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CERATECH’s products are compromised of 30 to 95% green sustainable industrial waste stream materials and are manufactured via a simple low energy, powder blending process. The Fortress Extreme GREEN Masonry System™, a block, mortar, grout and structural parging system which incorporates CERATECH’s high-strength green cement technology. The system aims to produce structures with superior strengths, compared to traditional masonry products, and in a condensed timeframe.


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Official Website


How it Works

Technical and Product Information

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CERATECH’s products are non-hazardous and clean up easily with water. They are made primarily from "green sustainable" waste stream materials in a low energy mechanical blending process. CERATECH’s products leave virtually no “carbon footprint.?

Reduced Permeability

Reduces susceptibility to corrosion

Improved Acid and Sulfate Resistance

Improved Dimensional Stability Via Lower Heat of Hydration Process

Protection From Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR)

Enhanced Durability - Abrasion and Freeze Thaw

Enhanced Strength Development


Image:CERATCH surface transportation 293.gif

Prior to incorporating in 2001, CERATECH focused its resources on product development and field testing, producing the PAVEMEND® family of high performance cementitious repair products that address nearly all of the constraints posed by traditional concrete repair products. Since incorporation, CERATECH has expanded its initial product offerings to include a full line of small, medium and large area rapid repair products, specialty high temperature concretes and extremely “green? large volume structural concretes. CERATECH’s revolutionary material technology provides for a value added alternative solution to today’s challenging applications in commercial and industrial building, road and bridge repair and construction, aviation, military and municipal infrastructure.

Block and Pre-cast


Extreme Environment Repair


Surface Transportation Repair

Independent Testing

Analysis of Material/Weight Benefits of CERATECH VS. 6KSI Concrete (39-page PDF 100Kb)


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Founded in 2001, and based in Baltimore, MD. with corporate offices in Alexandria, Virginia, CERATECH, Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered, high performance cements for the Department of Defense, construction, transportation and pre-cast concrete industries. The Company’s rapid concrete repair, rehabilitation and new construction products are currently in use by the U.S. Military in combat operations around the world, as well as State DOTs, Municipalities, Aviation & Port Authorities, private commercial construction companies and manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products. CERATECH’s products provide rapid “Return to Service? to a wide range of critical infrastructure.


Green Cement May Set CO2 Fate in Concrete - Constantz says he has invented a green cement that could eliminate the huge amounts of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere by the manufacturers of the everyday cement used in concrete for buildings, roadways and bridges. (TruthOut Sept. 2, 2008)


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Online Form


1500 North Beauregard St.

Suite 320

Alexandria, VA 22311

Technical Support:

Tel: 888-341-2600


Eastern Region: (East of Mississippi) Tel: 1-800-581-8397

Western Region: (West of Mississippi) Tel: 1-800-708-7963

Military Sales: Tel: 1-800-581-8397

International Sales: Tel: 1-800-581-8397

Distributors: Tel: 1-800-581-8397

Fax: 703-894-1068

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