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Directory:Brown's Gas

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: See also PowerPedia:Browns gas

A directory of technologies and resources relating to PowerPedia:Browns gas, which is created from the electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen, not separated.

This amazing gas creates a flame that can be passed over the skin without burning it, yet sublimates tungsten within a few seconds. It can cut through 4 inches of steel. The hydroxy gas has been used for catalyzing an increased fuel efficiency in vehicles.

AKA : Common Ducted Oxyhydrogen, HHO, Green Gas, Rhode's Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and Watergas.


Image:WaterTorch flame touching 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Brown's Gas > George Wiseman discusses Brown's Gas technology (Interview) - Industry leader describes his work in this fascinating field, spanning a quarter of a century. Discusses a myriad of applications including acetylene torch replacement, thick steel cutting, hydrogen boosting for fuel economy improvement, dissimilar metal welding, transmutation of elements, nuclear remediation, and refinement of ore. (PESN June 24, 2009) (Comment at
Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Current events > Events:2009:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - A few video interviews with speakers and participants at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference presently under way in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Interviews include: Paul Pantone on GEET's progress, Jarome Lee of, Chris Eckman on his university studies on Brown's gas, and Lee Walstad on his weather modifying 1/0 magnet device. (PESWiki Aug. 1, 2009)


Image:WaterTorch flame touching 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas > Not all Brown's Gas created equal - George Wiseman and Brother Andrew weigh in on what makes for good quality Brown's Gas. (PESN May 6, 2014)

The Water/Fuel Converters Project - An electrolysis initiative that sets forth to clearly established the difference between Brown's Gas, Rhodes Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, HHO, and the production methods thereof.

Brown's Gas ( - Water can be disassociated into Brown's Gas. (OpEdNews Apr. 18. 2008)


Image:Wiseman chamber-wraped 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems / Directory:Brown's Gas > Wiseman Documents Brown's Gas Fuel Efficiency Evidence - As perhaps the world’s most knowledgeable authority on electrolyzer technology, George Wiseman has composed a paper that documents the evidence that proves Brown's Gas can enhance fuel economy dramatically. (PESN and BeforeItsNews May 25, 2011)
Image:Chris Eckman linear-H2O 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems / Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Brown's Gas > Scientific model published for Brown's gas - Chris Eckman's paper, Plasma Orbital Expansion of the Electrons in Water, has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the NPA and will be presented at the 17th annual Natural Philosophy Alliance conference to be held June 23-26 in Long Beach, California. (PESN May 28, 2010) (Translated to German December 15, 2010)

Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy - Hydrogen - aka Brown's Gas, hydroxy, green gas, di-hydroxy, watergas. Updated paper by William A. Rhodes, Ph.D., inventor of Oxy-Hydrogen. Rhodes lays his claim as the inventor of the process.

Electrically Expanded Water - George Wiseman presents his theory for the unusual properties of what he calls Brown's Gas, replacing his former theory of monoatomic oxygen and hydrogen. Describes the formation of a plane of bubbles forming between the plates. "When the electricity (in the Brown's Gas) is released by the 'flame,' it comes out as electricity and the water 'implodes' to it's original liquid form, with no heat and no expansion first. That's also why the flame is 'cool' yet has high energy effects."

Image:Plasma Orbital Expansion Theory Chris Eckman 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems / Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Brown's Gas > Plasma orbital expansion theory for Brown's gas - Chris Eckman of Idaho State University presents an overview of his theory of how Brown's gas is electrical in nature. This precocious undergrad proposes a new isomer of water, something that lands a Nobel prize on more seasoned academics. (PESN Nov. 23, 2009) (Comment)

Chris Eckman's PowerPoint Presentation on Brown's Gas Technology - Given July 31, 2009 at the Events:2009:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. He postulates that the gas is a function of a high-energy-state form of water that moves it from a dipole configuration to a linear configuration with two extra electrons, which then interact electrically with the substrate, resulting in the very unusual effects observed, such as sublimating Tungsten while not burning your hand if you wave the torch across it.

