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Page first featured March 25, 2008

Image:Daniel Pomerlou coils bulb side.jpg

"Rainman" of Free Energy

Autistic Canadian, Daniel Pomerlou, has given numerous demonstrations of free energy generation using only coils of wires and mind/psychic power. Powers 200 Watt bulb, skill saw, motors and other appliances in front of electrical engineers who have no idea how he does it.

We know of no replications of this effect by other people.

September 22, 2011 Update

I just got a call from a Tesla expert who visited Daniel for 4 hours last week, and was extremely impressed with him, and could see that his set-ups were consistent with what he knows about Tesla circuits. He was able to understand a lot of what Daniel was doing, having seen many of the same things himself in his own experiments, and is hoping to replicate some of the most promising effects. "It was like meeting Tesla in person." We hope to be able to report more on this in the coming days. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan


How it Works

who knows?


Image:Daniel Pomerlou coils hook-up.jpg
Image:Daniel Pomerlou coils side.jpg
Image:Daniel Pomerlou coils motors side.jpg
Image:Daniel Pomerlou coils propeller.jpg

See the following links for more images. - Photos

SPOOKY TECH: Where Science And Technology Meet The Supernatural (more photos) - The following "devices" were built and operated in the presence of witnesses, by a man in his fifties who is identified only as an autistic savant. Claims of witnesses include devices that work by thought command, among other weirdness. (Images posted by Mark A. Solis) - 294 zip file posted by Bruce A. Perreault July 21, 2005 (same images as shown on pages above)


Witness: Reed Huish

On March 26, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Reed N. Huish wrote:

I saw Daniel Pomerlou’s coils for myself, and paid for PowerPedia:Walter Rosenthal to come up and test them.

This was many, many years ago.

They worked. It was a wild and crazy show in Three Rivers, Quebec.

Witness: Joe

On July 22, 2005, Joe wrote:

(slightly edited)

I have been in contact with Daniel Pomerleau twice and i have seen what he was doing (really amazing). The first time was in 1992. During 3 hours I saw some unbeilievable things, like [lighting] a light bulb with only "one wire" and also running a 5 electric horse power motor connected only by 2 wires that he was holding in his hand.

I had a long talk with him and he was telling me that he does not know where his power come from. He told me that he started to do that when he was a child, [and that] what he is doing comes "naturally".

He does demonstrations once in a while in the Montreal area.

I was there in 1992, and I was there at is last demonstration 4 weeks ago.

He also showed me how to build one of his device but I can't make it work. He did build a device with only a few wires in front of many people in about 5 minutes that can run a 5 horse power motor. He can power a 100 watts bulb with only "1 wire" (really amazing).

- - - -

On July 28, 2005, Joe wrote:

(slightly edited)

I will go a little further with his history.

Daniel, because of his unusual talent working with energy, was asked for a demonstration of his power by "some people of the goverment". He has been kept in captivity for (I am not sure) over 2 months. They have conducted tests on him (really scarring things, I have been told) and after that nobody heard of him for a long while. That was in the 70's or 80's .

He started to do demonstrations by 1992 and at every demonstration he was protected by people he could trust. Now today, when he decided to do a demo, nobody knows a week before because even today "they are on his feet all the time and they don't want him to show his devices and especially to show people how to tap free energy."

He has filmed his devices in movement, but he has not released it yet.

There are no diagrams. The only thing you can see on the plexiglass is a couple feet of wires may be 26 to 30 gauge rolled around a little clear plastic spool and a little switch and some others copper bolts to hold the spools. The plexiglass he is using for every demo is about 1 foot square. The beginning of the wires are left in air and the other and are attached to the bulb or the motor or the little race car toy that he use for his demos that is about it.

I know it is hard to believe, but, for example, when he is demontrating free energy on certain machines, like bulbs, motors. etc., he always uses plexiglass, so you can not doubt it. And you can take the plexiglass and work with it.

Last time, there were electrical engineers and electronic specialists at the demo, and I can tell you they were pulling their hair!!!!

He said to me, if you want to build these devices you have to have "faith", and if you think to much with your head it will never work. He also said that you have to feel the energy deep inside. As soon as you know how to keep it inside then you are on the good track. One engineer tried to start a motor by touching some wires on the plexiglass devices like Daniel was doing and could not do it. Daniel said, if you could think with your heart then the motor would start.

- - - -

On August 17, 2005, Joe wrote:

(slightly edited)

You have to understand that Daniel uses Wires for demonstrations but he told us he does not need any wires to conduct electricity to his devices. Simply by aiming his mind to whatever he wants to play with or to light a lamp or to run a motor he can do it. He can make a little car run just by his thought. I have seen it! Not bad for an autistic!

