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Directory:Conventional Free Energy

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Directory:Conventional Free Energy

Directory:Energy Efficiency

Directory:Fuel Efficiency

Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive

Directory:Refined Global Solutions Inc

Directory:Fuel Efficiency:Tony's Guide

Directory:Tankless Water Heaters

Directory:Supertech by United Auto Technologies

Directory:Mimicking Living Organisms

Directory:Advanced Power Generation


Directory:Hybrid Vehicles

Directory:Electrocharger - Hybrid retrofit

Directory:Super-Efficient Motors

Directory:Starrotor Corporation

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Directory:Gun Engine

Directory:Gemini Electric Motor - permanent magnet rings on both sides of stator.

Directory:Stirling Engines

Directory:Stirling Energy Systems


Directory:Hydrogen Peroxide as Fuel

Directory:Fuel Cells

Directory:Carbon Conversion Fuel Cell

Directory:Ballard Power Systems - indoor-use fuel cells

Directory:Clean Coal


Directory:Light Emitting Diodes

Directory:Compact Fluorescent


Directory:High Pressure Electrolysis


Directory:Green and Gold Energy

Directory:Solar Tower

Directory:Solar Hydrogen


Directory:Asymmetric Parabolic Mirrors on a Filament of Platinum

Directory:Wind Energy

Directory:High Altitude Wind Power


Directory:Wyndpower Group - rooftop wind turbine R&D.

Directory:AE Wind Turbine Plans


Directory:Lithium Ion Batteries

Directory:Lithium Sulphur Batteries

Directory:Proton Polymer Batteries

Directory:Silver Polymer Batteries

Directory:Utility Scale Batteries

Directory:Mixing Sea and River Water

Directory:Tidal Power

Directory:Water Wall Turbine

Directory:Ocean Wave Energy

Directory:Wave buoys

Directory:Kneider Waves Energy Propeller

Directory:Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Directory:Thermal Electric

Directory:Power Chips PLC

Directory:Waste to Energy

Directory:Pipe Pressure Power


Directory:Chomp Chomp- energy derived from pest digestion

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Directory:Nanotechnology - energy applications

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Directory:Liquid Nitrogen economy