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Directory:Bruce Pereault:Nixes Bedini Circuit

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Sept. 26, 2004

Said in reference to Directory:Bedini SG

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If you continue to support SCAMS you will leave me no choice but to put you in the catagory with the con-artists that you promote. I will give you a few months for you to clean up your act. If you don't clean up your act then you can be sure that you will not like what I will be writing about you across the internet. It is time that the truth be known and the tables turned. Do what you will, I have given you fair warning.

I will repeat myself... THERE IS NO "RADIANT EVENT" that is occuring in the Edwin Gray motor. THE BENDINI MOTOR IS NOT A RADIANT ENERGY DEVICE! You are doing everyone in the alternative energy field a great diservice by promoting falsifications

-Bruce A. Perreault

If your going to slander me, then at least learn to spell my name right. That's B-e-d-i-n-i.

Sterling's Reply to Bruce Oct. 5, 2004


Because I am promoting the Bedini School Girl (simplified) project, you say I am promoting a scam.

Here are the facts.

I visited John Bedini (and Peter Lindemann)'s lab last month and saw a good dozen different iterations of the same circuit principle. I saw each one in operation. I saw their method of determining input and output.

I saw stacks of data they have collected on their most advanced iteration.

Three other individuals from PES Network Inc, including a professional electrical engineer, also visited the lab and saw what I saw. While it is not possible to prove the stated effect in one day, because of the involvement of batteries, the engineer was highly impressed and is in process of replicating the effect.

Bedini can take one battery to charge four like batteries, then take one of those newly charged batteries and charge four more. Peter watched John repeat this for six months.

They allowed us to take the most simple of the designs and to post it publicly. That is what I have done at

They provided the photos and the schematics.

The design is based on several U.S. Patents awarded Bedini.

You will also see and "experiments" page there that describes procedures that I have proposed to be run to verify the radiant energy effect.

You will notice that in my descriptions of the project that I state that while we have seen the unit being described in the plans in operation, that we have not yet verified the adequacy of the plans for ourselves.

You will note that I state clearly that the plans are being compiled by a novice (myself).

In addition to seeing Bedini's hardware, I have viewed Peter Lindemann's video about Cold Electricity and the Radiant Energy of Nikola Tesla. He is one of the most knowledgeable people on this subject, having devoted that past 30 years of his life to its pursuit.

So with that theoretical backdrop, and the practical application showcase by John and Peter last month, I am convinced that they have successfully harnessed radiant energy, and I am determined to see if we can't replicate the effect. And being the open person that I am, I have created a page to allow anyone else who wants to do so the opportunity -- with John and Peter's permission.

Where, pray tell, is the "scam" in that?

Furthermore, the project is published at which is a site that enables the end user to edit, post, add material.

Rather than just say this is a scam, produce your data, and your protocol, and an exact list of materials, and show that it is exactly as prescribed by the Bedini description. Show your duplication of the effect (or lack thereof).

If I was running a scam, why would I do it on a site that allows the end user to edit and add content?


Sterling D. Allan