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Index of clean energy directories around the net.


Our Own

Directory - PESWiki Directory.

Image:Pure Energy Systems logo 95x95.jpg - Precursor to this PESWiki directory.

Other Sources - Environmental Community & Alternative Energy Information.

Alternative Energy Resource Network - They provide a diverse assortment of articles on alternate energy, technology, science, inventor's resources and other curious mind news from around the world. - Lists renewable and alternative energy sources including solar, and wind.

Alternative Science Directory - Websites, books, magazines, articles, societies, compiled by Congress:Member:Gary Vesperman. - Directory of alternative and renewable energy sources and businesses.

Image:Inconventien truthj 95x95.jpg

An-Inconvenient-Truth (.com) LLC - Launched by Maui Media, this fan-based website of the acclaimed film about the climate crisis provides resources on global warming and alternative energy, clean air, water, and other ecological issues.

Any Batteries - Directory of all things pertaining to batteries, from research and development to batteries now on the market.

Image:CommuteFaster logo 95x95.jpg

Best Energy Sources - A potpourri of alternative energy technologies, covering the gamut, from wind to magnet motors. "Say no to black crack: oil." Commute Faster by Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen

Image:Logo nrel directory 95x95.jpg

Clean Energy Investors Directory - This directory is provided as an information service for National Renewable Energy Laboratory clean energy entrepreneurs and investor colleagues.

Crazy Patents - List of Crazy Patents.

Image:Ecobusiness logo 95x95.jpg

EcoBusiness - Green Business Links.

Energy - The Open Energy Project on Energy.

Environment Directory - Web Directory List.

Green - Directory of green building and alternative energy resources including solar, wind, geothermal, and energy efficient building resources.

Encyclopedia of Free Energy - Dealing with sustainable transportation and housing ,conserving resources,recycling and broader environmental issues.

Free Electricity - Popularity-ranked, human-edited listing of Free Electricity sites.

Free Energy 2000 - Experiments in non-conventional energy. Ultimate Free and Alternative Energy CD.

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Free Energy Articles - The Spirit of Ma'at Free Energy articles from 2002.

Free Energy Directory ( Hungarian)

Free Energy Principles (Hungary) - Zoltan Losonc's studies.

Innerspårat - Drömmen om fri energi (Swedish) - covers Victor Schauberger, timmerflottare och, vattenmystiker, Coriolismaskine, Nikola Tesla, Casimireffektgeneratorn, Mer att läsa.

Image:Eco-Web logo 95x95.jpg

ECO Services International - The Green Pages database was started in 1994 with the goal of setting up a network, linking a global audience who needed or provided environmental products and services.

Image:Greener horizons logo 95x95.jpg

Greener Horizons - CBS News Alternative Energy Interactive site.

Image:Energy-planet logo 95x95.jpg

Energy Planet - Renewable Energy Directory - An interactive and visual renewable energy directory where visitors can preview and rate green and sustainable websites. Directory launched by Directory:Alex Ramon.

Experimental Energy Links - Clean Energy: Hydrogen, Zero-point Energy, Quantum Energy, Vacuum Energy, Space Energy, Free Energy, Plasma Electrolysis, Cold Fusion, Electrogravity, Electric Propulsions, by J Hartikka.

Image:DOAJ-logo 95x95.jpg

Free access academic journals - Directory of Open Access Journals service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals covering all subjects and languages. There are now 1529 journals in the directory.

Green Tech Gazette - This is a place where environmentalists and techies can join together for the common good of both.

Hal Ade's Bookmarks - Extensive listing of Free Energy related inventors, inventions, groups, skeptics, etc.

History of Perpetual Motion machines - The history of perpetual motion machines (also known as the history of free energy and history of over unity machines) dates back to the Middle Ages.

Image:Integrity Research Institute logo 95xs95.jpg

Integrity Research Institute - A non-profit corporation dedicated to researching scientific integrity primarily regarding the physics of energy, whether it is in the technical, human health, or environmental area.

Image:NAHB logo 95x95.jpg

National Association of Home Builders - PATH's Technology Inventory lists over 160 new technologies -- from advanced framing techniques to white LED lighting -- that demonstrate great potential for improving housing performance, but that have not been widely used or accepted.

New Energy Inventions - Loris Hemlof site also offers a prize for best Free Energy Inventor.

Image:Neri logo 95x95.jpg

Nu Energy Research Institute - Offers a library of alternative research resources and other exotic energy related information.

Image:Panacea U logo 95x95.jpg


Renewable Energy Stocks Directory

Image:Rex Research logo 95x95.jpg

Rex Research - Archive about suppressed, dormant or emerging Sciences, Technologies, Inventions, Theories, Therapies, and miscellaneous Alternatives. Established in 1982 by Congress:Member:Robert A. Nelson.

The Source for Renewable Energy - A comprehensive online buyer's guide and business directory to more than 12,000 renewable energy businesses and organizations worldwide.

Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Life (Spanish) - In Architecture, Permaculture, Solar, Wind, ElectroMagnetics and PowerElectronics, by Sebastian Jardi.

Image:TeslaCoilWebRing 95x95.jpg

Tesla Coil Web Ring - Web Sites that have some content about Nikola Tesla or Tesla Coils.

Image:TypesofEnergy 95x70.jpg

Types of > 'Renewable' - Public interest website provides "expert advice on energy types and consumption." Gives overview information about hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar, wind as well as more conventional nuclear, fossil and conservation.

Image:Very Last Page 95x95.jpg

The Very Last Page of the Internet - Directory of Free Energy Devices, by Don Adsitt.

Image:Yahoo logo 95x95.jpg

Yahoo Renewable Energy Directory

Zero Point Energy - French - Association des Amis de L’énergie du Vide Quantique - All the important news about zero-point research and developments.

Image:Wikipedia Energy Directory 95x95.jpg

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Free Energy News Directories

News Updates

Renewable Energy Lessons - Directory of renewable energy and alternative fuel lessons.

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