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Company sells plans for devices that they say can provide "free power for your home, garage, car or truck". They claim to have heaters, engines, and other devices that are over unity or that require no fuel. A few buyers say the kits do not operate as claimed. Others are satisfied.

The company says they lay low to avoid attention from the energy bullies.

: "We have some customers who are retired engineers and researchers, who have taken The fuelless engine and the sp500 and made many improvements. The more people that can get involved in building these things, the better! I think we have only scratched the surface of vortex energy (others call it radiant or aether energy?)." -- Rick Gibson, Sales Dept., Creative Science & Research (Aug. 2, 2007)

They have received mixed reviews some positive, saying they had success some negative, calling them a scam.

Official Websites - newer site with fresher look


Customer letters

Catalogue request - official YouTube channel

PES Affiliate link

Latest Developments

July 27, 2010

David Wagoner wrote:

Dear Sterling D. Allan,

We are now ready to reveal more about our Fuelless Engine free energy motor and why it works. The information will only be available in our plans and by e-mail to those who have purchased our plans. We have already begun sending out more critical information. Please remove any negative

comments concerning our Fuelless Engine and the Fuelless heater. Both devices work very well.

If you want to place us back in the spot light area where you had us before, we are now setup

to do that. We use affiliate program and can give you 25% when ever a customer clicks and buys.

We are good and honest people, and the devices work, and the plans are very well done!

We have many happy customers that I am going to contact to give reviews on what they have built, and ask them to place their comments on your website.

We are still concerned about security for us and our families, but I think we can give out

enough information to make more happy customers as well as not to rock the boat.

I do not know why big brother will not allow us to manufacture our devices. But we are still

selling plans and will continue to do so as long as we can.


33 plans and 4 videos, including:

The Fuelless Engine

The Fuelless Heater

The Fuelless Gravity Motor

The SP500 AC Generator

Free Energy From The Earth

Free Electricity from the Sky

The Air Engine Motor

Tesla Turbine Motor

Run Your Car On Water

Homemade Solar Cells

5,000 Watt Inverters

Wind Mill Plans - Generators

Homemade Batteries

HV Power Supply 50K

High Voltage Capacitors

High Voltage Magnets

HV Tesla Coils

Permanent Magnet Motors

Make Your Own Light Bulbs

Learn How to Relight Burnt Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs!

High Efficiency Generators

Magnet Motor

Fuelless Engine


(YouTube August 03, 2007)

On Aug. 2, 2007, Rick Gibson wrote:

(slightly edited)

The "Fuelless Engine" (trade name) can be built 2 ways: as a super high efficient electric motor or as a fuelless motor, or you could say a free energy motor that runs itself.

We are selling plans of our smaller motor (prototype) and our larger motor (prototype). These prototypes are what people can build, test and research for themselves. If a customer wants more horse power or more SP500 wattage output, you simply scale up our design and make them bigger. We have not yet had the time

to make larger ones, but we want to. For now we only sell plans for about 2 hp or less. We do not have the equipment to test the horsepower of our motors so we are only guessing. Our larger motor could be around 5 hp? (and that is using only one coil). More coils added would give far more hp. We use spiral coil technology for some of our motors.




Company: Creative Science and Research


David Waggoner

"David Waggoner is a research scientist and was born in New Albany Indiana. He has devoted his life in the study and development of free energy devices! David has spent many years studying the free energy electrical effects from magnetic and electrical fields. as well as HV spark gaps and generator technology. At age 47 he believes that science has only scratched the surface of what electricity is all about!"

In the News

Image:CreativeScienceResearch fuelless-motor 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Creative Science and Research > Creative Science & Research divulging more about Fuelless Engine - The Indiana company that has been doing alternative energy research since 1992 and producing 'free energy' plans, has announced that they will be revealing more about their fuelless engine. Customer testimonials and critical reviews posted. (PESN Sept. 25, 2010)


See Talk:Directory:Creative Science and Research


Customer Letters

Reply from Creative Science & Research

From: Creative Science & Research

To: Sterling D. Allan

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 11:24 AM

Subject: David Waggoner

Dear Mr. Allan

We have thousands of satisfied customers! We do not sell kit's anymore because of Big brother who came to our front door on more than one occasion.....

Even though we can no longer sell the Fuelless Heater kit's, we are allowed to sell the plans. This heater does work and holds many US patents, The few people who have complained are the ones who did not know how to build much of anything or people who got there orders late. But that has changed! since 7 months ago we hired more people to help us get orders out on time and to answer questions by e-mail. ( As many as we can ) we did that to keep our customers happy. We sell FREE ENERGY DEVICES ( plans ). We do not sell perpetual motion machines, but we do promote our free energy devices as a better alternative than free energy solar cells. The fuelless heater does produce free energy, it takes advantage of what Nikola Tesla Discovered ( in my opinion )

Radiant energy, or what we call Vortex energy here at Creative Science, Vortex energy in the form of capacitance as well as friction.

Solar Cells are free energy devices as well as our, Free energy from the earth, The fuelless engine, The Gravity engine, etc...

What we are selling is good stuff, That people can use. What we are sitting on, ( Until the times is right ) is even bigger and better!

