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Image:HamelNRGDevice 150.gif

David Hamel (1924-2007) spent over 30 years of his life seeking to understand the ancient physics of what he considered to be "Perpetual motion. Creation physics."

Supposedly, the "3 cone device" or "3CD" gives forth the principle of perpetual motion via 3-body interaction physics to the zero point energy field via the usage of duality/magnetism and of vibration. Chaos physics induced through 3-body interactions. Chaos induced to provide runaway conditions of acceleration in the apparatus.

A method of 'straining the aether' through torsion field interactions through magnetism and extreme vibration.

Ancient Historical Origin

The physics are presumed to be encoded into worldwide ancient sites. Most noteably, Giza plateau, stonehenge, Teotihuacan and others. It was considered to be Atlanteian in origin. Remnants of a once high society (higher than ours currently). A direct reference in heiroglyphs would be the Holy Djed or the Osiris pillar. The Thoth Emerald tablets also reveal an importance towards this technology. This technology being outside of our historical understandings of science and nature.

Using sacred geometry or the geometry of nature in the designing of apparatus' (cone shapes, or PI involved, curved geometry) which in operation displays an unusual function outside of established technologies of today, which are mostly axial rotational driven/solid state etc. Sacred geometry occuring in all sorts of ancient sites worldwide, it is a marker for an earlier/previous civilization of high magnitude achievements. This is not world known and is hard to prove without technology such as the Hamel 3CD. The 3CD makes clear of the actual usage of this geometry.

The usage of sacred geometry is a misunderstood aspect of natural science of today. It has a much greater usage than known widely by today's populace. It belongs to the science of zero point energy and energy extraction. Also, a form of black hole and white hole creation physics through vibration. Another label also being "Creation Physics".



ET-TV Programme 3 - Hamel Interviewed (6 minute and 58 second mark)

Project Galaxy Trinity - David has been given a message. He must build a galactical spaceship. (57 second mark)

A Machine To Die For - Hamel interviewed about perpetual motion physics.

David Hamel on VHS/DVD 4 volumes.

How To Build A UFO - David Hamel interview. (6 minutes and 14 seconds mark)

other non-Hamel yet related:

Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.1 Richard Hoagland

Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.2 Richard Hoagland

Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.3 Richard Hoagland


Anand Aadhar's replication of Hamel's Gravito-magnetic Generator: testing the principle.



"A replication is tried and the principle is tested of the so-called GMD, the gravito-magnetic device or free energy generator. Hamel said he was inspired by aliens, he even tried to build a flying saucer with it.

The design is described in an artice of mr. Pierre Sinclair, a former associate of Hamel.

The machine in the above videos was not built to specifications as considered by David Hamel. It was an experiment only.

See also Hamels site, The Computer model of Naudin, Free energy research pages Anand Aadhar, forum discussion.


This is not George Green's motor but John Bedini's. George Green only borrowed Bedini's motor and did not give it back. All the lab notes prove who made this gate device 2-22-97 on Keelynet.


(6.48 Minutes)

Project Camelot looks at John Bedini's magnetic motor - When Project Camelot met with George Green in April 2008, we had some fun playing with Bedini's tabletop magnetic motor (hamel spinner). We had just as much fun putting together a short 7 minute video showing its operation. We're fully aware that there's been a lot of comment about this on the Internet since it was first shown several years ago at a UFO conference. (YouTube April 16, 2008) - John Bedini's magnetic motor

How It Works: Hamel Advanced Physics

Image:DavidHamelAntigavitydevice anim 200.gif

Weight Into Speed:


A WIS generator was placed at the top of the 'first stage' of the craft. This is a heavy weighted granite sphere/ball (non-magnetic materials), rolling in circular path in a restricted space. It has a more exotic function as understood by D.Hamel for being a more scalar method of propulsion.

