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Directory:Correlated Magnetics Research

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Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) was founded in 2008 to pursue research and development activities in the field of correlated magnetic structures. CMR is a technology-licensing business actively working with innovative companies in a variety of industries to bring groundbreaking products to market.

Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) is licensing fundamentally new magnet technologies, supported by 62 issued patents out of 120 filed, in less than four years. CMR has magnets that hover and do all sorts of never-before-seen behaviors, all using conventional magnetic materials. Compelling applications and licensing opportunities in markets as diverse as consumer electronics, aerospace, manufacturing, and gov't.

Official Websites


MaxField Technology (Correlated Magnetics Research) - Coded Magnets = Extra Strength

1auuL62SQqM Jan 1, 2012

Programmable Magnets

_8bc6KU78rY Jan 3, 2012

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:10 - Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) today announced that it is shipping the first magnetizing printer for permanent magnet materials and the first software catalog of advanced magnetic functions. The CMR MagPrinter is a production magnetization system that “prints” arrays of magnets onto a single piece of magnetic material to produce a Polymagnet. (Free Energy Blog December 10, 2013)

Image:Obama-with-Stephen-straus 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Correlated Magnetics Research > Thirty Ambassadors Attend Presentation by Correlated Magnetics Research - "This fundamental discovery in magnetism applies wave interference, correlation and coding theory to magnetic fields. Quickly following the discovery was a series of pioneering inventions that enable precision magnetization of intricate patterns into permanent magnets using CMR's MagPrinter®." (News:Pure Energy Blog May 27, 2013)
Image:Correlated Magnets code a-b sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnetism > Grant Awarded to Develop High-Performance Magnetic Couplings - Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to design and develop high-torque magnetic gears and couplings utilizing CMR’s PolymagnetTM technology. Interlocking magnetic fields require no physical contact and thus no lubrication. They also suppress vibration.... (Nanowerk August 2, 2012)


Ron Jewell, Correlated Magnetics Research, LLC

Huntsville, TX, USA

TEL: +1 256-457-6999 or toll-free (US and Canada) at 888-820-9990