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Proponents argue that easily grown and robust Cannabis Hemp is one of the best if not the very best plants overall for fuel, building supplies, medicine, fiber, food, paper, and substitute for wood. Some go so far as to argue that it could be the best solution to global warming. Yet due to the governments opinion of its abuse for its drug properties (Marijuana), it is illegal in the U.S. and elsewhere.

From about 6,000 years ago, to around 100 years ago, 60% to 80% of everything was made from Cannabis Hemp for example: clothes, rugs, drapes, curtains, diapers, canvas, string, rope, sails, houses, cars, etc...

This directory page is presented to document its uses and practicality.

Hemp Overviews

Image:Hempuses energy rd.jpg

Eco-Tip: Hemp - Overview article by TreeHugger Jan. 13, 2005.

In Chapter 6 of "A Blueprint For A Better World" (Chapter entitled "Better Forests for a Better World") Brian Desborough suggests intercropping trees and hemp in order to absorb the emissions way faster. He also discusses the politics of agricultural hemp - the suppression involved. ( ISBN: 0-9742018-0-4 )

History and it was outlawed

In 1937 legislation was introduced to U.S. Congress by "Drug Czar" Harry Anslinger, then Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. With absolutely no scientific evidence, a handful of individual cases, and published articles influence by a business associate Randolph Hearst, Anslinger and others discussed for 90 minutes before congress who did not even know what Marijuana (Mexican slang word) meant about that this drug caused criminal activity and potential insanity. Congress mentions how the law would impact the current hemp industry fully knowing the importance of hemp and were assured by Anslinger that it would only be a small inconvenience for current farmers as they would be required to register with the government a pay a small tax.

When the legislation was passed, the New Tax and political red tape virtually made it economically unfeasible and undesirable to continue producing hemp. In a short period of time, most all of the hemp agriculture was ceased. A right that many of the first presidents fought for and often the war of 1812 was attributed to. It just so happens that same year 1937 Dupont was issued two patents that directly replaced/competed with hemp paper products from wood, textiles and plastics from crude oil. So in a few short years most Americans never even noticed the switch from hemp to Dupont’s new compounds from crude oil. Chance or agenda... your decide!

During the World War II 1943, the American Governement produced a film that showed most of the industrial uses of hemp called “Hemp for Victory??. Jack Herer has been spot lighing the film for 20+ years to show the hypocracy of the Government and to valadate his position on hemp.

Popular Mechanics, in February 1937, predicted hemp would be the world's first "Billion Dollar Crop" that would support thousands of jobs and provide a vast array of consumer products from dynamite to plastics. It is estimated as of 2000 that the industry would be 500 billion to a trillion dollar industry if allowed to be cultivated. It is very peculiar that at the same time The Marijuana Tax of 1937 act was passed making farming the plant unfeasible, Dupont’s Patent for making plastic out of crude oil & coal was just given and the sulfate process in making paper out of wood. It was estimated in the 1930’s by Dupont that the patented sulfate process part of their business would be 80% of there business for the next 50 years. Unfortunately they would have to cut down oxygen producing trees to do so.

In the 1930's, hemp was a major threat to Secretary Mellon's friends and business associates, especially Randolph Hearst with his wood paper industry and Lammont DuPont with his petrochemical and synthetic fiber conglomerates. After all, hemp farmers wouldn't need DuPont's chemicals to grow their hemp because the crop is self-sufficient. The hemp-based ethanol fuel that was mentioned in the Popular Mechanics' article probably didn't sit too well with the oil companies of the time either. They also couldn't have been too thrilled to learn that this same plant produced high-strength plastics without a petroleum base. The hemp-based plastics developed at the time were stronger and lighter than steel, which we can imagine wasn't the best news for the steel industry. Furthermore the lumber industry had a stake in the future of hemp.

Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company had a huge biomass conversation plant at Iron Mountain Michigan. He made plastics from wheat straw, hemp and sisal. He also could produce methanol, charcoal, char, pitch, ethyl-acetate, & creosote all building blocks for the many chemical compounds that had been derived by Rockefeller for more 30 years through refining crude oil. Since biomass has no sulfur they do not produce nearly the pollution that crude oil does in refining. Pyrolysis is the method Henry Ford biomas refinery plant used which is identical to the process Rockefellers Standard Oil used in refining crude oil. In a 1941 Popular Mechanics Magazine published picture of a car made almost entirely of hemp was published. So to say that hemp was outlawed because of its narcotic effect is insulting to any average intelligent educated human. It’s legalization threatens the oil companies, timber industries, chemical refinery companies (textile), energy companies and pharmaceutical companies just to name a few. We all know the market capitol these companies hold and their influence on the US Government.

