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Directory:Carbon Conversion Fuel Cell

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Method of turning carbon directly into electricity.


Major Players

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Carbon Conversion Fuel Cell -- Turning Carbon Directly into Electricity - LLNL Materials Science page provides an overview of the technology.


: "In principle, any fossil fuel or biomass can be converted to electric power using direct carbon conversion. For natural gas and oil, pyrolysis (thermal decomposition) yields hydrogen and carbon. For dirtier resources (coals, biomass), the carbon may have to be extracted by reaction with hydrogen, followed by pyrolysis."

CellTech Power

Direct Carbon Conversion - PowerPoint presentation for paper given at Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Workshop July 30, 2003 Conference Proceedings U.S. Gov's National Energy Technology Laboratory.


: "Apparently, this is not the usual Molten Carbonate system, with all its problems of ash and electrode deterioration. And the CO2 product could be easily sequestered, in comparison with other hydrocarbon-based systems, including other fuel cell types.

: "From my reading, this would be the ideal coal-based electrical generation system, certainly better than the best coal combustion/electro-mechanical generation protocols. It would also make coal-fueled railway locomotives viable again, it seems." -- Hal Ade Ottawa, ON, Canada New Energy Congres (Jan. 26, 2006)

: "Seems to me to have the best and most practical advantage of the whole fuel cell arena. There are lots of existing sources of fuel for this that can be tapped that will not make our existing combustible fuel source situation any worse than it is, and likely could make some improvement. Biomass is a good source for this fuel cell." -- Ken Rauen, PES Network Inc New Energy Congress (Jan. 26, 2006)

: "This process looks like the "Cold Coal Battery" that Nikola Tesla predicted could be developed more than 100 years ago. Let's hope LLNL succeeds with this research." -- Directory:Peter Lindemann, (Jan. 27, 2006)


Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Workshop 2003 Conference Proceedings of Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Workshop July 30, 2003 by U.S. Gov's National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The Carbon/Air Fuel Cell -- Conversion of Coal-Derived Carbons -(The Carbon Fuel Cell Seminar, Palm Springs CA November 14, 2005)

Research and Development

Image:Hybridcarbonfuelcell 95x95.jpg

Hybrid fuel cells show improved efficiency - John Irvine at the University of St Andrews and colleagues made a hybrid direct carbon fuel cell containing solid oxide or molten carbonate electrolytes to transport ions between the electrodes. (Chemical Technology June 19, 2008)


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