems announced its new method for generating ultra high-efficiency clean energy with a revolutionary “artificial wind turbine engine” that runs a flywheel at high speed, using the Bernoulli effect. (EF9 Energy Systems Jan. 21, 2009)


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