From: Hemp: American History Revisited: The Plant with a Divided History, by Robert Deitch

Pinch Hitters for Defense - Popular Mechanics - December 1941

After 12 years of research, the Ford Motor Company has completed an experimental automobile with a plastic body. Although its design takes advantages of the properties of plastics, the streamline car does not differ greatly in appearance from its steel counterpart. The only steel in the hand-made body ss found in the tubular welded frame on which are mounted 14 plastic panels, 3/16" thick. Composed of a mixture of farm crops and synthetic chemicals, the plastic is reported to withstand a blow 10 times as great as steel without denting. Even the windows are of plastic. The total weight of the plastic car is about 2,000 lbs., compared with 3,000 lbs. for a steel auto of the same size. Although no hint has been given as to when plastic cars may go into production, the experimental model is pictured as a step toward materialization of Henry Ford's belief that some day he would "grow automobiles from the soil".

When Henry Ford recently unveiled his plastic car, the result of 12 years of research, he gave the world a glimpse of the automobile of tomorrow, it's tough panel molded under hydraulic pressure of 1500 lbs. per square inch from a recipe that calls for 70% of cellulose fibers from wheat straw, HEMP, and sisal plus 30% resin binder. The only steel in the car is its tubular welded frame. The plastic car weighs a ton less than a comparable steel car. Manufacturers are already taking a low-priced plastic car to test the public's taste by 1943.

Web Articles of Hemp Car

What the 1937 Tax Act did

The 1937 Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana (archaic spelling "marihuana") or cannabis, but levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp or marijuana. It did, however, include penalty provisions and a complex Regulation 1 codifying the elaborate rules of enforcement marijuana cannabis or hemp handlers were subject to. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2000 and five years' imprisonment. It was this regulation that allowed the government and policing agenies to target anyone for politcal and personal reasons. One famous actor was made examples is Robert Mitchum in 1948, but this clearly was not the norm.

This meant that if one wanted to grow it for personal use, they would not likely be pursued. At worst they would be fined, but President Johnson in 1967 didn’t feel the fines were worth the effort. In 1969 in Leary vs. United States, this act was found to be unconstitutional since it violated the Fifth Amendment, since a person seeking the tax stamp would have to incriminate him/herself. This was what likley lead to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970’s that the government started to pursue anyone in possesion of. Before the 1970’s mainly distributers, and growers were pursued. Once Richard Nixion calimed a war on drugs in 1973 personal users usally were not pursed.

Beside the economic effects that the current establishment opposes this miracles plant could provide for the planet. One of the biggest government fears is the mind-expanding effects of the drug. Marijuana prior to the 1960’s was primarily a poor mans drug for Mexican immigrants and Blacks. When mainstream white America started experimenting with marijuana the peace/hippie movement got started, the Vietnam War protesting was rapid and civil rights movement all popped up over the course of 5-10 years. Just is case you did not know shortly after, the 1970’s drug Act was passed where Marijuana got classified and a Class 1 drug and anyone now could be prosecuted for possessing it and/or smoking it. The Drug War was officially declared by Richard Nixon in 1973 and that would keep middle white voting Americans in check with Governmental policies from now on as most decent law abiding Americans would not want to end up in jail for something they did not understand the actual power of or knew anything about the history of or the medicinal values of it.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp as Fuel

"It is possible to produce all of our energy with Cannabis Hemp. The unique growing properties of the plant make it the ideal crop for our energy needs. One acre of Cannabis Hemp can produce 1000 gallons of methanol in a single growing season(4-6 months) or by acid hydrolysis and fermenting into ethanhol as well. Because Cannabis Hemp grows very rapidly and is easily harvestable, we could produce all the energy and gasoline we needed from Cannabis Hemp. Cannabis hemp can also be converted into fuel oils to produce gasoline directly. If we burned Cannabis Hemp for electricity and gasoline we would stop releasing sulfur compounds. Any CO2 released from burning Cannabis Hemp would be the same CO2 the plant had already taken from the environment, creating what is called a closed carbon cycle."

Google > Hemp fuel 531,000 entries as of Feb. 2008

In addition, through Acid Hydrolysis 2500/gallons/alcohol/acre per year can be produced from cellulose at a wholesale price of less than $1/gallon.

