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December 3, 2011

Dallas, Texas, USA inventor, Donald Bell, claims to have developed three products that he is in process of making available to his black community in Dallas, Texas.

One product is a CFL lamp that will run for 5 days continuous while putting out the equivalent of a 75-Watt (debatable) incandescent bulb.

A key principle he is using is re-configuring the circuitry going into the CFL bulb so they don't consume nearly as much energy while putting out as much or more lumens of light, running on a small DC voltage. He takes a standard CFL bulb and then eliminated the rectification circuit and hooks up to the DC portion of bulbs, installing his circuit at that point to power it with direct current.

It's not a novel approach. Many others have been demonstrating this on the web for years, and there are even some product lines available that use this same principle.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f1ca0f0f6fa58325&biw=1366&bih=543

Another product he's developed is a Tesla generator system to harness radio signals to power the lights in a home. He calls it Radio-Enabled, Small-Signal Electricity, or RESSE, in which he tunes into the NIST radio station, WWDB, because it is always on. These are tapped to float-charge a battery using Farfield effects. The battery then powers the CFL lights.

The third device is a self-charging cell phone system.

Don says that in 1990 he came up with the Video On Demand concept. He said he has also been featured in Who's Who. 

Don was the first black regional service manager for J.C. Penny and the first black regional service manager for Yellow Cab, becoming the top technical person on their dispatch computer system. Though a democrat, he served as the Dallas Ft. Worth campaign manager for Bill Clements, the first Republican governor in Texas since Reconstruction and he has met Reagan, Ford, Dole and other political dignitaries. When he wakes up in the morning, he does 200 push-ups. Growing up, his mother did not complain about the country but instilled in him a love of America and desire to serve.

He said that back when he worked for Texas Instruments, used to talk about the threat to electrical components from an electromagnetic pulse, but most people just looked at him like was crazy to think that would ever be an issue. Now he wants to create a lighting system that would help render people immune to the effects of an EMP attack or solar flare.

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