It has been said that he can mentally change the traffic light at will.

What he is trying to do is to transmit a little bit of himself to people who wants to learn a totally new way of manifesting the pure energy. He does try to make understand how to do it. But we are somehow not ready for this and it makes him sad.

He ran a 3 h.p. motor and a 500 watt street lamp. He also ran an electric drill.

When he plugged the big 500 watts lamp to his module, he could not let the lamp run too long (maybe 2 minutes) because he said at that time that he could not control all the energy, and his module was starting to heat.

And the module he had for that demos was made of couples little coils may be 2" high by 2" wide and the wire for the coils were around 28 or 30 gauge and may be higher.

Also he could control a toy helicopter without wire. He was using a little jar with (don't laugh to this one it is true) strawberry jam in it and a little crank on top of the lid to control the helicopter.

Remember this guy is autistic and he still have a young kid's heart.

- - - -

On August 18, 2005, Joe wrote:

(slightly edited)

Nikolas is mistrustfull, he trusts women more than men. At one of his demo I was with my girl friend, and after we gathered, he passed almost the rest of the afternoon talking with her. He feels confident with women because he did not have a good experience with men, since they locked him up and gave him bad treatments, like electro-shocks, ect. He said that women would learn how to work with energy faster than men because they are more sensitive.

This guy is humble and he is still a kid in his heart, and for him since he is young he would like to help this world.

I hope in the near future he will be able to walk into Montreal or any other places without having a gun pointing at him. Yes he has been shot at while he was in a car near Montreal, but he was not hurt.

It not easy communicating with him, because he is autistic, and also because he has to hide himself all the time.



On Aug. 16, 2005, "nikola_tesla" wrote:

(slightly edited)

This guy Daniel is for REAL. I have seen it with my own 2 eyes.

His feats were so amazing that someone asked him during question period weather or not he was an alien.

Half the room was filled by people who worked with or had degrees in electricity so he chose the worst possible audience for trickery. Also he passed his modules around and everybody could test things with their own hands. The demonstration lasted over 4 hours and it was non stop amazement for all.

He asked people to bring in electrical appliances before the meeting. Some people brought it radios and other small appliances and he powered all of them with his module. Now before this part someone in class that was impressed went out next door and bought a brand new 120 volt electric saw. Daniel plugged it in to his module and boom rrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

At the end of the four hours the group was in a state of trance ... sort of like a religious experience and we literally broke out into the entire group singing. Daniel passed around his electric utility bill and it showed the minimum payment possible for the period. Believe it or not you are still charged monthly minimum connection fees. He used the device to power his entire apartment. During the famous winter ice storm everyone in his block apartment building was freezing and he was enjoying life as if nothing happened in his apartment.

He also stated that he was working on an electric vehicle to be powered entirely by his device and he may demonstrate this at his next meeting.

Understandably, Daniel is paranoic. He was actually locked up for about 13 years in a mental institution where he was exposed to electric shock treatments and other cruel treatments to cure him of his " disease ".

Q. Did the device still produce output, when you had it in your hands? yes

Q. What did it power ? We could turn the small light bulbs or propellers on and off ... he also showed normal boom box radios (not crystal radios) working without batteries he demonstrated a small electric car working with no batteries that he let roll across the room

Q. When did you see it ? months ago ... I know someone with a electrical degree that saw him about 10 years ago and same amazement

Q. Did he say, if these wires were normal copper wires ? yes

Q. Did it only work, when he was present ? NO ... if anyone took the module it would work forever to power anything

Q. Maybe some batteries were hidden in the small motors ? The person I went with brought a volt meter and was in front of the class taking measurements as he saw fit to try to disprove what we were all seeing.

He is somehow able to see or feel electrical forces in the atmosphere and build his modules to tap into it ... it is probably like a dog can hear sounds humans can't that sort of thing.

The speaker who would speak for Daniel during the demonstration said that Daniel is constantly amazed that we can not duplicate what he can do without effort. The presenter mentioned that he believes that the government sets up fake institutions to help autistic or gifted people like Daniel only to make them disappear if they believe they can duplicate what Daniel can do.

The presenter has said that if you have the plans to the device, to " kick start it " you need to use your faith.

So Daniel seems to be able to feel or see the energy/electric fields and then to somehow use his will to unleash the power flow. Once it has been kick started it works forever after that.

The device can power anything with 110 volts and 75 amperes OR 220 volts and 75 amperes if I remember correctly.

