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Cardo Systems set up groups in various countries and released the YouTube videos all about the same time to sell their remote headsets as a viral promotion.

Can Cellphones really be used to pop popcorn?

Are Cellphones safe to use today?

Fictitious Cardo Systems

From their website -

: "The contents of these videos are fictitious and humorous illusions, designed for entertainment. Nothing in these videos is menant to imply that mobile phones can make popcorn and Cardo Systems, Inc. ("Cardo") specifically discalims that these videos contain any portrayal of facts or comments about safety. Cardo disclaims any liability for the information in the videos."



.40 Minutes Pop corn et téléphone: c'est une pub

Ces vidéos ont été faites par Cardo Systems qui fait des oreillettes bluetooth ! Ils ont créé un profil : CardoWirelessFrance (''YouTube May 29, 2008)



.45 Minutes Popcorn - Cell phones: made by CARDO SYSTEMS

Saw that today: ... THAT is viral advertising! (''YouTube May 30, 2008)



.30 Minutes Popcorn - Cell phones : made by CARDO SYSTEMS

Saw that today: ... THAT is viral advertising! (''YouTube June 5, 2008)



.36 Minutes Cell Phone Popcorn

Not near a microwave? Snack on the go with your friends! FAIL! This video is obviously fake and cellphone are completely safe. ... (''YouTube June 10, 2008)

Cellphone video

So the Microwave popcorn with Your Phone Thing is a Hoax

Tips and Tweaks

This one is even funnier -


.46 Minutes iPhone - popcorn reflects radiation

We believe cellphone radiation is reflected by the starch and protein polymers in popcorn...

(''YouTube June 10, 2008 )

Electromagnetic Radiation


Earlier cellphones did send out 3 Watts of power when in use inside a vehicle.


.22 Minutes Electric field induced by a mobile phone

Horizontal cut showing the electric field strength outside and inside the human head. Rotating View. Visit TEMF for more information. (YouTube March 7, 2008 )

Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett experienced head-warmth near his ear, suffered from headaches and nausea and disorientation with a unit that had the omni-directional antennae way back in 1996. And he didn't know why.


1.43 Minutes Mobile Cell Phone Microwave Radiation Hazards

Invisible electromagnetic radiation surrounds us each day, emanating from diverse sources such as power lines, home wiring, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, photocopy machines, and cell phones. (''YouTube Nov. 12, 2006)

Mobile Phone Radiation and Health That is why many vehicles had external antennae for communications.


6.35 Minutes Cell Phone Dangers - what they don't want you to see

RF3 Air Cell phones are dangerous you need protection from them. You don't have to suffer the harmful consequences of cell phone radiation.(''YouTube April 3, 2007)



2.51 Minutes Are Cell Phones and Wireless Technology Dangerous?

Cellphone Lies Watch as this man uses special device to measure dangers of cell phones and office equipment. (''YouTube Oct 14, 2006 )

Ten highest radiation cellphones in use today in the US

Note: SAR is supposed to give an indication on the biological effects of Electromagnetic (EM) waves.

Cellphone Lies -

"Carrier wave oscillates at 1900 megahertz (MHz) in most phones, which is mostly invisible to our biological tissue and doesn't do damage. The information-carrying secondary wave necessary to interpret voice or data is the problem, says Dr. Carlo. That wave cycles in a hertz (Hz) range familiar to the body. Your heart, for example, beats at two cycles per second, or two Hz. Our bodies recognize the information-carrying wave as an "invader," setting in place protective biochemical reactions that alter physiology and cause biological problems that include intracellular free-radical buildup, leakage in the blood-brain barrier, genetic damage, disruption of intercellular communication, and an increase in the risk of tumors. The health dangers of recognizing the signal, therefore, aren't from direct damage, but rather are due to the biochemical responses in the cell."

"One thing all these conditions have in common is a disruption, to varying degrees, of intercellular communication. When we were growing up, TV antennas were on top of our houses and such waves were up in the sky. Cell phones and Wi-Fi have brought those things down to the street, integrated them into the environment, and that's absolutely new. The recognition mechanism, where protein vibration sensors on the cell membrane pick up a signal and interpret it as an invader, only works because the body recognizes something it's never seen before."