"Weight Into Speed" takes on the characteristic of always "falling forever". The large granite sphere on it's circular path is always falling in it's forward path (in a restricted space), as the curved surface platform (also being granite) behind it always raises. Magnetism involved in the picture (right) keeps the curved granite platform or pivot at a level height. The weight of the sphere augments the position of the pivot and as the sphere moves around the circular path, the magnetism corrects the pivot position. The sphere will tend to accelerate in it's circular path, as magnetism keeps up with the changes in the pivot. With increasing motion, the weight of the sphere is translated into momentum and speed. Hence, "Weight Into Speed". Magnetism force fields work at the speed of light or thereof. If the mechanism can work it's way at incredible speeds, it will start to generate free energy at the zero point between the magnetic fields of the pivot. Greater speed means greater energy output.

Note: The usage of granite is for the mohs hardness rating of 9 (quartz) for durability. It can resist high friction and also maintain a pinpoint low friction while in use. It is/was the most abundant material in nature.

An example was David Hamel's last project of two twin and very tall machines (10 feet plus in height). Sorry there are no direct pictures. Both were generating apparatus' which used granite spheres, each weighing in about 200 lbs each. Two spheres over top one another. The top being 'snared'. The motion of the top sphere being circular over the bottom. The bottom sphere having a cone cut out of it's bottom and a rod placed inside. The rod then connected to a base granite piece, easily over 500 lbs, which was on a bearing. The granite was circular and about 1 foot thick. It would thus turn. Small electric generators, 3 of them, would be placed 120 degrees apart...and would be driven by the turning granite slab...given energy through the the WIS spheres above. WIS can be used in any application requiring continuous motion without the usage of magnetism. It was David's goal, to use the granite slab (circular) to move the generators and generate electricity. The two twins were not completed due to his death.

In theory of ancient and advanced civilizations (such as Atlantis or Egypt), there is a theoretical correlation of WIS with the spheres of Costa Rica. In theory only of course and not hard fact.


Image:HamelNRGDevice 150.gif

3 Cone Device or 3CD:

The "3CD" is a vibrational apparatus (picture at right), which resonates to the high frequency of the ZPE field. It is used as a starter or beginners understanding into these realm of physics. David's first project involved only this machine. It was successful. 3 cones suspended in magnetic fields. The 3 cones touch each other through very low friction points. The base is a multi-ball and cup assembly which also, by low friction and attraction magnetism, sends the kinetic or standing wave back up into the cones. The top is a repulsion magnetic assembly which keeps the anisotropic line off balance when activated. The anisotropic line is a structural characteristic of the 3 cone setup. See image at right.

Magnetism is required in order to achieve the high vibrational rate in unison to 3 cones for chaos/runaway conditions. Air is also a requirement in the operation of the 3CD. Air is ionized between the bucking magnets for each cone to generate an electric field. The shape of each cone controls air flow/movement. This shape forces air to pass between the bucking magnets to increase the ionization potential. Upward draft being created in the process. Cool on the bottom of the machine and heated near the rings and above the 3CD. It is stated that the machine/3CD reaches an operation temperature of 900C in full operation.

The outcome of any 3CD is mechanical (cones) into electrical (ions/plasma) function. Purely mechanical, althoug overunity in all design aspect, into purely energetic function (plasma field). At full operation, the apparatus ceases to appear to be moving, all the while the electrical function takes over. A plasma envelope covers the entire apparatus and colours in the visible light spectrum (magnetic light) can also be witnessed. It is said that the colours of the rainbow would be detected by the witness eyes. Violet to red. Violet closest to the machine, where the zero point energy extraction occurs (between magnets), and through doppler shift the frequency elongates to the red spectrum away from the machine. At the core machine 'zero point' the "Violet Flame" is witnessed.

The cones themselves do not produce energy as this would violate thermodynamic laws. They tap another dimensional realm/power source (aether/zpe) through magnetic interaction (via vibration) and syphon that power into our reality/local physics realm. This energy is not created nor destroyed, but tapped. The cones can also provide propulsion when the geometry was altered to a saucer craft shape. In the 3CD form alone there is no propulsion means as the design was not intended for that function.

The 3CD, in theory, has a direct correlation to the Djed Pillar of Osiris. It has also been written that the technology is related to the Tree of Life.


