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Directory of clean, renewable community projects around the world.


Image:Dongtan community 95x95.jpg

Rise of the Carbon-Neutral City - Several ambitious plans around the world envision green cities, but such projects raise as many questions as they promise to answer. Perhaps the mother of all sustainable architecture projects, Dongtan on Chongming Island in China will be powered by wind, biofuels, and solar energy. (BusinessWeek Feb. 11, 2008)

The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review - (48-page PDF) Guidelines for Identifying Business Risks and Opportunities Arising from Ecosystem Change accompanied by case studies from five businesses, explains the steps a business should take to identify what ecosystems it depends on and the risks and opportunities related to changes in those ecosystems. (GreenBiz March 17, 2008)


Image:Open source ecology tractor 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization - Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski, founder of Open Source Ecology is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that's only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village (starting cost: $10,000). (TED April, 2011)
Image:Storgatan kalmar 95x95.jpg

Going green: Entire Swedish city switches to biofuels to become environmentally friendly - Kalmar Sweden and its surrounding 12-town region, with a quarter-million people, has traded in most of its oil, gas and electric furnaces for community "district heat," produced at plants that burn sawdust and wood waste left by timber companies. Hydropower, nuclear power and windmills now provide more than 90 percent of the region's electricity. (Chicago Tribune March 9, 2009)


Image:AutodeskSustainableDesign 95x95.jpg

Autodesk Sustainable Design Webcast Series - The webcasts feature the principles of sustainable design, methods for sustainable building techniques, and building information modeling (BIM) as a means for multi-disciplinary project teams to design, analyze, coordinate and build high-performance, sustainable buildings. (Autodesk July 2, 2008)

Eco City World Summit 2008

Intentional Communities

See - a directory and resource for Intentional Communities

Image:Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage welcome sign 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Communities > Directory:Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage - Many of them eat vegan to reduce their diet footprint, grow their own food, use mulching toilets, run their gray water into their agriculture, do cob for building, run their cars on veggie oil, and have solar showers – all the things we want to do in our community but they've been at it for 15 years. (PESWiki May 2, 2010)
Image:Solar cabin 95x95.jpg

Living off the Grid - Many of today’s back-to-the-landers are building more comfortable retreats from civilization, complete with electricity courtesy of solar panels and windmills. (EMagazine July 19, 2005)

Image:Spring City safehaven east-view 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Communities > OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project - I'm involved with a group of people who are preparing to build an intentional community based on principles of sustainability, healthy living, natural healing, individual responsibility, cooperation, and renewable energy. In short, it is about alternative, enlightened everything. Interested? (PESWiki July 28, 2009)

Building Projects

Image:Video-cleantech-wave-set-to-break-in-san-diego 95x95.jpg

Cleantech Wave Set to Break in San Diego (Includes video) - The San Diego region is already home to more than 200 cleantech companies with more than 40 of them active in the renewable energy space. (Renewable Energy World March 4, 2009)

Image:Earthshipbiotecture logo 95x95.gif

Earthship Biotecture - Earthship is a global company offering proven, totally sustainable design and construction services worldwide. The company is lead by Michael Reynolds, the principle biotect and creator of the Earthship Concept.

Image:Governors island eco park 95x95.jpg

Governors Island Envisioned as Incredible Eco-Park - New York’s Governor’s Island is set to receive an incredible set of renovations that will transform the 172-acre plot of decaying Coast Guard structures into a stunning eco-park. The project is a hybrid of landscape and architecture based around a sinuous set of new paths, watercourses, restaurants, aquaria and even complimentary wooden bicycles. (Inhabitat Jan. 22, 2009)

Image:Sahara-forest-project 95x95.jpg

Directory:Water >Incredible Sahara Forest Project to Generate Fresh Water, Solar Power and Crops in African Desert - The Sahara Forest Project works on many levels. By combining the benefits of Concentrated Solar Power and Seawater Greenhouses, the design team has vastly scaled up the positive outputs of renewable energy, food production and fresh water supply. (TreeHugger Sept. 2, 2008)

Image:Ecoball 95x95.jpg

Retreat to an Ewok Eco Sphere in the Trees - Our Planet Retreats, an innovative UK-based company, is building eco-resorts in gorgeous pristine locations like the Phillipines, Vanatu, and Papua New Guinea. Visiting guests stay in simple floating spheres in the trees, reached by spiral stairs. (Inhabitat July 25, 2008)

Greensburg, Kansas
Image:Greensburg-Kansas rebuild 95x95.jpg

Greensburg: Rebuilding Better, Stronger, Greener! - A 157-page Sustainable Master Plan is used to rebuild Greensburg, Kansas after a tornado wiped it off the map on May 4, 2007 with the goal to become the "Greenest city in the USA". (Planet Green Videos) (Renewable Energy World Sept. 3, 2008)