In one demonstration he lit a 200 watt bulb with it and then asked if anyone was a smoker and to come up in front of the class with a cigarette ... he asked the smoker to lit up the cigarette by putting it between the end of the light bulb and his connector and it produced the fire for his cigarette.

He also did not let the fairly big electric saw run for too long ... maybe 20-30 seconds ... [turned] it off and waited for the applause to settle before continuing ...

This would explain why he actually used the grid socket to power the video camera ... He filmed the whole thing for his entertainment ... He would get a laugh out of seeing everybody freak out at his demonstrations.

He claims he would be killed if he released any plans, photos and videos.

The people present were all invited informally via friends who heard of his feats ... He doesn't advertise anywhere except via word of mouth. For example I would bring at least 2 - 3 friends

next time.

Also after the 4 hour long demonstration we were invited to go have supper with him and ask him any questions or just talk about anything.


Witness: L.C.

On March 15, 2007, L.C. wrote:

(Slightly edited)

I saw Daniel Pomerleau demonstrate about 3 times now and I personally have known his "legal guardian" and family for many years. They still don't know how he really makes thoses.

(please forgive my english)

What to say...

1. He is a young child mind in a old body.

2. He can put is "will" or what ever you call that in object...

3. He can do every thing... but he mainly does "toys" that demonstrate free-energy.

4. Yon can't really talk to him... (mental age of a child)

5. Him self don't know "How" he do those thing.

6. His child spirit is obsessed to convince the world he's right (with free-energy)

7. I have test is devices with friends on 3 occasions (we are Mechanical and Electric Engineer and Technician) nothing mush to say... It work but we can't tell how... What we can tell :

a) Electricity seem "appear" sometime in a midle of a wire or a switch or a coil.

b) "NO" logic there (no 3d logic)

- exemple: no battrey, no coil, one switch, one wire, one little flashlight light, on a plestiglass.

One side of wire was welded to the switch (only one side of the switch was used) the other side of the wire was welded to "only" one side of the flashlight light.

When the switch is at "on" position the motor run... when the switch is at "off" position the motor stop. The wire was about 6" long (no plastic over) copper.

the electricity simply seem "appear" in the switch. nothing mush to say.

8. is projects are made with all kind off stuff (even noodles !) but maindly hand made coils.

9. In all is project, electricity was turn off if we take out a part of the whole. like a noodles.

10. Many Watt of power...

11. I brought my personal drill... I plug it to one of his device (PS he make all is devices on a plestiglass... no place to hide battery).. with two 100 Watts light bulb... the lights was "wery bright" and my drill to max speed (with some load)...

12. "His Electricity" is safe for human body. He put he tongue many time between the terminals... nothing happen... my drill + 200 watts light was still runing.

13. I hate this kind of presentation.

14. It simply impossible to reproduce it.

this kind of "mental power" cannot be reproduced… and I don't even know if it is possible for someone to learn it...

please look those images... (Pictures and video are usally prohibited)

under "Daniel Pomerleau Demonstration Photos (593 KB Zip File)"

If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to contact me,



Québec, Canada


Witness: wattsup

On April 03, 2007, wattsup wrote:

(Slightly edited)

As I indicated I would be at the April 1st 2007 demonstration given by Mr. Daniel Pomerleau, and so I was. And truly, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed during this magnificent 3 hour presentation on self running electric systems.

I went in with my DC ammeter and my trusty compass to detect the slightest magnetic field and with a rampant determination to find the source of his trickery. Someone else came in with his magnetic field meter which was a very sophisticated hand held device that gives out accurate readings. Someone else had a regular volt meter. We were about 50 people in all.

What I should have had was a whole arsenal of instruments in a sealed room with capabilities to do hyper magnetic sensing, Kirilian photography, body scan and an endless host of other devices, but for what. What can we really understand from this child minded adult of 51 years, that does not have a culpable bone in his body, that sees only the good in his fellow man, that can't even understand what a joke is or what sarcasm is, and who, since age 12 was marveled by his inborn power to control electricity and to put electrical power into unplugged, unconnected electrical objects.

There is nothing on this earth that can prepare you for such an event, as simple as it was, as non glamorous as it was, as low key on the intellectual end as it was, as crude as it was because of those around him not having the polished academic words or gestures. Beyond all this external criteria that one with ample knowledge of the world and of its workings would expect, there was such a simple, honest and direct exposure of a power in man that we all have, but have lost to our other senses and our mind.

There was also the open obvious fact that his surrounding help could never accumulate individually or as a group, enough technical and instrumental expertise to cause all these phenomena to happen using trickery. This is not a David Copperfield. This is straight forward, open, no tricks, amazing and worth seeing once in your life.

