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Directory:EarthLinked Technologies

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EarthLinked Technologies provides residential and commercial ground source heat pump systems which use the stable temperature of the ground to pre-heat in the winter, and pre-cool in the summer.

The cost for such an installation are low enough that this should be implemented in all new construction, and should be considered for a retrofit on most existing structures. With a 30-70% savings on electricity, the return on investiment is just 5-7 years.

EarthLinked® systems use copper earth loops to directly exchange heat with the earth, thus eliminating the water circulating loop and intermediate heat exchanger. Installation, operating and maintenance costs are thereby reduced. Because of its size, EarthLinked® can be installed in smaller yard space than other systems.


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Download (13 Mb mp3) - On April 28, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan inteviewed CEO, Hal Roberts, as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.

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(7.57 Minutes) EarthLinked GeoExchange Heat Pump System

Company promotional video documents the installation of ultra high efficiency geothermal heat pump in Bakersfield California USA. ( July 14, 2008)


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Case Studies


Geothermal costs less than "traditional" HVAC and is more environmental friendly in the long-run.

Independent Testing

See - Demonstration Projects


Heat exchange apparatus, system, and methods regarding same

Google Patent

Canadian Patent

Abstract : A heat exchange apparatus (e.g., that may be used with an existing conduit that is in a flooded state and a heat pump apparatus or other HVAC apparatus of a thermal energy exchange system) includes at least one fluid source conduit configured to replace a section of the existing conduit that is in a flooded state and further configured to permit at least a portion of a fluid that is in the existing conduit to flow therethrough. The heat exchange apparatus further includes at least one heat transfer conduit having an inlet and outlet configured to be coupled to a heat pump apparatus to form a closed loop therewith. Further, the heat transfer conduit is further configured to communicate with the fluid source conduit for providing thermal energy exchange between the fluid flowing through the fluid source conduit and a fluid (e.g., a refrigerant, water or a water and anti-freeze mixture) flowing in the closed loop.


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Company: EarthLinked Technologies

Company Information

Inventor: Bob Cochran

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EarthLinked Technologies

4151 S. Pipkin Road

Lakeland, Florida 33811 USA

Phone: 863-701-0096

Toll-free: 866-211-6102

Fax: 863-701-7796

Toll-free 866-224-3409




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