Geos Neighborhood, Arvada, Colorado
Image:Geos Arvada Plan 95x95.jpg

'Net Zero' Energy Community Planned For Arvada - Imagine living in a community where the sun and earth produce all the energy in the Geos Neighborhood after October 2008 near 69th Ave and Joyce Street in Arvada, Colorado. Google Map. "The utility bill will come out essentially zero each month," said prospective home buyer, Tim Sullivan. (CBS4 Denver August 8, 2008)

Germany's Hamburg Harbor

Sustainable Eco City Concept in Germany - World class Eco City will encompass many industries and entrainment facilities, and will have the latest advancements in green design at its disposal. The developers and designers of this ambitious city want to set some standard that’s why they are seeking to achieve the highest level of environmental certification from LEED, BREEAM and DGNB. Eco City is one of the only projects in the world that is aspiring to accomplish the highest level of environmental certification from all three major green building rating systems. The project will assimilate efficient technology and building methods and at the same time nurturing social interaction and community resurrection. (Alt Energy Blog August 27, 2009)

Ecobay, Estonia
Image:Ecobay 95x95.jpg

ECOBAY: New Sustainable City for Estonia - Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects won first place in an international competition to create a new sustainable city "Ecobay", set on the Paljassaare Peninsula in Estonia. Situated serenely overlooking the Baltic Sea, the new city will benefit from a diverse portfolio of clean energy sources and will house up to 6,000 citizens as it is completed over the next 15-20 years. (Inhabitat July 17, 2008)

Freiburg, Germany
Image:Sonnenschiff 95x95.jpg

Green Energy Projects Making a Splash in Germany May Soon Be Coming to U.S.' - FREIBURG, Germany — Tucked away in Germany's southwest corner lies the country's throughly modern environmental capital of Freiburg, where residents are embracing a number of green energy projects that may soon be running in the United States. (Fox News July 14, 2008)

Abu Dhabi
Image:Abu-dhabi-the-new-prince-of-solar-technology 95x95.jpg

Abu Dhabi: The New Prince of Solar Technology? - Solar energy is also set to power another major Abu Dhabi project — Masdar City. The ultra modern city, due to be completed by 2015, aims to be the first zero-carbon emission and car-free city in the world, housing 50,000 inhabitants and 1,500 companies. (Renewable Energy World Jan. 5, 2009)

Image:Abu Dhabi 95x95.jpg

Building the Zero-Emissions City - Recently, in the harsh desert climate of Abu Dhabi, construction started on Masdar, a city that will house 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses but use extremely little energy, and what it does use will come from renewable sources. (MIT Technology Review May 08, 2008)

World's Nest, Taos, New Mexico - pioneering various sustainable living systems for complete autonomy.

Image:WorldsNest welcome 500.jpg

- - - -

Rivendell Village, The Northern Rivers, Australia
Image:Rivendell masterplan95x95.jpg - "this is my favorite sustainable community design" -- User:Itopea (Feb. 19, 2008)

The masterplan shows clustered housing set amongst ample green open space, incorporating four concentric rings:-

a green buffer zone around the entire periphery

a ring road for use by residents and their visitors

Rivendell's houses

the central park

Dongtan, Chongming Island, People's Republic of China

"Perhaps the mother of all sustainable architecture projects, Dongtan on Chongming Island in China will be powered by wind, biofuels, and solar energy."

Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China
Image:Guantang Chuangye95x95.jpg

Striving to maximize social engagement, the plan creates an urban structure that promotes walking and healthy activities in its multitude of parks, paths and trails. The development will also preserve existing stream and wetland communities, returning clean, healthy water to the ecosystem at equal rates and in the same patterns of the undeveleped site through the use of integrated strategies. Befitting its designation as a demonstration project, the plan demonstrates what is possible in Liuzhou, in China, and in communities around the globe. Guantang Chuangye Sustainable Conceptual Master Plan (Slashdot Jul.17, 2005)

Treasure Island, San Francisco, California
Image:250px-Wfm yerba buena treasure islands usgs95x95.jpg

Treasure Island Project in the San Francisco Bay area - Treasure Island

In 2009, Treasure Island will begin the initial phases of construction and the little known city will suddenly blossom as a hot-bed and laboratory of “green?? development. The latest in water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management and low-impact living will be implemented. The goal: to create the most ecological city in the world, a shining example of what the future holds.

Califia Eco City, San Francisco, California

Califia Eco City Project San Francisco

Key to the design will be the innovative social meshwork underlying it, which will be implemented in a flexible mixed-use project combining traditional and cohousing-style residential development – a full suite of community, commercial, and social spaces to maximize human potential and group interactions.

EcoVillage, Berea, Kentucky

[ -

With its state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system, recycled wood cabinets, and low-energy fluorescent lighting, Berea's $10 million Ecological Village" represents the cutting edge of environmental architecture. (Less is more as colleges turn eco-friendly Boston Globe''] July 3, 2005)

On-site treatment of waste is accomplished through the Ecological Machine, which converts sewage to swimmable quality water, and through a composting toilet in the SENS house. Roof-top capture of rainwater contributes to landscape irrigation and production of fruits and vegetables.

Centennial, California

Tejon Ranch Sustainable community Project

Guidelines for the development and design of eight village-style communities offering a wide range of housing, retail, community services, parks and recreational amenities.

