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Directory:Chas Campbell Generator:Disproved

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Note : This page is still conjecture and should not be considered a full scientific proof that the Campbell generator does not work as claimed.

Two free energy scientists allege that the Australian inventor, Chas Campbell, who made Channel 10 News in July, demonstrating an Directory:Chas Campbell Generator with input of 800 Watts, running 3500 W output, operating a drill, a saw, and other appliances was apparently doing so via a flywheel effect, not because of harnessing some free energy source.

However, after viewing the Sept. 8, 2007 video, at least one of the two scientists modified his perspective, saying that the system There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].

Flywheel at Best

On Sept. 6, 2007, Directory:Peter Lindemann wrote:

(Image captions added by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan)


When you first linked to the Directory:Chas Campbell Generator film, I dismissed it.

: 8QD2Whs_LxA

: Free Power - Chas Campbell (Ten News / YouTube 4th June 2007)

Then, about two weeks ago, I got interested in it. I have a friend in Brisbane and we were about to contact him. Then I started reading the forum on Chas at They had made contact with him weeks ago and were about to do some "serious" tests on the system.

Well, the tests came back showing that with 1440 watts input, the flywheel system could not run a continuous 1000 watt resistive load (light bulbs). It can run larger loads for shorter periods, but this strongly suggests the system stores momentum in the flywheels, and thats all it does. It was also admitted that the big gravity wheel "shutters to a stop" and does not self run at this point.

About half of the people in the forum believe more testing should be done, and the other half believe the system has failed to show an energy gain. I'm in the second group.

On film, I like Chas. He has a "can do" attitude, but I don't think he has done anything yet. At least, nothing has been proved. I think he is "mistaken" about the abilities of his systems.

: v9Y8DBXJTt8

: Chas Campbell - Clean Free Power - Video produced by Chas Campbell shows large gravity wheel turning, as an alleged input energy source for his generator system and all the appliances it powers simultanously. (YouTube August 10, 2007)

On Chas' Big Wheel, in the second film, you can see slanted tubes, like the slots in OS:Scott F. Hall:Old Indian Gravity Wheel. This had been on YouTube since early August, at least three weeks before Scott "miraculously" revealed the "ancient Indian gravity wheel" which I have NEVER seen discussed in any ancient texts! Also, one of the forum members built a bicycle wheel with the slanted tubes idea and it doesn't run either. It's in post #266 and pasted here.

Image:Bike replica of Chas Campbell gravity wheel sq300.jpg

So, Directory:Scott F. Hall is just jumping on the "band wagon" since his unit came a week after this.

That's what I think.

P.S. I don't believe Stefan Hartmann has decided that it doesn't work, and neither has the guy doing the testing in Australia. My OPINION is what I have said already, but that is not FACT. I believe there is a preponderance of evidence against it working at this point, and some members in the forum have assessed it this way too.

- - - -

On Sept. 6, 2007, Congress:Former Member:Mark Anthony Dansie wrote:

At this stage they have nothing.

At best it is a flywheel storage system.

Have a good read of the posts,2487.315.html

I have stayed away from tearing this one appart as I like the old man for his passion and creative mind.

P.S. I did offer to go and be an observer on behalf of the New Energy Congress.

Merits Further Consideration

On Sept. 8, 2007, Directory:Peter Lindemann wrote:

I have reviewed the new Chas Campbell film showing his "gravity wheel"



I built a system like this four and a half years ago

that transferred water in tubes from the perimeter on the down stroke to

the center on the lift stroke, but my model ran into complicated

hydraulic problems which I never solved.

The MATH predicts that the energy required to lift the ball is the same

as the energy recovered from its fall UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

This design DOES warrant more

study and the building of a better weight transfer system.

Later in the day, Peter wrote:

I've had a chance to do a little more research on the behavior of Chas

Campbell's Gravity Wheel and whether or not it is actually running on

the video. My first impression was hopeful, but now I am having my doubts.

First of all, Bessler published at least 5 designs that are similar to

Chas' current design and claims that none of them work. Granted, Chas'

design is slightly different, but this is a bad start. These Bessler

designs are #6, #7, #45, #48, and #49.


Of these, #45 seems the closest.

Second, during the video, he begins releasing balls to the perimeter and

at least three or four of them have added their momentum to the rotation

of the wheel before the wheel has to begin lifting the return balls.

This is energy stored in the flywheel, and so it ISN'T miraculous that

it can begin lifting balls to the upper rail. Unfortunately, the system

does not run properly long enough to really see if there is an energy

gain or whether the system is just running on stored momentum. So, at

this point I don't believe anything has been proved. Furthermore, I

believe the indications that suggest the machine IS running are ambiguous.

It seems like many more of the forum members are skeptical than even

before. Its a unique design and Chas must be congratulated for his

efforts so far. I remain interested in his work.