Image:Hamvanm 150.gif

Hamel Spinner:

The circular movement of this ball Hamel spinning top or Hamel spinner experiment appeared to have a continuous falling motion, always seeking equilibrium. A slight hand motion maintain the balls' path while being attracted to the magnet. The Hamel spinner is more related to WIS rather than the 3CD.

Working prototypes are held by hand (magnet apparatus), which arguably can explain the input energy source, albeit inadvertent (hand movement). This is not true sense of the perpetual motion physics as per the WIS or 3CD.


Galaxy Trinity StarShip: A Great Task Held By David Hamel

David Hamel's quest was to build a duplicate starship of this image:

Star Ship

The name of the ship David was replicating was called the Galaxy Trinity.

The principle behind the replicated technology is vibrational vortex implosion (air currents moving due to vibrational movement and geometry design via suction and expansion of the wings). Two 'wings' would thus work against each other, translating vibration and also creating a vortex within and between them through suction/vacuum and expansion/release thus moving charged air through the mechanism. Charged air to later become a plamsa envelope which takes on the role of a force field.

The 3CD or 3 cone device or Hamel drum is the basis of understanding the core physics. Later on, the Galaxy trinity (above links) is also encorporating the same principles for flight. Verifiable, through drawings and through written words from the references/books (further reading) below.

The Galaxy Trinity was supposed to take the first stage design and replicate it upward in dimensions. The total craft was to have 3 stages of perpetual motion 'engines', all working together. The larger the stage, the greater the power potential in capturing from the zero point energy field.

The wings (which are inverted cones and larger) of the First Stage were made from stainless steel. Rivetted pieces of sheet metal with stainless steel support substructure, i.e. hollow square tube welded to the solid stainless steel rings. It was David's goal to weld all metals together, making the wing assembly all one piece (no rivets). Rivets tend to fail over time from contraction and expansion processes through metal heating and cooling.

The wings in the first stage (picture below), are but two 'pie plates' magnetically suspended in repulsion/attraction containment. Both wings are connected to each other through 'motion limitters' known as pinions. These pinions acts as guides to prevent the wings from moving too far from a central point in the z-axis. The pinions are made from granite and the contact surface is extremely small, almost virtually frictionless. The magnetism involved in repulsion for the wings easily overcomes this friction. A central rod with a magnet at it's top, suspends in magnetic repulsion. This rod is connected to the lowest wing though an 'adjusting' contact point which is also a vortex point for air flow. As the first stage speeds up in vibration, this rod is slowly raised from it's contact point which is a hole on the lowest wing (center), and air flows through.

The wings, and rod assembly are all contained within another structure which acts like a 'case' or 'enclosure' for the wings. For the picture below, that would be the outer hull. The outer hull secures repulsion/attraction magnets and pinion/cup assembles in fixed positions on the inside, so that wings float effortlessly and without vibrational dampening.

Below, an image of the first stage prototype. Built in the 1970's. This prototype was a success.

For more information consult with "The Granite Man and the Butterfly".

Image:HAMP lg.jpg

A more colourful example (the same as above), blue/red colours designating magnetic poles of the apparatus magnets:



Sacred Geometry and the Science of Nature:

All of David Hamel's physics are designed according to the sacred law of sacred geometry. Most noteably for any 3CD or WIS or ship design is the Star of David geometry. This geometry goes back to the time of the pyramids (Egypt and likewise) and much further back. It does not belong to any religious order or faction solely. It is the geometry of nature.

Sacred geometry is the geometry of nature. It is microcosmic and as well macrocosmic in pertaining to all things natural. It describes all of nature at the most basic levels of creation and beyond. Great strides in physics and cosmology can be made through sacred geometry and it's application. More so, than any other application used presently. It is dimensional geometry, and can explain the purpose behind the universe's functions/operations. Proof of such claims comes with the experience and know how of the ancients who existed prior to the current established race on this world.