Provision of necessary services such as gas, water, electricity, telephone and fiber optic cable.Preservation of natural resources - nearly half of the land will be dedicated as open space, greenways, trails or parks.

Scope of public services to be provided including emergency and police, fire stations, a public library and 18 parks.

Green development program for residential and commercial buildings to ensure the use of sustainable design practices.

Multi-modal transportation plan incorporating alternative systems for pedestrians, bicycles and small neighborhood electric vehicles, with an internal roadway to facilitate circulation among communities and future rail transit.

Eight elementary schools and two high schools.

Water conservation, recycling and reclamation, along with state-of-the-art drainage system.

Port Austin, Michigan
Image:NORAD MI95x95.jpg

Off-Grid College and Retirement Community in the Works - "We are now just setting the campus up," said Frankford. "It has been unused for the past 5 to 10 years. There is a lot of work that is being done. We are needing to replace most of the heating, cooling, and power to the buildings. While doing this, we want to use renewable solutions to manage our total energy requirements. We are seeking all forms of non-poluting, natural, inexpensive, highly efficient technologies that will become a model for other institutions." (PESN May 17, 2004)

Jeju Island, South Korean
Image:Donggwang-green-village-on-jeju-do-south-korea 95x95.jpg

South Korean Solar System Community on Jeju Island a Brilliant Idea - On the roof of each of the 40 houses in Donggwang lies a large beds of solar panels. Even the small, local elementary school runs on free electric energy from the sun. The photovoltaic panels produce enough energy to power the entire area. Amidst cattle and fields, Donggwang is a state-of-the-art renewable energy village. (EcoWorld May 9, 2008)

OurPlanetRealty - "This land was bought for the people, for their security and freedom. 24/7 Free Childcare - Self Sustaining Water Supply From Wells - Etc... A master planned self sustaining in home entertainment business community."

User Groups

Image:AltEngUGheader 95.jpg

Alternative Energy User Group - The non-profit organization meets the first Wednesday of each month in RIchland, WA. Speakers and Presenters come and provide information to the group on all kinds of alternative energy topics.

Virtual Communities

The Progressive Tech Center - Prescott Valley, AZ. "Create clean green healthy and sustainable communities by promoting the scientific and technological advancement of humanity."

Energy Friends - A Social Community for the discussion of Energy with a primary focus on the development of New Alternative Energy Technology.


Image:Sustainable Urbanism95x95.jpg

Sustainable Urbanism - This manual designates the human settlement pattern—and not just the dwelling—as the crucial variable in the environmental equation. This makes a great deal of difference, as the absence of community scale in the environmental literature has been masked by the recent obsession with “green" building—the latest of the silver bullets. (FarrSide)

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:06 - In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Dallas Texas to visit Quinn Eaker of the Garden of Eden community. Quinn tells us about the mission of the Garden of Eden and how recent pressure from the state has harassed, intimidated, fined, and is threatening the existence of their community. (Free Energy Blog December 6, 2013)

Image:Kitchen shed shv deseret news 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Communities > OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project > Blog > Safe Haven Villages project is featured on home page of Utah's second largest paper - Our renewable energy, sustainable living, intentional community project is featured in a story today in the Deseret News, including a photo gallery and video presentation. I've written a blog post about it, with a few updates on the project, including mention of the underground greenhouses for the local community, and the 2-acre solar farm. (Allan's Sustainable Home Aug. 13, 2010)
Image:EarthShip greenhouse 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Communities > OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project > Safe Haven Villages to implement sustainable community designs - Interview about sustainability and intentional communities in general, building types, such as earth ships compost toilets, gray water recycling, rainwater harvesting renewable energy greenhouses community documents, and things that make communities work. (PESN 9/9/9) (Comments)


Image:Virgle 95x95.jpg

Google Gives Up On Earth: Will Colonize Mars - While Google and Virgin have both been outspoken and dedicated supports of the Environment, it looks as if their founders are just sick of dealing with this mess. (EcoGeek April 1, 2008)

Directories - Perhaps the largest directory of it's kind: the national / international directory of the Foundation for Intentional Communities. FIC is a non-profit and has been in operation for decades. The directory lists intentional communities of all kinds, ecovillages, cohousing, etc. Google Maps is integrated so you can see the 'pins' in your neighborhood.

Automated - "We are extremely pleased to bring the thoughts and opinions of the change agents that are working hard to create our new convergence communities."

The Carbon Community

Smart Grid News - Discusses Green Building and smart electrical grid systems.

EcoCity Builders - Premier Leaders in sustainable city development.

WeEarth - Network of resources enabling us to explore our connectedness with each other and with our changing world.

AllTop - Green News aggregator.


See Talk:Directory:Communities

Advantages of Community Energy Projects (Renewable Energy World March 4, 2008)

See also

Image:Beijing 2008 environmnet 95x95.jpg

Article:Beijing 2008 Green Olympics - We take a look at the environmental theme around the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing China. August 08-24, 2008.



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