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Chava Energy was founded in 2007 to find viable exotic free energy technologies and bring them to market. Headed by German entrepreneur, Hagen Ruff, the personnel are located around the world. They keep their projects quiet.

On January 19, 2013 9:48 PM, CTO, Mark Snoswell wrote: (slightly edited)

: ChavaEnergy is a global company at the forefront of developing new energy technologies. While they do not comment on current commercial projects, they are a generous leader in providing information and tools for education and to benefit other researchers in the field. These tools and information are available on their science web site ChavaScience. I would encourage people to read their no-nonsense definition of Free Power on their home page.

: There is a lot of information that is unique on the ChavaScience site, and it is constantly being updated. Current highlights are:

A Short History of Hydrogen Thermal Anomalies by Jones Beene and Dr Mark Snoswell, is an illustrated article providing an up to date summary of the LENR field.

For researchers in the LENR/Cold Fusion field, Chava has compiled the largest collection of thermal transfer data and calculators. The Thermal Transfer page contains the most accurate and complete set of calculators and data for researchers to use. TI even gives worked examples for Francesco Celani’s recent experimental results from NIWeek and ICCF17 late last year.

There is a report of research results from oxidation of Cu55:Ni alloy wires like those Francesco Celani uses in his devices. This report provides the only model currently available for predicting oxidation rates in these alloy wires. This is an essential read for researchers in this field.

SpinLab software for 3D visualization of spinors and spin waves. This includes discoveries of two new methods for creating spinors introduced in an article on S-Spinors. The software is available for free download and is intended to educate and to provide a useful research tool.

New information about Hans Colers device. Late in 2010 Chava Energy discovered a treasure trove of new information on Hans Coler, his devices and their true origins – Willi von Uruh. This short article gives a glimpse behind the curtain of some of the information Chava has on this topic.

Revolutionary isolating DC transformer design. The DC transformer that Chava has developed is an essential component in many attempts to self-loop OU devices. This device overcomes the problems of connecting output and inputs that are floating at different potentials. It is bi-directional and has a lower loss than a standard fuse.

Official Websites (see links just below the header tabs)

Spin Lab




Forum - Company domain

In the News

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Mark Snoswell, CTO

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Hagen Ruff, CEO

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