"This means we're on the beginning curve of an epidemic, with epidemic defined as a change in the occurrence of a disease that is so dramatic in its increase that it portends serious public health consequences," says Dr. Carlo. "This is what's not being told to the public. One of the things that I suggest to people who use a cell phone is to use an air tube headset. If you use a wired headset, the current moving through the wire of the headset attracts ambient informational carrying radio waves and thereby increases your exposure."

Fractal Antennas

Dr. Nathan Cohen, designed, engineered and patented many practical fractal antenna solutions and founded “Fractal Antenna Systems? - in 1995.

Fractal Antenna Construction - The newest cellphones don't even have an antennae nub in them any longer.

Microwaving Popcorn

Can popcorn really be cooked using a cellphone array today? (I'm guessing it is possible, depending on microwave frequency, concentration and sweetspotting.) Since the process involves water excitation in seeds, can cellphones generate enough energy to do electrolysis and create hydrogen? Probably not.

cmcrae1 wrote

"To heat the ~250 uL of water in one kernel to boiling point (which is what causes the kernel to pop) would require ~ 85 J of energy input. Assuming the kernel of corn was receiving the full power from even three phones, it would take ~ 50 sec to boil the 250 uL of water.

As a consequence of the long microwave wavelength (~ 12 cm) and the size of popcorn kernels (~0.5 cm), microwave popcorn packets need to have a foil liner in their base to make the corn pop. It is actually the foil liner that is heated by the microwaves, and which subsequently pops the corn, not the corn kernels themselves.

Microwave ovens operate around 2.4GHz. Cell phone transceivers run around 800MHz outside the US (GSM), 1.9 GHz inside the US (CDMA), 2.4GHZ when connected via Wi-Fi.

Complete microwave popcorn popping requires the plate in the bag to get warm to heat the popcorn so it can pop evenly, but it does work if inside a closed bag without a plate."

JT wrote

Cellphone frequencies are not correct for boiling water (needed to pop popcorn)

Cellphone do not emit enough power to pop popcorn (boil the water), especially in 10 seconds (it takes a minute in my 500 W microwave that _is_ optimized for boiling water)

The cellphones are somewhat randomly placed and can not possibly be placed well enough for any standing wave effects.

The cellphone would need to all be at the same frequency. CDMA (Sprint, Verizon, etc) and GSM (Cingular/ATT, T-Mobile, etc.) use different frequencies and different waveforms. All phones would need to be using the same wavelength and waveforms.

Multiplexing of the signals to and from the towers would also reduce any chance of positive reinforcement of the signals.

Chris wrote

"Sorry but this was after-effected. The table cloth is perfect for clonestamping other parts over the kernels. The phones make a great reference for the motion tracker. Make the kernels disappear. Make a null object, track the motion, assign the motion to the null object, get a nice alpha image of popcorn linked to the null object, have it move upwards for about 3 frames, then have someone behind the camera man drop popcorn onto the table. Easy Peasy. Lemon squeezy."

Alpha bravo wrote

"I think it could work, in theory...

A kernel of corn is 0.5g? of which 15% is water, apparently. So that's 0.075g of water that needs to be heated to 180 degrees to pop,?which is 160 more than room temperature,?which requires 160 0.075 = 12 calories = 50 joules or 50 Watt seconds.

A microwave produces 700W,? so could cook 14 kernels/second in theory if it was all absorbed.

The highest radiation phone on the market produces 1.6W/kg of human tissue. ?Assume human tissue is the same as popcorn.? So that's 0.00012 watts absorbed by the water in a kernel.

So one microwave is equivalent to 5,833,000 phones, which could cook 14 kernels/second. ?So 416,642 phones could cook 1 kernel/second.? So 155 phones could cook 1 kernel in an hour. In theory. And with some pretty liberal assumptions.

So you'd need to somehow fit 115 phones in a microwave with one kernel of corn, and be talking on all of them at the time so that they're transmitting and not just receiving. And wait for an hour, and then you'd have one popcorn.

In a week you'd have a whole bowl! Someone who didn't drop out of physics could probably find a whole lot of problems with this..."

And if you didn't catch it the first few times, look here – It is a clever hoax

Now let's see if we can cook an egg with cellphone. Oops, already been fried, er, tried -

Cooking Eggs with Cellphones


There is no real danger of cooking eggs or popping popcorn with cellphones. However, you can cause possible tissue damage to your body, so keep the cellphone at arm's length and away from certain parts of your anatomy and you should be okay.


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