Why sacred geometry in any 3CD or equivalent machine/apparatus? In order to tune to the aether field/zpe field with full resonance, sacred geometry is the means. No other means works fully, only the angles and proportions in sacred geometry can fullfill this. Any deviations from sacred geometry and the results will not be as complete. The 3CD at full resonance vibration, will in turn be guiding in energy from the aether/zpe realm to tune to the cone geometry and magnetic proportioning for maximum coupling efficiency. Another analogy is that when using sacred geometry only, applies to strict natural law, and thus prevents any abnormalities to be sent back into nature. An example of abnormality would be our automobiles, electronic devices and any power lines plus generators which we use today. They create harm EM pollution or just pollution in general in regards to nature and environment.

Image:Vesica pisces.gif

Any 3CD or implosion device utilizing sacred geometry can be explained through sacred geometry as far as operation is concerned as well. Starting with the 'zero point' which is the circle and dot in the center, which explains tapping the 'zero point' of nature or singularity according to black hole physics/worm hole physics. Then onward, up to the Vesica Pisces (picture at right), which explains magnetism/duality.

Onward, it goes to the equilateral triangle, then to the square, then to pentagram and so on and so forth. The basis for zero point energy extraction simplicity, is the circle and dot (zero point) and the vesica pisces (magnetism). This clearly states, that magnetism is the key to unlocking the door to the zero point energy field.

Star of David geometry can benefit mankind in regards to health. It is higher geometry than the pentagram which describes life and it is integrated with life geometry. Since it is slightly higher, it therefore can invigorate life. The only way this geometry can invigorate life is by applying plasma which has tuned to the aether field which is tuned to this geometry.

Sacred geometry emerges from the aether field or zero point energy field immediately before any creation. That means anything subatomic and under will follow the laws of sacred geometry first before being created. Sacred geometry sets the rules for all things in creation. So does PI and it is integrated fully with sacred geometry. Therefore, PI also emerges from the aether field as a fundamental law of creation before anything material in form is created. Sacred geometry and PI can therefore be called energy laws which are ahead of matter/material laws of creation. Energy comes first before matter. Aether or ZPE field follows or creates the sacred geometry laws.

Hence, sacred geometry is hyper dimensional, since aether or zero point energy field is regarded as hyper dimensional. Using sacred geometry can be used by us, to enter into the hyper dimensional realm. That is why any propulsion systems based in sacred geometry will work. As long as the geometry is at the heart of the core operation of the craft. Tapping into the aether realm through vibration.

Again, vibration equates to geometry or dimensions. Vibration can equate to sacred geometry.


Image:CLaNZeRs Hamel Spinner 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:David Hamel Motor > OS:CLaNZer's Replication of the Hamel Spinner - Drawing from information around the web, Sean has posted a series of videos showing his replication of David Hamel's all-magnet spinner. Though it doesn't accelerate, the rate of deceleration appears to be much slower than what would be manifest with a normal friction-based slow-down. (PESWiki June 16, 2009)


In general, chaos induced physics based on the 3 body system which can be related to nature in many forms, such as Trinary Star Systems.

Quote: "Theoretically, modelling a multiple star system is more difficult than modelling a binary star, as the dynamical system involved, the n-body problem, may exhibit chaotic behavior. Many configurations of small groups of stars are found to be unstable, as eventually one star will approach another closely and be accelerated so much that it will escape from the system." Trinary Star Systems

For any 3CD or first stage system, the 3rd body is not allowed to leave the confinement. Therefore, chaos is created. This keeps the machine in constant motion. This is how perpetual motion is claimed to be achieved.


In reference to ancient Egyptians, this evidence of the importance of 3 body physics is written in hieroglyphs pertaining to the Lotus and similar drawings having emphasis on "3" with the middle flower being the largest. The largest or middle flower in the heiroglyph pertains to the aquisition of the zero point energy field through implosion. In any 3CD, this would be the middle cone, which is set to be in North to North repulsion.


The physics of Time Travel and Hamel Physics

Any 3CD or Hamel flying saucer relies on the interaction of 3D space, and as well as the 4th dimension which is time. This would be in the apparatus operation as much as the plasma being generated. It takes 'time' to generate plasma and it take 3D space to accumulate the plasma.

Vibration is frequency or oscillation. Theory has already proven that frequency is time inverted.

Any 3CD or equivalent physics uses vibration in the operation. Therefore, time is intrically involved in the operation of any 3CD.

