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Directory:Edwards Heat Pump for Hot Water

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The Edwards Heat Pump is like a solar water heater without collector panels. It operates like a refrigerator only in reverse transferring the heat in the surrounding air to the stored water. It is extremely energy efficient - using approximately one third the energy of a conventional electric water heater.

Edwards also produces solar-panel-based water heaters, which might have a longer pay-back time, but which have fewer mechanical components to wear out, and which are 100% renewable.


Official Website

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Technical Sheet (pdf)

Brochure (pdf)

Dealer Sites

Quantum Energy Technologies - The Quantum Compact solar unit combines a heat pump with a Fin Coil evaporator thus creating a Solar Heat Pump Water Heater. It can operate in all seasons of the year, making hot water both day and night very efficiently and will save up to 80% of energy used.

Latest Developments

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Heat Pump
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"The Edwards Heat Pump’s use of refrigeration technology makes it extremely energy efficient - comparable to a solar water heater but without the need for collector panels - using approximately one third the energy of a conventional electric water heater.

"The Edwards Heat Pump’s stylish design is sleek, modern and unobtrusive. The Heat Pump is more effective in warmer climates, and is equipped with an electric booster to provide a continuous supply of hot water for the cooler climates.

"It will provide you with mains pressure at multiple taps in your home and plenty of hot water for the whole family all year around."

The storage tank is ceramic-lined.

"Automatic safety controls are fitted to the water heater to provide safe and efficient operation.

"The Edwards air sourced heat pump water heater has a vitreous enamel lined steel cylinder and is designed to be installed outdoors. The water heater’s evaporator absorbs heat from the surrounding air and transfers this heat into the water. The water heater’s principal of operation and sound level are similar to that of a domestic air conditioner."

How the Heat Pump Water Heater Works

"The basic principle of a Heat Pump water heater is similar to a refrigerator working in reverse. When hot water is drawn off and cold water enters the tank, the thermostat activates a fan, a compressor and a circulator. The fan draws outside air in through the air inlet louvres at the top of the water heater and the pump circulates water from the bottom of the storage tank and through a heat exchanger. Heat is absorbed from the air by an evaporator and transferred into the water through the heat exchanger. The resulting cold air is then discharged through the air outlet louvres back to atmosphere and the heated water is circulated back into the top of the storage tank. This process continues whenever heating is required until the water in the storage tank reaches a temperature of 60°C. Even on cold days, heat is drawn from the surrounding air. The heat pump will operate at temperatures between a minimum of 5°C and maximum of 55°C. The booster heating unit will operate when the air temperature is below 5°C if heating is required. The efficiency of the water heater increases as the surrounding air temperature increases."

Image:Edwards solar water panels 200pxw.jpg
Australis Series 2

For temperate or tropical climates

Titan Series 2

For cooler climates or heavier hot water usage.

GTD (Ground Tank Direct) Series 2

For frost-free termperate climates. Transfers the sun's energy directly to the water.

GTS Series 2

For areas that experience frost or snow. Indirect transfer through a glycol heat exchanger.

Product Comparison Chart
Image:Edwards product chart 800.gif


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Interest-Free Financing

12- and 18-month terms available.


"Edwards carefully manufactures its range of ground-mounted Water Heaters so that they operate trouble-free for years on end. Edwards is happy to provide you with the peace of mind of our comprehensive warranties to ensure your complete satisfaction and confidence in our product for years and years."

See warranty guidelines

Edwards Company Profile

Edwards has been manufacturing water heaters since 1963. Edwards has progressed to be a leader in producing hot water systems for both domestic and commercial purposes, using solar technology. Founded and headquartered in Australia, they are established internationally.

In the News

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Australian Headquarters

Edwards Solar hot water

Phone: +61-8-9351-4600

Fax: +61-8-9351-8034

E-Mail: []



(does not sell heat pump only the solar heater versions)

Contact: Mike Ferrel

Dealer Name: SunEarth Inc


8425 Almeria Ave

Fontana, CA 92335

Phone: +1 909 434-3100

Fax: +1 909 434-3101

E-Mail: []


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