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Directory: Conventional and Exotic "Free Energy" Genres

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

February 16, 2013

In the near 11 years that I have been immersed (nearly every waking hour) in providing a news, directory, and networking service for clean energy technologies, I have accumulated a listing of the various genres of technologies for which working prototypes are claimed to exist.

Finally, with that experience to draw upon, I am compiling a summary listing to serve as a comprehensive compilation of the primary genres of "free energy" technologies that extract energy from the wheelwork of nature in a potentially useful way.

The "conventional" modalities are those that mainstream science acknowledges as legitimate, such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, waste-to-energy, and biomass.

The "exotic" modalities have not yet appeared in the marketplace, but once they do, they will no longer be "exotic", for their very emergence will vindicate them as legitimate.

The "exotic" label is applied because they seem to violate the laws of physics as presently understood, and will require some modifications/improvements to that understanding.

Generally speaking, for the most part, not only will they be "clean" but they will be cheaper than grid-provided power, and they will be distributed (providing power at the point of use).

When just one of these "exotic" genres is validated in the marketplace, then people are likely to wonder what other "impossible" technologies have been held back, hopefully opening a floodgate of interest and support in aiding their emergence as well.

As of the launch of this page, there are 25 genres in both the "conventional" and "exotic" columns.

Bear in mind that many of these classifications have numerous sub- and sub-sub-classifications of very different modalities. For example, we list "solar" as just two genres (photovoltaic and thermal), yet there are nearly an infinite number of ways of harvesting solar power (concentrated, heat, towers, etc.), and many of the other genres, such as wind, wave, ocean current, etc., are functions of solar power as well.

Even though they both have to do with an elevation change of a flow of water, I list Run-of-the-River and Hydroelectric as different genres because their scale and implementation are so vastly different.

Some of these genres don't fit squarely into "conventional" or "exotic." For example, even though "lightning" as a power source isn't going to surprise any physicists, the pursuit of doing so is definitely fringe, bordering on someone trying to harness the power of incoming meteors (which isn't listed in either column), with the exception that there are people who seem to be making progress in coming up with something more practical. Ditto for "Atmospheric Pressure Differences" -- just run a pipeline across a couple of states and harness the difference. All you need to do is wait for an oil pipeline to be freed up. "Vibrations from the environment" is listed as "conventional", yet it could be argued that this is precisely what many of the "exotic" modalities are about.

I suppose I could have listed Animal- and Human-Powered as the same general genre. The human-powered are easier to classify as "free energy" since the idea is to capture energy from normal activities. Why not strap a generator to the playground merry-go-round? Those kids seem to have an endless supply of energy, especially compared to us adults.

Relatively speaking, "Dark Energy" is actually fairly conventional, though within the realm of the mainstream, it is viewed as fringe. At least you can find discussion of it in their literature. Ditto for Electret, Quantum Energy, and Zero Point Energy.

I would argue that the primary dividing line of what is considered "exotic" versus "convention" isn't how scientifically based it is, but on the price point of the power that would result. You could argue that if the price point is close to or less than grid-based power, then it automatically gets slapped with a "fringe" label, to get pride-based scientists, media, and governments to ignore it. Works every time. Who wants to be called a crackpot, or a conspiracy theorist, or any other of a number of labels that work very well to shut up the prideful? Only the meek are not deterred by such name-calling. Hence, the meek are they who shall inherit the Earth.

"Nothing shall compete with the petrol-dollar", is the edict of the conspirators, who are ravaging our planet to establish their New World Order, which isn't new at all, and isn't about the Earth, and certainly isn't about peace or freedom.

The purpose of these general classifications of the main genres is to:

Illustrate the myriad modalities, showing that clean energy solutions abound

Show that there are roughly as many "exotic" free energy solutions as there are "conventional", showing that the options for solutions are vast

Organize a presentation of the main genres.

Feel free to suggest other main genres in the comments below.

In Alphabetical Sequence

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# Directory:Animal-Powered

# Directory:BetaVoltaics

# Directory:BioElectricity

# Directory:Biomass/Directory:Biofuels

# Directory:Conservation

# Directory:Fuel Efficiency

# Directory:Geothermal

# Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump

# Directory:Human-Powered

# Directory:Hydroelectric Dams

# Directory:Hydrogen

# Directory:Nuclear / Directory:Fusion

# Directory:Ocean Current

# Directory:Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

# Directory:Tidal Power

# Directory:Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System

# Directory:Ocean Wave Energy

# Directory:Piezoelectric

# Directory:River Energy

# Directory:Mixing Sea and River Water

# Directory:Solar

# Directory:Thermal Electric/Directory:Thermionic Generators

# Directory:Vibrations

# Directory:Waste to Energy

# Directory:Wind

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# Directory:Aether

# Directory:Anti-Gravity/Directory:Electrogravitics

# Directory:Power Via Atmospheric Pressure Differences

# PowerPedia:Ball Lightning

# Directory:Cavitation

# Directory:Dark Energy

# Directory:Electret

# Directory:Electromagnetic

# Directory:Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy

# Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone

# Directory:Gravity Motors

# Directory:Joe Cells

# Directory:Cold Fusion

# Directory:Lightning Power

# Directory:Magnet Motors

# Directory:Noble Gas Engines

# Directory:Orgone

# Directory:Petravoltaic -- Electricity from Rocks

# Directory:Plasma

# Directory:Pyramid Power

# Directory:Quantum Particles

# Directory:Radiant Energy

# Directory:Vortex Technologies

# Directory:Water as Fuel/Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems

# Directory:Zero Point Energy


Best Free Energy Applications

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Latest: Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Best Free Energy Applications - A listing, in a prioritized, strategic way, of the best applications for exotic free energy technologies, when they become available. Criteria include: To promote freedom and independence from the corrupt powers-that-be To support emergency preparedness To empower the individual To support societal infrastructure (PESWiki August 30, 2014)

In the News

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Latest: Directory:Grand Unified Theories > Directory:David Wayne Allan > David Allan says his UFT experiments show existence of free energy field - "We show direct evidence that there is a field in the universe that one can tap into which will supply, basically, free energy. We've shown [seven different experiments] the existence of this field, some of its properties that it has quantum states." (PESN September 13, 2014)
Image:25-genres-conventional-free-energy SDA 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - A summary listing to serve as a comprehensive compilation of the primary genres of "free energy" technologies that extract energy from the wheelwork of nature in a potentially useful way. There are as many unconventional modalities as there are conventional clean energy techs. (PESWiki February 16, 2013)