Since we started our research and mail order company in 1996 we have sold to over 100,000 people, ( maybe more.. ) We hold on to those names and we will contact them in the future. Big brother will someday let free energy on the open market! and I will not forget my customers who have been good friends as well as faithful buyers.

Thank You

David Waggoner

President / Research Engineer

Creative Science & Research

PO BOX 557

New Albany, IN. 47150


Build One Yourself and See

(responding to request for testimonials)

----- Original Message -----

From: Creative Science & Research

To: Sterling D. Allan

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 2:25 PM

Subject: Re: your rebuttal requested

I will see what I can do... How about simply building the Fuelless Heater for yourself, a small prototype would cost you very little.

We have made many improvements, To make the heater heat up faster and to produce more BTU's in a small unit, you will want to add 1/8" aluminum or steel disks, as many as you can afford to have laser cut and placed on the rotor shaft, each disk must have a space of 1/4" in between every disk using a 1/4" washer, you then fill the aluminum tank with #40 oil, many customers have used water also. but we use oil.

Will send more



If you can vouch for Creative Sciences' legitimacy, please provide testimonial, with photos, videos, and data click here.

Heater Test Results

From: "froggy doubleoseven"

Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 1:24 PM

Subject: I can vouch for Creative Sciences as mentioned at

In March 2005, I purchased the plan for the heater.

I build it differently because of the material we had at hand. I used aluminium on the outside. I used hard plasting like we use for cutting boards. I built 9 inches high and 5 inches across.

I used steel for the core and shaft. machined all in one piece. I figure it would be better if the core was empty because it weights about 4 pounds I figure. Takes a bit more power to get it going.

We used brass sleeves instead of bearings which causes a little leak when it warms up.

To test it, we used the drill press that was in the shop. We had 2100 rpm which is under the recommended speed. The circumference of my outer drum was also undersized for what the recommendations were. The size being bigger would also mean more speed for the oil. I put transmission oil in it.

We filled it right to the top. Maybe just enough room for expansion. After 10 minutes, we maxed the temperature at 160 degrees. the recommended speed is 3600 rpm but we machined it to a 10th of 1000 so it will handle faster speed without the vibration.

All I can say is that this one seems to work and we built it for about 50 dollars. I will find a way to provide pictures of my setup to show you.

I would think that if the whole heater what [was?] light enough to barely affect the power used to spin the fan, then yes it will save on energy but it ain't free. But it works.

My name is Pierre Godin from Boissevain in Manitoba, Canada.

My number is 204-534-2291

Heater Works

From: Ralph

Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:59 PM

Subject: I can vouch for Creative Sciences as mentioned at

I bought the plans for the fuelless heater, I have built a small heater 10 inches by 12 inches. I built it this small just to test it to see if it really heats up. I spent about $60.00 on it, but that was including a few mistakes I made in which I needed extra supplies.

I can honestly say it does heat up very fast and does work. Soon I will be building a much better one, I just wanted to make sure it worked first.

Motor Results Pending

Forwarded Aug. 1, 2007

Dear Creative Science & Research

I would like to overthrow some the disinformation that is circulating on the web concerning your products. In honor of your request not to give away details I will not give any critical info away. I plan on putting my results of building the fuelless motor on free energy news. The only info on that sight concerning your company is negative so far. I do not see why the fuelless motor will not work as the air core makes sense.

Thanks for your plans!


Ps. I will only state my results and not show any pictures or diagrams

Fuelless Heater works well modified

A phone conversation held by Rick Gibson of Creative Science and Robert Woods "a satisfied customer" on Aug. 1, 2007.


Rick, this is Robert Woods, do you remember me? I built your Fuelless Heater and it works very well! I also made a few modifications and now it works even better! I am getting 200 degrees F in about one minutes time! I found that synthetic oil works best! I also am the guy who built and designed a new type of steam boiler and turbine generator.


Wow that's great! You should contact Free energy news, they love that kind of stuff. Is it OK if we tell them about you?


Yes, go ahead, but my modifactions I made are private between me and you, OK? I will send you a ton of photo's on the heater and my steam boiler as well as my steam turbine. ( Keep e-mail private )


Sure no problem.

Dissatisfied Customers

Received January 25, 2013

Here is what a regular guy in Australia, who paid good money for a motor kit/plans said about David Wagoneer.....

: "I have tried many times to e-mail David Wagoner and reply is he’s always too busy to answer questions. Then they tell me I need to pay another $270 for the updated plans. And again I bet they are incomplete. These guys at fuel usa don’t want to help, they just want your money and hope to never hear from you. There is no one else I can find who has made this motor."

- - - -

On April 22, 2012, Jerry Rides wrote:

Re: Sp500

Does not produce as much power as claimed

Feel like I have been totally scammed by fuel usa/ David wagnor from creative science and research. I have spent over $3000 to build there machines just the way the say to. And no they don't work as claimed. This company should be stopped selling these plans to people. I'm not the first to complain about this company. I wish i never found his website. No one else needs to waist money with them. No refund and no help with any questions. Total scam!!!!!



P.O. Box 557



email: []

Phone: 1-812-945-5839

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