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Directory:Daniel Bentea's Gravity Engine

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 29, 2013

Here we feature an alleged gravity-powered system by Romanian inventor, Daniel Bentea.

This one has been sitting in my hopper for a couple of months. I sent the person who posted the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] on YouTube a few questions, then received the following response. (Slightly edited)

: Re: Interested in Gravity Motor

: Thank you for being interested in our invention!

: 1) No I don't have a website

: 2) All our systems work 24/7, with the exception of when we need to check them or service them, once every year, if necessary.

: 3) Yes we had an electrical engineer plus a board of commission checking and reviewing all the aspects!

: 4) No we currently don't have a company registered in USA.

I sent a request for more information, but as far as I can see, I did not get a response. I'll be sending another request.

Here's the description they posted with their recent There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], posted January 7, 2013, which has received nearly 18,000 views as of the time of this writing. (Slightly edited.)

: Hello everyone!

: First I would like to begin by saying that this invention was created back in 2000 - 2001 when a great electrical crisis occurred in California. I was thinking: "How it is possible that such a great and powerful country like the USA can have such problems?"

: Then, I begin to think about a solution! It took lots of time money and effort to bring this invention to where it is today.

: This is my first prototype, with which I won my first Guinness record, in Romania!

: This prototype is currently patented, and I'm in the process of getting my second one.

: I only want to share this with the world, [which is] why I'm not actually looking for powerful investors to build together a much more smaller and yet more efficient [unit] just for a household, not industrial size.

: This particular one starts from 4.5 kilowatts, all the way to 35 kW of power -- more than enough for a household.

He posted the following responses to comments on his video:

: In order to help others, I need someone who has capital to make this in mass production. Also, [it] is not simple to fight against big powerful companies who have money and power. If I did not care about poor people or kids that sleep on the street in cold winter, I would not share it with all of you!

: This system will not work for everybody, that only think theoretically but not practically! 50 to 100 years ago, we used to have cars and trains running by steam engines. Nowadays, cars are braking and parking by themselves! That should give you a perspective where we are today, and that's why this invention works great for free, anywhere and everywhere!

: I want to invite you to Romania to see it with your own eyes. Everybody is more than welcome to see this invention, live.

Maybe one of you in our audience could go visit them for us and let us know how that goes.

He seems to be open sourcing the design. I've asked him for drawings.

I recommend that if any of you do end up going commercial with this in any way, selling plans, translations, kits, components, finished units, franchises, that you do the right thing in return and send the inventor a royalty for 5% on all sales.

Official Websites

no company website yet - Lorin Bentea's YouTube channel


Free electricity from gravity and perpetual motion by Daniel Bentea


(YouTube / Lorin Bentea January 7, 2013)

Free energy, electricity by Daniel Bentea

A brief version of the above video.


2:38 min. (YouTube / Lorin Bentea April 26, 2013)

System electric gravitational by Daniel Bentea

A brief version of the above video.


2:38 min. (YouTube / Lorin Bentea January 6, 2013)


"This prototype is currently patented, and I'm in the process to get my second one."

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Image:Daniel-Bentea gravity motor 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:Daniel Bentea's Gravity Engine - Romanian inventor, Daniel Bentea, has built a prototype that he says runs continuously from the power of gravity. He says its output is between 4.5 and 35 kilowatts -- more than enough to power a house. In addition to receiving a patent and opening the design to the public, he claims to have won a Guinness world record for his design, and is open to visitors to see the design working. (PESWiki June 29, 2013)


via YouTube

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