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Claims you can get diesel for only 46 cents per gallon, by getting free waste oil from restaurants, filtering it, and adding their proprietary solution.

: "Easily useable in any diesel without need for modification of the vehicle."

: "Our fuel is really a true Bio-diesel. It is made with organic vegetable oil. Our fuel more closely resembles what Rudolph Diesel himself used."

: "DSE was formed with the explicit purpose of making this knowledge and additive available to anyone for less than the cost of ONE tankful of today's petroleum diesel."

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This company is out to make a living out of innocent people.

We paid them, but we never received their products. Imagine if 100,000 Asians bought their products which were not delivered, this would made them US$3.9 millions richer.

We had filed a complaint with the FTC and also made known to our credit card companies to watch out for this scam.

Diesel Secret Energy, LLC

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How it Works

The system employs simple filters to remove waste particles from waste vegetable oil, such as from restaurants (for free).

"Summed Up In These Simple Steps"

1. Obtain the Correct Oil (we'll show you how to pick it up easily, and free)

2. Add the recommended ingredients including our exclusive Alternative Diesel Fuel Additive (an essential catalyst for our fuel to perform as intended)

3. Pump the oil through the filters and into your vehicle. Total cost only $0.46 per gallon!

4. Drive away happy and richer

"Can only be used with room temperature liquid oils such as Soy, Canola, Peanut, etc. It is not designed to work with hydrogenated oils (shortening). Fortunately, a large percentage of restaurants prefer oil over shortening for their frying. This means it is easy to locate. Festaurants are eager to dispose of it cheaply. You will probably need only two or three small restaurants supplying you oil to become completely independent of gas stations forever.

"We show you how to mix the oil with our proprietary blend of ingredients. In a few minutes you have a high-quality, clean-burning, money-saving diesel fuel that only cost you 46 cents per gallon! We use NO harsh ingredients such as Methanol or lye, commonly used to make Bio-diesel. Instead, our mixture achieves the same goal of making the oil easily useable in any diesel without need for modification of the vehicle. There is NO need to replace anything on your vehicle. NO need to spend thousands modifying you vehicle with special heaters or dual tanks. Our system is entirely focused on modifying the fuel in a simple way, not the car, truck, tractor, or boat."

"Our fuel will be a true alternative fuel that runs just as well, or better, than any petroleum diesel.

"Simply watch the video, read the short DSE manual, follow the mixing steps with our special fuel additive (included), and you are done."

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On Feb. 13, 2010, User:Dudadiesel wrote:

SCAM. their formula is simple mixing of vegetable oil, diesel and other fuels to thin out WVO. This will wreck your engine and you do not need their "secret" to do this. It's very well-known that you can mix diesel with WVO without using their "special formula"

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