Alcohol Can Be a Gas! by David Blume

Hemp as a Building Material

Google > Hemp building 429 entries as of Feb. 2008

"Cannabis Hemp can replace any of the products made from timber. Cannabis could be used for particleboards of any size, as well as insulation, drywall, cabinets, and furniture. We could build a house from Cannabis Hemp materials without excess pollution, and without cutting down a single tree."

It makes a far superior composite wood product, 2.5 times stronger than particleboard, according to Washington State University recent studies. - "Hemp twine is excellent for gardening and landscaping. Unlike many other fibers, hemp is round by nature, so as a twine it is easy to work with and does not cut plants or the hands tending them. It is also fully biodegradable."

Hemp for Paper

Google > Hemp paper 233,000 entries as of Feb. 2008

"All the paper we make from trees could be made better by using Cannabis Hemp. We would make more paper per acre. Each Cannabis plant grown saves 12 trees. Cannabis Hemp uses about 1/7 the chemicals in paper manufacture."

Hemp paper lasts 5 times as long as paper from wood and many of the pre 1900 bibles were printed on them. The first two drafts the Declaration of Independence was on hemp paper.

(The Emperor Wears No Clothes, By Jack Herer

Hemp for Clothing

Google > Hemp clothing - 233,000 entries as of Feb. 2008 - "The oldest cultivated fiber plant known, hemp has a history of use in textiles and fabrics dating back as far as 8000 B.C. The reasons for hemp’s continued popularity throughout the years are still applicable today and are the basis for the renewed interest in cultivation and use. Hemp is strong, warm, and long wearing."

Hemp clothing features:

One of the strongest natural fibers

Excellent wicking properties

Helps block harmful UV and UVB rays

Naturally resistant to bacteria and mold

Hemp as Food

Google > Hemp food - 249,000 entries as of Feb. 2008 - Features products for sale. "Hempseed is considered by leading researchers to be one of the most nutritious super foods on the planet — packed with protein, vitamin E, Omega-3, and GLA. Hemp contains pure, digestible protein, with a good balance of all eight essential amino acids. Hemp is not only delicious, but comprised of smaller-chain edistin and albumin protein, making it the gold standard of plant foods."

Hemp as Medicine
Image:Jaquie-Angel-Warrior sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Jaqie Warrior helped profoundly by medical marijuana -- illegal in OK - Our associate at the New Energy Systems Trust, Chip Paul, is chairman of a group in Oklahoma, USA which is seeking to use an OK constitutional provision to instigate a new law legalizing medical marijuana. Recently, they've been harassed by the police, who should be protecting them. (PESN June 20, 2014)

How Cannabinoids Kill Cancer Cells - This clip is from the recently-aired PBS documentary, 'Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis,' which explores the scientifically proven fact that cannabinoids kill cancer cells in test tubes and in laboratory animals. Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout organs of the human body, especially in the brain and in the immune system...

Rick Simpson's Hemp-Resin-Oil as ultimate medicine -

"Run From The Cure" the documentary on Rick Simpson on YouTube

Google > Hemp Medicine 385,000 entries as of Feb. 2008 - "Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are very important in cell membranes. The more saturated the fatty acid, the less fluid the membrane."

Hemp as medicine - "Cannabis hemp (marijuana) has been used a medicine for thousands of years." - Hemp and Medicine

Image:Cannabis Hemp Natural-News 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Politics v. Science: Understanding Cannabis Therapeutics Before it is Censored - A milestone quietly occurred last month, and one the federal government would prefer to ignore. Yet, it could mean a step in the right direction for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who use a centuries-old botanical medicine: cannabis... (Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News April 4, 2011)

Robert Melamede on Hemp

Robert Melamede Ph.D hemp researcher of University of Colorado says cannibinoids are produced naturally in the human body without the use of hemp.

Every single system in our bodies (our nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, immunological system, endocrine system), you name it & cannabinoids are involved in maintaining what's known as homostasis balance in the human body.

Mothers breast milk contains cannibinoids to encourage appetite.

For the same reason as baby’s breast milk and appetite, AIDS patents need hemp to reduce atrophy wasting away.

Cancer patents need it for the nausea caused from chemotherapy.

Roberts Homepage

Robert speaking:

More from Roberts (1:17 min into movie)

Dr. Claudia Jensen on Hemp

There is very strong evidence that it helps with ADD, ADHD, epilepsy and post traumatic syndrome as Dr. Claudia Jensen testified before congress on April 1, 2004

Interview with Kieth Oberman:

Transcripts from Hearing:

American History on Hemp for medicine: THANKS JACK!