Theory has provided that any 3CD or equivalent physics can actually defeat the time domain or the time dimension will cease to have dominion, based on how the 3CD can achieve over unity and resonation to the aether field.

Thus the aquistion to the 5th dimension is undertaken, by-passing the 4th dimension. Since the 5th dimension is aquired, the 4th dimension is now traversable or manageable.

Around a 3CD an envelope of charged plasma which vibrates at or close to the aether resonance can slow time down, and if the rate of vibration is great enough, time will cease to exist. That would mean that the total 3CD mechanism would be cut off from local physics at full resonance vibration and therefore it would also be removed from the time dimension.

Whether this has been proved in example, this is unknown, but the theory of time travel and Hamel physics remains open for debate. Energy is directly involved with 3CD operation at the zero point, and this energy can be deemed negative/exotic energy, needed for wormhole physics and time travel.

Note: Planck-Wheeler length: The Planck-Wheeler length (1.62 x 10-33 centimeters) is the length scale below which space as we know it ceases to exist and becomes quantum foam. Time no longer exists below the Planck-Wheeler length.

Or 10^-43 seconds (Planck-Wheeler length) is the interval in time where time shuts off. This can also be seen as a frequency of 10^41 Hertz.

Amos Ori has given the world an idear of how time travel can be achieved. Possibly related to Hamel physics in that a local warping of space-time is required.


Addressing E=mc^2 in regards to hamel dimensional physics (theory only):

E = Joules or Mega-Joules,

m = mass,

c = speed of light, 299790 km/s or 186,000 miles/s

E=mc^2 doesn't really address the aether/zero point energy field, and that is why it seems to be in error. It doesn't! How can it? We would be giving Einstein to much credit and saying he knows the secrets of creation, which he doesn't.

A crude example, an automobile, while travelling, actually loses some of it's mass/weight as it speeds up in the linear direction of travel. So, in a way, that mass's gravity is converted into motion. One energy system to another. One vibration to another rate of vibration. Applying this to a space ship, the same should occur, and the space ship as it speeds up should lose mass, if not all, as it approaches the speed of light. In space, though, there would be no earth-like gravity well to contend with. This would be inertia that one must contend with. One must overcome inertia. Will it be be easier than overcoming gravity? One thing for sure, is that vast amounts of energy would be required to move the ship at light speed. Or if the ship is turned into light, and it's on it's way, moving at light speed, unfettered. It would take a great deal of energy for either scenario.

Mass into energy conversion, since speed/motion is really a dimensional/vibrational energy form. You are travelling through dimensions/vibrations, when it comes to the aether field in outer space (not in atmosphere on the earth with gravity field intact). That is why the e=mc^2 is improper, because it doesn't address dimensions or frequency shifts in which one would definitely go through while moving through space and accelerating through it. Constant speed underneath light speed, you aren't moving through dimensions or are you? You are moving through the dimensions of the universe, but you are not moving through the dimensions of the aether field. Confused? Dimensions of the universe would be the 3 dimensions plus the 4th which is time. Although you will mostly likely shift the 4th dimension around according to speed rate underneath light speed. You move through the 3 dimensions. While at the dimensions of the aether field, you move past the 3 dimensions and th3 4th and enter into the fifth. 5th being related to wormhole travel. Hyper dimensional.

The aether is about frequency, as it is high vibrational field. The peak energy point being at the resonance of the aether field. So, e=mc^2 needs to take into account of the resonance to frequency or dimensions that one goes through to get to vast acceleration/speed limits. the "E" in the equation MUST rely on field resonation, not just light speed. Light speed is not as important as field resonation. In fact, "c" can be removed and something accordingly which interacts to the aether field can be substituted. Even "m" can also be substituted eventually for something more superior.

How can a ship approach pure energy form?

It can't be done using a space shuttle and conventional propulsion. It won't work, because the ship will have a fuel reserve too massive, and which will work against the task at hand of overcoming inertia. Ion propulsion will take too long. I believe that any ship without a forcefield will become annihilated and become pure energy as it passes into the speed of light realm and beyond. Disintegration will most definitely occur. It is the law of nature, to return things to energy form at a certain threshold. Beyond light speed travel or hyper dimensional travel, without protection, would create conditions for a singularity type energy interaction, where the ship/craft would become pure energy. No one would survive. You'd be dissolved back into the aether field.

