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Directory:Crower's Six-Stroke Engine

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Achieving a means of harnessing engine heat, Bruce Crower's internal combustion engine adds two strokes involving the injection of water, which immediately turns to steam, expanding the chamber for another cycle. Process keeps engine running cool.


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2.39 Minutes.

(You Tube July 12, 2007]

Technology Description

The first four strokes are the same as an internal combustion engine.

In Crower's design, after the exhaust cycles out of the chamber, rather than squirting more fuel and air into the chamber, his design injects ordinary water. Inside the extremely hot chamber, the water immediately turns to steam, expanding to 1600 times its volume, which forces the piston down for a second power stroke. Another exhaust cycle pushes the steam out of the chamber, and then the six-stroke cycle begins again. (Ref)

Q/A with Crower

Mr. Crower phoned on March 27 to provide answers to a few questions Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan had. The responses are as follows.

Q. What do you do when the engine is cold?

: Answer: The water does not start being injected until the engine reaches ~400 F.

Q. What about rust?

: Answer: Engine will run for 30 sec without water before shutting off.

Q. When will it hit the market?

: Answer: We're waiting for someone like Ford to step forward to engineer for production. Many companies have approached us.

Q. How much water will it use?

: Answer: We will cycle the water in a closed-loop system, running it through a condensor.

Q. How will you heat the cabin?

: Answer: There will be plenty of heat coming off the condensor coil.

No Cooling System Required

: "Besides providing power, this water injection cycle cools the engine from within, making an engine's heavy radiator, coolant, and fans obsolete. Despite its lack of a conventional liquid cooling system, his bench engine is only warm to the touch while it is running." (Ref)

Potential Efficiency

Crower estimates that eventually his six-stroke engine could improve a typical engine’s fuel consumption by as much as forty percent. (Ref)

About Bruce Crower

: "The six-stroke design was developed by 75-year-old mechanic and tinkerer Bruce Crower, a veteran of the racing industry and a the owner of a company which produces high-performance cams and other engine parts. He had long been trying to devise a way to harness the waste heat energy of combustion engines, and one day in 2004 he awoke with an idea which he immediately set to work designing and machining. He modified a single-cylinder engine on his workbench to use the new design, and after fabricating the parts and assembling the powerplant, he poured in some gas and yanked the starter rope. His prototype worked." (Ref)


Bruce Crower holds a patent on the new design. (Ref)

U.S. Patent number ______??

In the News

March 14, 2012 update - Bruce has been very ill was hospitalized for 2 years, having gotten a Merca(sp?) infection. He had gone to the FEMA trade show in California, and went out to help fight the wild fires. Was hospitalized where he got the infection. Prior to that, he had received visits from Ford and Caterpillar(?) and he was preparing his engine to show to Jay Leno. Bruce thinks he will heal and get back into the game, and presently doesn't want to pass the technology on to someone else.

The Six-Stroke Engine (Damn Interesting March 18th, 2006)

Autoweek article on the six-stroke engine (Feb. 23, 2006)


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