Marijuana was the number-one medicine in America prior to 1863.

Non-toxic recreational use (unlike current legal one, Alcohol).

There are no reported overdoses to date of Marijuana. Can you say that for Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical drugs?

Some believe it even possesses anti-aging properties because it brings homeostasis in the body

Cannabis remained the number-two medicine until 1901 when it was replaced by aspirin.

During pre 1940’s science, doctors and drug manufacturers (Lilly, Parke-Davis, Squibb, etc.) had no idea of what its active ingredients were. All they knew was that the medicines they derived from it had a very short shelf life and it was hard to regulate the dosage.

Prior to 1937, Americans could legally purchase at least 27 medicines containing marijuana, many of them manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical firms that remain in existence today.

In rat studies cannabinoids have been effective is neutralizing cancer.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes, By Jack Herer

American Drug War: The Last White Hope, by Directed by Kevin Booth

Properties of Hemp

"Cannabis Hemp is the healthiest plant for the ground and air. It is the only known plant that can be grown from the Equator to the Arctic and Antarctic Circles from the mountains to the valleys, from the oceans to the plains, including arid lands and everywhere in between.

"Cannabis Hemp is the healthiest plant for the ground out of the 300,000 known species, and the millions and millions of subspecies of plants on Earth, because it has a root system that grows 10 to 12 inches in 30 days compared to one inch for rye, barley grass, etc. The roots penetrate up to 3, 6 and even 10 feet deep, pulverizing the soil and making it arable. After harvest it leaves a root system that is mulched into the ground, revitalizing the land and making it live once again."

Industrial Hemp

"Apparently, industrial hemp is good for practically everything but getting high." (ABC News)

Google > industrial hemp 272,000 entries as of Feb. 2008. - activism and lobbies, distributors, events and trade shows, FAQ, etc - Industrial Hemp - directory of companies and products. Free company registration. Business Classifieds. Hemp shop with over 1000 products.

Hemp Resources

Political Action Groups Regarding Hemp

"Hemp has not been allowed to be grown in North America since 1938 (except when it was required to support the war effort during WWII!) but 60 years later Canada resumed production. Romania and China remain two other key sources, although it is grown in many other countries, from France to Australia."

- promoting change in California legislation regarding Cannabis Hemp. "This will repeal criminal and civil penalties for Cannabis and ban drug testing for metabolites. It will decriminalize the cultivation, distribution, and possession of Hemp entirely! This initiative will legalize Cannabis Hemp, within the state of California, for (a) industrial products, (b) medicinal preparations, (c) nutritional products, (d) religious and spiritual products, and (e) recreational and euphoric use 21 and older, with no restrictions, and no one will ever go to jail again because of it."

Commentary on Hemp
Image:Cold-fusion marijuana collage 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Skeptics / Directory:Cannabis Hemp as a Global Warming Solution / Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator > Fear Mongering: From Cannabis to Cold Fusion - Considering the wide range of practical uses of cannabis, the politicizing of the plant and general banning has been more about protecting competing industries. We need to make sure something similar doesn't happen to cold fusion as it emerges into commercial use. (PESN and BeforeItsNews January 23, 2011)
Books on Hemp

The Emperor Wears No Clothes, By Jack Herer

Videos on Hemp


(2.54 Minutes) Biodiesel from Hemp

A talk on Hemp as fuel. (“You Tube'') Sept, 13, 2006

Emperor of Hemp DVD By: Peter Coyote (Actor)

Hemp for Victory - 1942 United States Department of Agriculture Film (google video)

Directories on Hemp

Hemp Global Hemp] - An information resource for hemp consumers, growers, and manufacturers. Free online services include over 1500 articles, a searchable directory

Hemp Museum

TheHempCloud - A hemp product directory that searches hundreds of stores to display thousands of hemp products that are available online.

Other Hemp Resources

Google > Hemp 16.6 million entries as of Feb. 2008.

Global Hemp Store

Hemp Sisters - hemp bags, hemp hats, hemp clothing, hemp accessories, hemp jewelry, hemp twine, hemp yarn, hemp food, hemp pets, hemp craft supplies,

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See Talk:Directory:Cannabis Hemp as a Global Warming Solution


Hemp Gets you High

Google > Hemp high 196,000 entries as of Feb. 2008.

Hemp cannot get you high at all

Hemp has only MINISCULE amounts of THC. All you can get is a splintering headache, nothing more. This is a non-issue and is patently ridiculous. Do we really live in the dark ages?

See also







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