So for a ship to make it to light speed travel, it must have an electrical/plasma barrier between the ship and the cosmos/aether field or a barrier which negotiates to the aether and extends out of the aether.

Another example of mass into energy which then allows gravity to lose hold on a structure,

is during vibration. A washing machine which is vibrating a load or ground tamperer, will tend to be able to move across the floor/ground easier than without vibration. Vibration is an energy form, much like speed. There is energy in the oscillation, in the wave and frequency. Both are transferable, working back and forth, speed to vibration and vibration to speed. Well we know, that any high energy frequencies can travel much faster through mediums than low energy frequencies.

Energy level of the frequency depending on vibration rather than just amplitude. Higher vibration means higher power.

Speed is in a way a form of vibration, compared to the aether that is. Because as you traverse the aether, you are moving through dimensions. Moving through dimensions, is like moving through frequency, so speed is actually moving through vibrations. It's all related.

Another tidbit, is that ANY mass traversing the cosmos is made of dimensions in form. So a space ship is actually a dimensional object traversing a dimensional universe.

For it to become hyper dimensional, the ship must reflect a hyper dimensional signature to the universe. Only by using a force field which negotiates to the aether field will do this.

Energy on the E=mc^2 must also have direct relation to dimensions/frequency. It must have 'hum', not just a scalar measure, but a frequency.

David Hamel: The Man Behind The Physics

David Hamel (1924 - Sept 2007) was a carpenter and an inventor who claimed to be inspired by extraterrestrials, living in Ontario, Canada with his wife, Nora. Hamel claimed to have been contacted by aliens from a UFO on October 1975, who were from a planet called Kladen.

In October of 1975, while watching TV (residing in MapleRidge, British Columbia, Canada at the time), Hamel claimed that a male-female alien couple from another dimension appeared before him using the TV set as a conduit.

He claimed the aliens taught him the principles of free energy and perpetual motion, anti-gravity, alternate reality|alternate realities, the truth about the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient architecture such as egyptian pyramids|the pyramids, Stonehenge (which he said is a landing pad for a flying saucer), Atlantis, and other "Out-of-place artifact|ET artifacts". They also taught him how to build a flying saucer.

On the walls of the Egyptian pyramids/structures and the Papris of Ani (Egyptian Book of The Dead), David Hamel claimed, the "Neubians", whom he described as "the small people", inscribed the theory of "Free Energy".

According to Hamel and his wife, after alien contacts "mystical flower buds", which David said have been left by the extraterrestrials as a sign of hope, appeared everywhere, some of which Hamel kept in a plastic bag and claimed to have stayed green for over 20 years.

David Hamel believed his purpose was to share the information given to him by the extraterrestrials with the public/world and help get rid of the old and polluting energy systems (fossil fuels). He also believed that this knowledge was for the hope of mankind in escaping a very near cataclysm. Hamel claimed that this would happen on Dec 21st, 2012, as written in the Mayan Calendar and also the alignment of the Giza Plateau to the Belt of Orion.

His story can be read here:

1970's era. David Hamel working on his prototypes. Gilmour, Ontario, Canada.


David Hamel in his home.

Image:David Hamel ufo.JPG

David Hamel in his final years. Winter 2006-2007.

Image:DavidHamel final.jpg

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Image:HamelNRGDevice 151.GIF

(The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)David Hamel Magnetic Motor - Open sourced technology which uses magnetism, vibration, and 3 body physics to tap into free energy. 3 dimensional physics/motor. Exotic design and unconventional. Please visit Hameltech for technical information, drawings and examples.(PESWiki 2008)


MythBusters tried an attempt of the Hamel machine. But it was a failure due to lack of knowledge on the part of their team.

See Talk:Directory:David Hamel Motor


V. ROSCHIN & S. GODIN Magneto-Gravitational Converter ?(Searl Effect Generator)