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Directory:Earth Batteries

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Directory of technologies and resources relating to the generation of electricity from earth (dirt, with plants, minerals, moisture, earth's magnetic field, etc.)

An earth battery is an early type of voltaic cell buried in the ground so that the soil acts as the electrolyte. The electrodes are made of two dissimilar metals such as iron and copper.

The Earth Battery technology is a century and a half old, and provided a significant portion of power during the 1800s.

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Commercial Ventures

None known. But it would seem that there is enough history, evidence, engineering, and ecological impetus to warrant a serious look at the possibility of a company pursuing at least the development of kits for sale, and eventually completed products for installation for modern, practical power generation.


YouTube > Earth Battery

Potted Plant Battery Powers Calculator

In the following video, a guy puts electrodes into the dirt of two potted plants, in series, and then shows voltage from the two outside leads. He then hooks those two leads up to a small calculator and shows the calculator working.


(2:54 minutes)

ELECTRICITY FROM THE EARTH - This is an experiment using the earth as a battery to feed simple devices like a calculator.Free energy is everywhere.enjoy! (YouTube by Antonio30ir103 March 24, 2008)

Two stakes into the ground, 60 feet apart produce 1.0 Volt

In the following video, a piece of galvanized pipe (angle iron) is driven into the ground a foot or two. A piece of telephone wire is strung from it to a second electrode 60 feet away. Supposedly having a tree between the electrodes improves current flow. Other electrode consists of 1/2-inch copper pipe. The orientation is running north and south, with the copper north. The copper electrode is driven deeper, to around 2.5 feet. The telephone wire is not connected to the copper pipe itself directly, but is hooked to one electrode of the multimeter. The other lead of the multimeter is hooked to the top of the copper pipe. The meter reads 1.016 Volts.


(4:31 minutes)

ELECTRICITY FROM THE EARTH - Saw this on youtube. Thought I would give it a try. (YouTube March 12, 2008)

Magnesium block and carbon rod powers LED

In the following video, WildBill describes how he built an earth battery and demonstrates its operation. Items used: Carbon rod 17" long by 1" diameter magnesium firestarter block 1" x 1/2" x 3" long Red LED rated at 1.7 volts DC, 20 mA 1 small capacitor 2 jumper wires. The magnesium block is situated on the south side, in the ground about 2.5 inches. The carbon rod is sunk about 11" in the earth. Volt meter reads 1.59 Volts DC (?).


(4:13 minutes)

Earth Battery Experiments - Tapping into the telluric currents of the earth to light an led. (YouTube by 0WildBill0 November 17, 2007)

See also Earth Battery Experiments III (2:21 minutes) - 2 flashing leds powered by an earth battery. (YouTube by 0WildBill0 January 04, 2008)

"For more info on Earth Battery Experiments, visit"


Image:Bedini copper-bowl-n-light 95x95.jpg
Directory:Earth Batteries / Current events > Events:Archive:2011 > Events:Bedini Conferences > Events:2011:July:Renaissance Workshop (Bedini) Conference > Bedini - John Bedini demonstrated, step-by-step, how even novices can make an ion-transferring crystal power cell that lights up L.E.D.s (light-emitting diodes) bright enough to read by. The cell has been described as an electrical power source that just won't quit. All you need to do to keep it working is to occasionally top it up with water. (News:Changing Power August 23, 2011)

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John Bedini has been interviewed on the Nathan Stubblefield Earthbattery device on Jeff Rense

Timothy Thrapp of WITTS has been interviewed on the WaterFuelMuseum BlogTalkRadio on Nathan Stubblefield Earthbattery and parabolic mirror heat generation system. access interview here by pressing PLAY in the center

In the News

Image:Soil powered lamp 95x95.jpg

Soil Powered Lamp: A Fresh Take on “Dirty Energy” - Dutch designer Marieke Strap’s Soil Lamp uses conductive plates made from copper and zinc buried within the soil to provide constant and (nearly) eternal light for an LED bulb. Maintaining a Soil Lamp is as simple as watering a plant - just feed it a splash of water every now and then to keep the energy flowing. (Inhabitat March 11, 2009)


Google > Earth Battery

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Earth Batteries - PowerPedia:John Bedini's compilation

Directory:Nathan Stubblefield - Earth Batteries and Wireless-Earth-based-sound transmission using earth's magnetic current as the transmission device. (PESWiki)

Halfbakery: Earth Battery - The heat unleashed from the core of the earth would be unending. Power could be supplied cheap to all of North America! I figure the primary porblems are ...

Earth Battery Currents Early Ground Telegraph Experimenters - Overview by Economic Expert . com

Nature’s Batteries - Battery Blog by - In an "Earth Battery" the electrolyte is the ground itself. One of the earliest examples of an earth battery was built by Alexander Bain in 1841. ...



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Earth battery expermients ... I did see a video (from google earth battery search) that showed a guy with a coil device he said replicated the early experimenters and he ... ( Nov 6, 2007)

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