Mr. Pomerleau is an example of how humans could have evolved. But the way we live and think, it would be like if all humans weighed 1000 pounds each and he would be trying to show us how to high jump. We are so far into our minds, craving the concrete, looking for the obvious, that we will never be able to use his power for human kind.

He is just an autistic 51 year old adult with 40 years experience in child mind control over electric power. If we were in 1000 BC, we would probably make a huge statute of him and call him Daniel, the God of Electricity. One of his lines was, Man has discovered his science, but has neglected his conscience.

So what did I see, I'll save this for tomorrows post since I think until now, I still have to digest what I have witnessed. Now I'll go back to my mad scientists laboratory and continue tinkering with my next invention. Something we humans can use now, while I dream of the Pomerleau world of tomorrow were all will have enough, all the time.

- - - -

Stefan asked me to make a review of my visit to Daniels' demonstration to follow-up on my first post of my visit there.

Well, you have seen all the photos of open coils, half-hazardously wound and connected with so many others, all mounted on Plexiglass to show there was nothing else connected, showing small dc motors turning small propellers.

All in all the demonstration went through a myriad of these devices, all made in the same general method, no batteries, no exterior connections, no visible or measurable source of constant energy, but regardless, these devices turned on and off seemingly at the will of Daniel.

I was called to the front of the hall several times to measure amperage. Some readings were as follows

Module #3: 8.6 vdc 2.3 amps

Module #6: 7.7 vdc 4.2 amps

Module #7: Started with mind control. I held the circuit in my hands while he turned it on and the although the on/off switch did not move. He did it from about 3 feet away with his hand held above our heads as if he was reaching into another dimension in space to control the switch. Very weird.

Module #9: 17 vdc 14.5 amps

Also, I held a small dc motor in my hand with just a small 3 inch length of twisted wire leading from each motor terminal to nowhere. Just open circuit. He turned the motor on while it was in my hands. The motor had no obvious manipulation marks such as unbent and re bent end pins, etc. Right out of my hand.

I could go on and on since the demo lasted three hours. But in general, this is it.

He also powered a hand drill, radio and some other devices.

Module #10 was one of his larger devices in the same set-up was producing 185 volts and lit a 100 watt bulb. He also put his tongue on the leads and did not get a shock, plus he lit a cigarette with the leads sparking when held together like a spark gap. Amazing.

So that's it. I do not want to get more heavily involved in Daniels' feats of amazement since that is what they are and there is no point to pursue this since you or I will NEVER be able to take advantage of his gift.

One last thing. The whole event was video taped by a woman who was centrally installed on a higher table located in the back of the room. Her camera was pointed to Daniel filming the whole demo. I did not think to ask to view the video or inspect the video camera at the end of the demo and this, in my view, is the only piece left unturned.

The only possibility of trickery could be the video camera was not really a video camera but a static gun or beam of some type that is concentrated and always aimed at or around Daniel. Is it possible that a video camera could be faked to emit some type of beam that hits the Plexiglass and that induces an electrical current therein. This is the only question I have unanswered. Maybe a microwave gun. I am saying this because they said they always video tape the events but they offer no video for sale. So what's the point.

Anyways, I would forget this as there is no OU answer for humanity here. Only a quagmire and potential waste of time and energy although a very deep curiosity indeed. Something like seeing the Elastic Man or the Hairy Woman at any good circus.

- - - -

On January 02, 2008, wattsup wrote:

(Slightly edited)

I had one of his DC motors in my hand connected to nothing and it was turning full speed. Daniel even shut it off from a distance of about 4 feet away from me, then turned it on again.

The guy is a charm of a nice young minded man. I cannot answer as to how he does it. I only know he is not allowed to divulge how he is doing it. It could be faith.

But my aim was to witness and report an event in the manner that we at OU would expect one to do so under given circumstances. No recorder, no video, no photo. Just meters and sketch pad.

The bottom line is yes it is something remarkable, but so are many other guys doing tricks. It's always remarkable until you know how it works.

At OU we "try" to keep a clear head and concentrate on the value this has for humanity. Him trying to show us or explain to us how it works, if it is in the realm of the supernatural phenomena, would be like trying to show an elephant how to fly. Pointless. So the value for OU in the world as far as I can ascertain at this stage is nil, zero.

With over 5 billion people on this rock, there is bound be be many aberrations and in my view Daniel is one of the top on the list.


not applicable not scientifically reproducible, based on mind/psychic power?


Company: ?


Inventor: Daniel Pomerlou

51 years old, autistic.


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David Pomerleau

Resists contact prefers female interface.

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Mark A. Solis

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