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Directory:Cold Electricity

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Cold Electricity

Research and Development

Image:Voltree power logo 95x95.gif

The Roots of Power: How Voltree is Tapping Tree Energy to Save Forests - Voltree Power has made solid progress on tree-powered bioenergy converters, designed to be placed in fire-prone national forests, where they’d monitor temperature and humidity and radio the data back to remote automated weather stations (RAWS) operated by the U.S. Forest Service. (xconomy Nov. 26, 2008)

Image:Stiffler cold electricity LED circuit 95x95.jpg

OS:Stiffler Cold Electricity Circuit - Ronald R. Stiffler has come up with a circuit that he calls a "cold electricity" circuit that appears to be harnessing free energy from the environment. "This is a totally self-contained, self-powered circuit. There are not tricks to it."

Books and DVDs

Review:Electric Motor Secrets DVD by Peter Lindemann - In this DVD presentation (Published April, 2007), Directory:Peter Lindemann draws on 30 years of his own research and development, explaining in simple terms what back EMF is, and how one can build motors and generators that do not involve back-EMF. He asserts that such designs can improve upon the most effective motors of today by many-fold, not just a few percent.

Image:Lindemann Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity 80.jpg

Book and Video > The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity - explains Tesla's "radiant energy" -- 'one of the most powerful Free Energy methods ever discovered'. Also covers the work of Directory:EV Gray who furthered the work with radiant energy.

TeslaTech Review - contains summary of contents.

Google - listing of sites that mention, feature, or carry the book and/or video.

Peter Lindemann quotes, for close to 25 minutes, directly from the book written by Gerry Vassilatos, "Secrets of Cold War Technology", the first chapter of which is called Nikola Tesla and Radiant Energy - and discusses Impulse DC (consider for just one second what the stanley meyer pulse DC, pulse width modulation people are doing) - even mentions the Apparatus for ozone production by using quickly interrupted (pulsed) DC electricity. Look up the patent.


Usage of cold electricity in relation to running of Stanley Meyer water fuel cell with sharp power spikes (pdf) written by Patrick J. Kelly.


Edwin V. Gray used Cold Electricity.

John Bedini speaks of Cold Electricity or Radiant Energy.

Nikola Tesla apparently used Cold Electricity.

The Dave Lawton replication of the Stanley Meyer water fuel cell has extractable cold electricity.