HYDROXY - Todd Knudtson, another stellar researcher and inventor, offers a scientific explanation of the gas behaviors.

Water as a Fuel – Brown’s Gas (47 kB doc) - The technology of producing a stoichiometric gas from an advanced alkaline electrolysis process as developed by Yull Brown has many clean and efficient applications, especially for heating, cooling, clean water production, water as an engine fuel and energy storage. (Andrew Michrowski Proceedings International Hydrogen Energy Congress and Exhibition IHEC 2005 Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 July 2005)


PowerPedia:Browns gas

Image:Bob Boyce 70celltop 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrolysis / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - A system for high-efficiency electrolysis that involves the alleged production of monatomic hydrogen, which has highly unusual and effective properties in accentuating mileage.


The following companies sell Brown’s Gas machines:


Watertorch Collective, Ltd - Eagle-Research is the world leader in the practical application of Brown's Gas technology. In an independent test ER Brown's Gas technology achieved almost 100% efficiency. ERXXXX WaterTorches™ are so efficient that they do not require a cooling system or fan. Runs on 220 outlet is configured to run on power output worldwide. Simple operation. Bubbler canister quenches backflash. WTC Distributor websites: Cool Flame [ Water Welder] [ Water Fuel Converters]

Mentioned "PES" promotion code for a discount.

Image:ER50 Browns-Gas tabletop electrolyzer sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas > PowerPedia:George Wiseman > Tabletop Brown's Gas Electrolyzer - In a recent newsletter send out May 19, George Wiseman announced, among other things, that their ER50 Brown's Gas tabletop electrolyzer is now on sale in their eStore. (Eagle-Research March 6, 2012)
Image:George-Wiseman 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas > PowerPedia:George Wiseman > G. Wiseman shows-and-tells how he saves fuel (Part I) - George Wiseman is a fuel-saving whiz. His new YouTube video – a tour of what's under the hood and inside his econo-car — will interest the researcher/tinkerer. The Eagle-Research website explains why he embraced a Patent Free philosophy it "bypasses greed and suppression, allowing a huge increase in the growth of the technology." (News:Changing Power March 19, 2012)

Larry Oja, Distributor - 1-208-766-4963 E-Mail: [']

Image:EpochEnergyOxyHydrogen95x95 byKevn.jpg

Directory:Epoch Energy Technology Corp - Epoch Energy Technology Corp is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. They have developed a method by which ordinary soft water can be instantly transformed into oxygen-hydrogen fuel. (PESWiki July 23, 2008)


Arizona Hydrogen - The amazing Arizona Hydrogen Flame Generator makes its own hydrogen and oxygen gasses from distilled water and burns them in a torch producing a 6000º F. flame. No separate tanks of fuel gasses are required. USA.


B.E.S.T. Korea - Large manufacturer of BG generators, Korea.

Image:Bs1200 m95.jpg

Newgas Korea - Dealer of B.E.S.T. Brown Gas generators, Korea.

Better World Technologies (Dennis Lee) -

Brown Gas Dealers


Brown's Gas Model 250 - Jeff Otto - Dennis Lee's version. Jeff has license rights to U.S. and Canada."This machine separates hydrogen and oxygen from water."


Equipnet Innovo - Leading Browns Gas generator importer in Europe. Siam Water Flame HD1750. This powerful machine is capable of producing upwards of 30,000 litres per day or up to 1750 litres per hour of HHO gas as a freestanding solution. United Kingdom

Hydrogen Boost - Adds Brown's gas (H and O) to air intake of car to improve mileage and reduce emissions. Includes Video.


Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. - The Aquygen H2O 1500 is a mid-sized machine, weighing about 160 lbs. with dimensions of 16" x 24" x 26" or about 5.75 cubic feet. It is powered by standard 220v current and can run continuously on 3/4 gallon of water for approximately 8 hours. The unit can operate one standard brazing/soldering station or multiple jeweler torches simultaneously. Directory:Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc [HyTech Video] Television station's coverage of Hytech's equipment that is pursuing its unusual torch capabilities as well as increasing fuel economy by its unusual electrolysis process. (Fox24) Florida, USA


On-Site Oxyhydrogen Generation - The hydrogen and oxygen generation system from Universal Gas Generators leads the industry in terms of safety, performance and efficiency and is manufactured under stringent quality control that meets all required international standards. The products are marketed under three key applications: Jewellery Manufacturing MicroJet Systems™, Aluminum, copper, mild steel & stainless steel brazing HydroBlaze Systems™, Thermal cutting of mild steel HydroCut Systems™. VIC


OWELD International - The OWELD gas generators can be used for: Silver, brass and copper chandeliers, Refrigeration and air conditioning systems, Accessories and fixture,. Dental apparatus (crowns, bridges, etc.), Crystal glass manufacturing, Many other applications where a pointed and uniform high temperature flame is required. Manufacturer of BG generators, USA and Italy

Image:Dt 495.jpg

Shaanxi Huaqin Technology Industrial Corporation - The new generation of environment-oriented HGQU series of oxyhydrogen/arc welding & cutting machines and QYF series of oxyhydrogen generators are their leading products. China.

Image:HMXT nowheels High Res195x95.jpg

Teledyne Oxy Hydrogen Generators - Industrial manufacturer of large oxy hydrogen generators.

Cyrus Research - Manufacturer of BG Generators located in The Netherlands


SIAM Waterflame- Manufacturer of BG generators, Thailand


Stan Rubinstein Associates - These unique machines generate a Clean Pin Point Flame With Temperatures Up to 5000°F from Pen Size Torches. In operation the SRA H2O Welders uses low voltage electricity to dissociate distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The torch tip is a hypodermic needle. Boric acid can be added to the Methyl-alcohol to act as a gas flux to keep parts clean.

Specializing in Brazing and Soldering Technology, USA

Nuclear Remediation

Image:Browns-gas nuclear-remediation 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Nuclear Remediation > Directory:Brown's Gas > Brown's Gas and Radioactivity - PowerPedia:George Wiseman explains how Brown's Gas can be used to accelerate the nuclear decay process to happen in seconds instead of millennia, by mixing the radioactive material with equal quantities of iron and aluminum, and heating the whole mixture to liquid using a BG flame until it explodes, making thermite -- a process that might be feasible for neutralizing CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods. (Eagle Research April 14, 2011) (video)

In the News

Listing commenced Sept. 15, 2010

Free Energy Blog:2014:04:14 - ...he had been involved in financing Yull Brown and had taken him to a university to introduce his work there. Two days later he was contacted by the CIA and grilled for three hours, being told to back off or he would be killed, along with Yull Brown... (Free Energy Blog April 14, 2014)

Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas / Directory:Ohmasa Gas by Japan Techno Co., Ltd. > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Brown's gas expert, George Wiseman, points out similarities between Ohmasa gas and Brown's gas, which he refers to as "Electrically Expanded Water" (EEW). (PESWiki September 15, 2010)


Brown Gas Links by Eagle Research

Gas report by Delta Spectrum Research - reviews properties observed first-hand.

Brown's gas generator build by Milan Manchich - ("JLN Labs" April 5, 2003)


(10.59 Minutes) Browns Gas Prototype - The Parts And The Workings

Early Browns Gas Prototype Electrolyzer

( March 18, 2007)

Directories - site specializes in the subject, complete with a list of applications, history, links, and with a particularly excellent listing of products available. Also features a BG Club.


Brown's Gas in Political Blog - There is no need for HHO to be used only as a mileage booster, or even only as a single-fuel for vehicle. It could be used to power home generators feeding banks of batteries and inverters (perhaps along with Wind and Solar), allowing the homeowner to "move off the grid" and gain energy independence.(OEN April 18, 2008)


Topic Specialist: User:GeorgeWiseman

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