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Directory:Clean Fuel Conversions

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This page is dedicated to companies that have the mission to change transportation to alternative fuels and reduce reliance on petroleum-based transportation.

: "Flex-fuel capability is the best way to create demand for clean fuel while working within the old infrastructure." -- Congress:Member:Tai Robinson


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Directory:Fuel EfficiencyCongress:Member:Tai Robinson - New Energy Congress founding member gives an overview of how to convert existing vehicles into clean fuel vehicles, running on multiple local fuels. A look at the process, costs, and other considerations regarding alternative fuels in general. ( June 9, 2008)


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Intergalactic Hydrogen - Provides MADE-IN-USA renewable energy products & cleaner fuel options that work with today's infrastructure and beyond. Western states.

Clean Fuel Connection - In the past 8 years, CFCI’s technical knowledge and proactive communication style has helped smooth the way for charging installations. They are working with local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and gas utilities to create a process for installation of CNG home refueling in California.

Clean Fuels USA - A global company dedicated to developing and building safe, reliable and compliant products and services necessary to transition fleets away from traditional fuels to the economic and environmental advantages of alternative fuels. CleanFuel USA's CFT branded E85 and propane motor fuel dispensers, the Liquid Propane Injection (LPI ®) engine system, CleanFUEL USA refueling sites and their Fuel Contract Service provide real solutions for fleet managers and station operators.

FlexTek - FlexTek is a flex-fuel conversion technology that utilizes its own standalone CPU to enable the vehicle’s fuel system to burn ethanol (E85), gasoline, or any blend of the two fuels, the vehicle’s original computer is not bypassed.

Transeco Energy Corporation - TransEco Energy Corp., Altech-Eco Corp., and NC-CNG Corp. are dedicated to the development and growth of alternative energy for transportation. They promote a cleaner and healthier environment by utilizing only EPA or CARB approved CNG, LNG or LPG conversion system for petroleum or diesel vehicles which include light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, cars, load trucks, buses, refuse, forklifts and many more. North Carolina.


Existing Natural Gas Vehicle Sourcing

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Natural Gas Vehicle Cooperative launches in three western states - The newly-formed Natural Gas Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative, started by CALSTART and operational in three states (Arizona, Nevada and California), will help fleet managers "to quickly identify, locate, and purchase a wide range of light, medium, and select heavy-duty natural gas vehicles at the best prices." (AutoBlog Green June 26, 2008)

Government and Politics

DOE Clean Fuels Research

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC), formerly known as the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

EPA Clean Fuels Facility

EPA Clean Fuel Fleet program

National Energy Technology Lab

In the News

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Directory:Fuelwatch Worldwide > Directory:Natural Gas > Paying more for CNG at the pump - The Utah Public Service Commission's recent decision to increase the price of compressed natural gas for vehicles has drawn the ire of many alternative-fuel advocates, including famous green advocate and former Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson. (Deseret News Jan. 4, 2008)

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Man Aims To Wean World Off Petroleum - Congress:Member:W Fred Robinson has been working to convert standard automobiles to run on alternative fuels for more than 30 years. He lives in a solar-powered home he built himself and converted a Hummer H2 so it can run on several different fuels, including hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol or unleaded. (Steamboat Pilot Nov. 9, 2008) (Thanks Congress:Member:Tai Robinson)


Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition

Clean Fuels Development Coalition

Eastern Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Ultra Clean Fuels Technologies


Congress:Member:Tai Robinson - Clean Fuel Specialist, NEC

Congress:Member:W Fred Robinson - Clean Fuel Specialist, NEC